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When our customers first come to us, it is common for them to ask whether their auto insurance company will cover their car repairs. After all, what’s the point of paying for auto insurance coverage if you won’t be able to use it when you really need it. Well, I’m here to tell you that you will be covered by USAA no matter where you bring your car for repairs.

Since the rules of insurance can seem confusing at times, let’s answer some common questions our customers have asked:

Do I have to get three different estimates?
This is probably the number one asked question involving a collision repair. It is common for an insurance company to request that you get three different auto body repair estimates after you’ve been in an accident. However, you’re not actually required to do so.

As a rule of thumb, though, it can be very beneficial to you to do so. There is a chance that you might find a better deal at one shop over another or you might simply prefer the customer service at one shop over another. Sometimes due to the insurance company’s perceived level of capacity or your proximity to other shops, a great shop might be on your insurance company’s DRP program, but not show up on your list. If you have the time to shop around, it might be worth it.

At O’rielly collision center, you can get the whole repair process done in just one estimate, no need to drive around for more estiamtes. Naturally we believe that our customer service is the best in town, and because we are a dealership shop, our work is held to the highest standards by the manufacturers we represent. Making O’reilly collision centers your first stop is the last stop you need to make in the process of getting your life back to normal following the accident. It is perfectly acceptable to USAA and other insurance carriers to take your car directly to O’rielly and not have to shop around.

O'Rielly Collision Center

Do I have to choose a body shop from the list that USAA provides?
No, you do not have to select a body shop from the list that your insurance company provides. No matter where you bring your car, you should be covered. The reason that auto insurance companies typically provide a list to you is because they participate in something called the Direct Repair Program, or (DRP).

The Direct Repair Program is where insurance companies choose to do business with participating auto body shops to cut costs and offer more competitive premiums. The DRP selection process is not an easy one and most shops are vying for to be put on the list in their town. In order to become a direct repair shop, you have to have certain consistent criteria such as Consumer Satisfaction Indexes (CSI) and shorter cycle times.

In other words, you have to be good at what you do. Your experience with a body shop on a DRP is a direct reflection of your insurance company, so they choose shops very carefully. The DRP shops offer certain advantages to the insurance companies, like free towing, free vehicle storage, and more. By saving money through this partnership, your insurance company has been able to provide more affordable insurance policies.

Do I have to choose a DRP shop?
Nope, you certainly don’t have to choose a body shop that participates in the Direct Repair Program. It’s essential that you choose the right shop for you, regardless of what kind of body shop it is. There are certain benefits to choosing a DRP shop, such as discounts and uniform procedures, and non-DRP shops have a few advantages by not being held to requirements put in place by a DRP contract. A lot of this is not seen by the consumer regardless of whether or not the shop is on a DRP list for an insurer.

The reality is the advantage for a shop to be on a on a DRP list is they get a consistent flow of business directly from the insurance companies without havingto advertise for it. The advantages to the Insurance companies are a negotiated rate on labor, a consistency among reporting procedures from the shop to the insurance company, and even consistencies on the estimating and project management systems used by the shops.

Most of this is invisible to the consumer, but our goal with this blog as with any of our blogs is to answer YOUR questions. We know that this DRP issue is a confusing one because there is a lot of mystery surrounding it to the consumer. There are a lot of people out there trying to shift your opinion one direction or another.

As a DRP shop (with you reading our blog right now), it would be easy to say that yes it is in your best interest to use a DRP shop. But as a shop built on integrity, we want to inform you, not deceive you, so that you can make your own informed decisions. Naturally, we hope that you choose our shop. We put so much effort in our blog with the hope that you look here, and not have to look anywhere else.

O'Rielly Collision Center

How do I know what to look for in an auto body shop?
Trust your instincts and choose a shop that feels right to you. Everyone has different priorities, but in general people tend to appreciate quality customer service, well-trained technicians, and a clean shop. Ask your co-workers, friends, and family members for recommendations.

At O’Rielly Collision Center in Tucson it is our mission to keep you as informed as possible. Having your car repaired can be extremely stressful, but we want to make the process as easy and stress-free as we can. For a repair you can trust, give us a call. We have state-of-the-art equipment, the best technicians, and we offer a lifetime warranty on all the work we do.
Twenty–five Army officers founded USAA to insure each other, when no one else would. Today, USAA insures people in every branch of the military and the company has grown in a big way.

Generations later, military members, veterans who have received an honorable discharge and their eligible family members may still pass down the eligibility for USAA membership. In addition, they earn access to exclusive privileges by owning USAA auto insurance.

We Make Your Repair Seamless and Hassle-Free
USAA handles every aspect of your claim, including the following customer service deliverables:

• Exceptional service. USAA was rated the highest in customer advocacy in a survey conducted by Forrester Research, Inc.

• Award-winning customer service. We can help you get guaranteed repairs at more than 2,300 USAA-approved locations nationwide.

• Arrange your repairs. You have the right to select the repair shop of your choice. If you are uncertain where to have your damaged vehicle repaired, USAA can assist you in selecting a repairer in the USAA's STARS 1 auto repair network convenient to your business or home. If you select the STARS option, repairs will be warranted for as long as you own the vehicle.

Stars 1 is an Industry Leader
USAA has been leading the way since 1922 when it was established as the United States Army Automobile Association. Since then, we have been insuring people in the military nationwide. For the finest collision repairs, USAA customers call upon our STARS 1 Direct Repair Program for the finest quality repairs available in the industry today.