Undercarriage damage means

The ABI stands for the Association of British Insurers which is UK's leading financial services trade association.The ABI Category is an indication of the level of the damage to a vehicle.

Category B - Where the vehicle is to be dismantled for spare parts only. Bodyshells/frames must be crushed in their entirety including all welded/bonded sections.

Category C - Where the vehicle is repairable salvage and the estimated full cost of necessary repair for known damage at current prevailing rates and prices exceeds the market valuation as defined by the insurer/owner at the incident date.

Category D - Where the vehicle is repairable salvage and the estimated full cost of necessary repair for known damage at current prevailing rates and prices is less than the market valuation as defined by the insurer/owner at the incident date.

Category X/U - Minimal Damage and Category U-Unrecorded are outside of the ABI Code of Practice and denote other vehicles not classified as a total loss under the code.

*Category S - Repairable vehicle which has sustained damage to any part of the structural frame or chassis, and the insurer/self-insured owner has decided not to repair the vehicle.

*Category N - Repairable vehicle which has not sustained damage to the structural frame or chassis and the insurer/self-insured owner has decided not to repair the vehicle.

* From 1st October 2017, you will gradually start to see the new Category S & N vehicles appear at auction. Any vehicle categorised as C & D prior to 1st October will remain in circulation under those categories until such point as they are re-categorised, so there will be a period of crossover where you will see both Category C & D and Category S & N vehicles at auction. Please note, V5 documents will not be provided with any CAT S vehicle.

Understanding Grading Criteria

Grade 1:
Minor defects that require SMART repairs such as minor chips, dents, scratches and/or require minor replacement parts.

Grade 2:
Defects as per Copart Grade 1 criteria. In addition, up to 1 major or
minor body repair to a single panel. The replacement of more substantial
trim parts may be required.

Grade 3:
Defects as per all previous Copart criteria. In addition, this vehicle may involve
up to 5 minor body repairs and/or 3 major body repairs.

Grade 4:
Defects as per all previous Copart criteria. In addition, the vehicle
may also require a combination of repairs including a replacement of
non-structural panel such as roof and quarter panels.

Grade 5:
Defects as per all previous Copart criteria. In addition, the vehicle
may have sustained impact damage and the replacement of up to a maximum
of two structural panels may be required.

Additional Information
The Additional Information area is a place where important information about the Lot is displayed for the Member's consideration when bidding.

Body Style
Body Style is the manufacturer's designation of the vehicle's configuration.

BID4U represents the highest bidder during both the preliminary bidding process and the virtual auction. Simply enter the maximum price you are willing to pay for the Lot during preliminary bidding and BID4U will bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid during the virtual auction. BID4U will only bid one increment over the current bid to maintain your position as the highest bidder. This allows you to purchase a vehicle below your maximum bid if the bidding doesn't meet or exceed your maximum bid.

Colour listed on this site is the common colour name that reasonably represents the exterior colour of the vehicle. Colour is NOT the manufacturer's designated colour name, but rather simply a general descriptive name.

Current Bid
The Current Bid is the highest price offered for this Lot at this time. There may be a higher maximum bid being represented by VB3 BID4U. The Current Bid is always listed in the currency of the country of the facility.

Current Sale Highlights
These are comments entered by the Copart General Manager pertaining to the listed sale, which highlight items of note or relay other pertinent information.

These codes indicate known or reported damage only and are limited by their nature. Copart expressly disclaims the accuracy of Damage Codes, as information may not accurately reflect the type or extent of damage to any vehicle. Damage Codes may not be used or relied upon for bidding purposes or for any other reason. Copart strongly recommends that Members thoroughly inspect Lots before purchase.

Manufacturer's designation of the vehicle's power train.

Engine is the motor specification denoted by the VIN of the vehicle. Members are encouraged to inspect vehicles thoroughly before bidding to verify whether original equipment is present at the time of sale.

Facility designates the Copart location that is processing the sale of the item(s). For a complete list of Copart facilities, please check out the Facilities tab on the menu bar.

Designates the fuel type used by the engine as designated by the VIN.

Copart takes ten (10) digital images of each vehicle processed for sale. Images are stored in jpeg format.

Item numbers represent the order in which the Lots will be sold during the Virtual Sale portion of VB3. Sales with a large number of items are broken down into lanes.

Lots are assigned item numbers and lanes based on the Lot type and condition. The following list shows the item number and lane assignments.

Item Numbers Conditions Lane
1 - 500 Run & Drive Lots A
501 - 600 Plant A
601 - 700 Motorcycles A
701 - 800 Boats/Jet Skis/Marine A
801 - 900 Heavy Goods Vehicles A
901 - 1000 Recreational Vehicles A
1001 - 1100 Salvage Lots A
1101 - 2000 Salvage Lots A
2001 - 2200 Run & Drive Lots B
2201 - 3000 Salvage Lots B
3001 - 4000 Homeowners C
4001 - 5000 Sub Lots D
5001 - 6000 Agricultural E
Indicates whether Copart is in possession of the keys to the Lot.

Lot #
Lot Number is Copart's unique identifier for each vehicle.

Make is the manufacturer's brand name.

Model is the manufacturer designation of the Lot.
Monster Bid
A Monster Bid is a bid of one or more increments over the current bid amount. During virtual auctions, Members may bypass the standard incremental successive bid amount and instead place a Monster Bid of their desired bid amount.

Mileage Codes
Copart expressly disclaims the accuracy of odometer readings. Such information may not be relied upon for bidding purposes or for any other reason.

Est Retail Value (ERV)
ERV stands for estimated retail value and is provided to Copart by the Seller of particular vehicles. In calculating the ERV, the Seller is estimating the likely value of the vehicle immediately before it was damaged. For Category U vehicles the ERV will be an estimate of the likely retail value of that vehicle. The Seller is providing you with the ERV for your guidance only; it is not verified as being accurate and is an estimate only. Copart is making the Seller’s ERV available to you for you to consider and validate as you deem appropriate, but makes no representations as to the validity or accuracy of the ERV and accepts no responsibility for any loss that you suffer from relying on it.

Registration Fees
Copart UK charges a one-time non-refundable registration fee for the activation of a Member Account. Registration fees may vary and may cover different time periods. Please check the Terms & Conditions for more information.

Repair Estimate
Repair Cost is the estimated cost to repair the vehicle as submitted to Copart by the seller of the vehicle. The Repair Cost listed here may vary greatly from the actual cost to repair this vehicle. The availability and use of recycled parts, varying labour rates, paint times, etc. greatly affect the cost to repair any vehicle. Copart recommends that each Member evaluates the damage to determine the extent of the repairs necessary. This number is presented for informational purposes only. Copart makes no representations as to the validity or accuracy of the listed value.

Sale Date
Sale Date is the date that the Virtual Auction is conducted for the selected lot or facility. Each facility conducts sales on a regularly scheduled basis. Please refer to our Calendar feature under the Search & Bid tab for a complete listing of sale dates.

Sale Time
Sale Time is the time that the Virtual Auction begins.

Sales Status
Sales Status indicates the current status of the Lot. Possible values and their meaning are:
Pure Sale - No minimum bid or reserve price. Lot will be awarded to the highest bidder at the close of bidding during the Virtual Auction.
On Approval - Seller has reserved the right to approve the final high bid achieved during the Virtual Auction. Seller has until 5:00 pm two business days after the sale to approve the bid. The high bidder is obligated to purchase the vehicle if released by the seller within the approval period.

Minimum Bid - Seller has placed a reserve price on the Lot. If the minimum bid is not surpassed during the Virtual Auction, Seller has until 5:00 pm two business days after the sale to accept the bid.

V5 Note
The V5 Note area is a place where notes about V5 are listed.

Manufacturer's designation of the vehicle's power train.

Indicates whether Value Added Tax (VAT) is in addition to the sale price.

A VIN is the Vehicle Identification Number assigned by the manufacturer.

Year is the manufacturer's designated model year.

Sale Highlights

Highlights provide you with more information about a vehicle's condition. When bidding on a vehicle, make sure you have read the highlights description on Lots where applicable. In reading the descriptions you will have a better understanding of what you are bidding on.

the supporting framework underneath a vehicle, as an automobile or trailer; the structure to which the wheels, tracks, or the like are attached or fitted.
the portions of an aircraft that are below the body.
Origin of undercarriage
First recorded in 1785–95; under- + carriage
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Historical Examples
Allan jumped for it, his fingers caught and clung to the undercarriage.
When the Sleepers Woke
Arthur Leo Zagat

Now, coming around the wing, I saw that there was no undercarriage.
The Night of the Long Knives
Fritz Reuter Leiber

The propeller is gone, and maybe the undercarriage is damaged some.
The Flying Reporter
Lewis E. (Lewis Edwin) Theiss

I busted a wing and wiped the undercarriage right off, and didn't get a scratch.
Dave Dawson at Dunkirk
Robert Sydney Bowen

It will then be said to be an "undercarriage bracing lift wire."
The Aeroplane Speaks
H. Barber

British Dictionary definitions for undercarriage
Also called: landing gear the assembly of wheels, shock absorbers, struts, etc, that supports an aircraft on the ground and enables it to take off and land
the framework that supports the body of a vehicle, carriage, etc
Quick question for you guys. I found this fantastic looking car, it's a 2009 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG with a red matte wrap. Low miles at 35k, and they want $26,995. KBB puts purchase price at $27,500 so that's not a bad deal initially.

This is where I'm concerned with it.

The carfax report states that there was damage in June 2015 to the front and undercarriage. I've never seen undercarriage damage listed before so I'm a little concerned, specifically with whether or not it has to do with the frame of the car. My guess is that the previous owner hit a curb going a little too fast, but I honestly have no idea.

Additionally, the color is listed as silver in a recent update to the carfax report, so it sounds like whatever dealer bought the car had it wrapped. Could there be damage to the paint underneath that they're trying to hide?

So I guess my question is, would any of you buy a car with undercarriage damage? Is undercarriage damage easy to fix? Also, because of this damage reported, shouldn't that lower the value of the car more? They basically have it listed at market price for a car that has had no damage.

And finally, the car was initially bought and driven in New York. Just this year a Chicago dealer bought it. Should I watch out for anything from a car coming from New York? I live in central Illinois, but I have bought a car from this dealer before and it was a fairly pleasant experience.

If it's relevant, I would be trading in my car to purchase it, I don't know if that affects price or not.

Thanks in advance!


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Canadian Ford Finance Manager, Eh
8 points

10 months ago
Yes. The undercarriage is the frame.

Have the car checked out by a quality body shop to get an understanding of what's been done and how much impact there was.

Manheim and Adesa auctions tend to over declare stuff like that so investigate before you make a decision either way.


1 point

10 months ago
Gotcha. Any body shop, or do you think I should take it to a Mercedes place? I know I'll probably have to pay out the wazoo for an inspection from a Mercedes dealership, but I don't want something to be missed, this would be my primary car, it needs to be reliable


Canadian Ford Finance Manager, Eh
4 points

10 months ago
A Merc store would be OK, but mechanics aren't typically body men.

If you can find a good quality body shop that's certified for Mercedes that would be your best bet. If possible have them lift it in the air and walk you through the work that was done.

BTW - if the undercarriage is coated in extremely thick black undercoating, walk away. It's an old school trick to cover up shoddy body work.


1 point

10 months ago
Great, thank you very much!


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10 months ago
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Used Car Manager
1 point

10 months ago
In Murcia this bullshit is added by the police officers

Undercarriage damage, vehicle hit a guard rail, vehicle hit a pedestrian, collision, vehicle drove off the road, etc.

Treat it as any other car with an accident and have your shop check it out during he PPI.


Former Acura BDC Rep
3 points

10 months ago
"Undercarriage," as a term, doesn't necessarily refer to the frame. Something as simple as needing to replace a skid plate can be "undercarriage damage." However, I have never seen that on a Carfax report and I don't know if it is referring to the frame. Carfax will specifically say if there has been frame damage or structural damage, those are both terms I've seen on a report before.

Either way you should get it checked at a body shop to make sure.