Vehicle insurance quotes

Like death and taxes, car insurance is unavoidable if you want to keep your vehicle on the road and the right side of the law.

Fortunately, calling round dozens of insurers for a quote has been consigned to history — with GoCompare you only need to fill out a single form with your personal information, details of your car and any extra drivers you want to put on your policy.

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How to get a car insurance quote
If you know your number plate it’ll save you time, but if not just choose your make and model and you’re on your way to quotes galore.

Next, you’ll need to let us know:

Your car’s value
How much no-claims bonus you’ve amassed
Your annual mileage
Usage — social, commuting or business
Your occupation
Quotes that cater to you
Once you’ve got some quotes to look at, you can narrow things down a bit if you know exactly what you want:

Choose your voluntary excess
Opt to protect your no-claims bonus
Decide whether to pay monthly or annually
Change any of these and you’ll get a fresh set of prices to fit your new answers.

Whether you need comprehensive insurance, third party fire and theft or third party only for just the one car or many, it’s easy to get the cover you need.

You don’t need to take our word for it either — when you get your quotes they come along with helpful information and star ratings from financial researcher Defaqto, so you’ll see exactly what you’re buying.

Need to know more about car insurance?
We’re committed to keeping you well-informed and on the road, so if you’re puzzled by any aspect of your policy, roll up the door to our Car insurance garage for guides, tips and help on all things motoring and car insurance.

Did you know…?
67% of motorists pay the renewal price, potentially missing out on cheaper car insurance premiums[3]
32% of drivers have been with their current insurer for three years or more[3]
Telematics (black box) policies, women’s car insurance, older motorists, modified cars, young drivers, classic cars, and learner drivers – it’s all here.

There’s also plenty to read and delight on wider motoring issues.

Vehicle security, flood cover, optional extras on your insurance, fronting, crash-for-cash, how quotes are calculated, claim rejections, how driving convictions impact on premiums and money-saving tips — peruse at your leisure.

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A quick guide to Car Insurance
Comprehensive Car Insurance
Provides cover for just about any form of financial loss related to your vehicle.
Provides cover for damage caused to another person and their property if you are responsible for an accident.
Third party fire and theft Car Insurance
Third party fire and theft
Provides cover for damage caused to another person and their property if you are responsible for an accident.
Covers you if your car is stolen or damaged in the event of a hijacking, theft or fire.
Third party only Car Insurance
Third party only
Covers the damage caused to another person and their property if you are responsible for an accident.
Does not provide cover if your vehicle is damaged or stolen.