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The General Auto Insurance specializes in offering car insurance to high-risk drivers. The General is a verified carrier for InsuraMatch–which powers the *ConsumerAffairs insurance program. For free auto insurance quotes from The General and other verified carriers, call InsuraMatch today.


General Insurance is here to help you with all of the specific needs you may have for coverage that keeps you safe and secure as well as the more general liabilities that can arise as part of life. Whether you are seeking high quality car insurance, health insurance or life insurance, we are here to help.

Car Insurance:

Why worry whether you have enough protection, or if you’re paying for too much for the automobile insurance you need? You want to be a responsible driver, and finding the right policy that offers the protection you need, at a price you can afford, is now easier than ever with a your free quote form General Insurance. It only takes a few minutes to get the perfect insurance policy on auto insurance. Combine your plans, and get even greater discounts, when you add Health, Home, or Life insurance into the deal!

Health Insurance:

Whether you’re ready for retirement and have questions about your current coverage; or you’re just starting out and need a policy that offers flexibility for what life brings; there is a plan for you and General Insurance is here to help you find it! Our trusted agents will help you determine how much life insurance coverage you really need, and find a policy that you can easily afford.

Home Insurance:

Home insurance is required by any mortgage provider, but are you getting the coverage you really need at the best price available Here at General Insurance we help you compare insurance quotes with trusted agents ready to assist as you look through your current policy to see the savings you can get with a new one, with better coverage at a better rate.

Life Insurance:

Protecting your loved ones means thinking of every possible eventuality and that includes making sure their needs are taken care of long after you have passed. Quality life insurance backed by a trustworthy institutional brand provides the kind of security and peace of mind that you need right now. Taking care of your loved ones while you are with them can be a challenge, but ensuring their continued success even long after you are gone is easy once you know the right policies to put in place. Learn more with a few simple clicks or a call to General Insurance today.

While you’re at it, look into saving even more money by bundling your home, auto, life and health insurance plans into one price that’s very easy to afford!

The General Insurance Profile

The General is a U.S. insurance company that caters to the non-standard market – in other words, to higher-risk drivers who have trouble getting insurance elsewhere. They write basic car insurance policies and advertise as a low-cost option for nearly any driver, regardless of driving record.

About The General

The company was founded in 1963 as Permanent General Agency, and started using The General as their name in 1997. Their mascot, an army general, has gone through several incarnations over the years and is a well-recognized figure in the areas the company serves.

The General’s headquarters is located in Nashville, Tennessee, but they have offices in several states. The company has expanded across the United States but has not yet crossed the border into Canada. They sell insurance policies through agents, as well as online and over the phone, promising instant coverage and printable proof of insurance.

The General is well known for offering low down payment options and affordable monthly payments, and focuses mainly on drivers seeking bare bones, basic insurance on a tight budget.

The General’s Products

The General writes mainly auto insurance, although they do also offer renter’s insurance as well.

Their auto insurance program is simple; there are not many options or add-ons, which is in keeping with their low-cost image. They do offer common optional coverage to create a full policy in addition to their basic legal minimum liability policies. Even at full coverage, the policies are intended to offer a no-frills, budget option to meet legal and lienholder requirements at the lowest price.

Because The General writes insurance polices for the high-risk market, they don’t market their policies towards the type of driver that can easily obtain a good premium from a major standard insurer. Those drivers typically chose standard insurance companies for their auto coverage.

Renter’s Insurance is as basic as the auto program, offering up to $100,000 in personal property coverage along with personal liability coverage starting at $100,000. The General’s renter’s policy is a named perils policy that covers only specific risks named in the policy.

The General’s Reputation

The General is seen as a cut-rate insurance company that attracts drivers who pay high rates elsewhere. This can include drivers who have tickets or accidents on their record, major violations, or who simply lack driving experience, such as new teen drivers or recent immigrants.

Overall, the company has a pretty strong reputation, although there are complaints regarding claims handling and poor customer service typical of most large insurance companies. The BBB rates them an A+.

Quoting With The General

The General offers quick online quoting, but doesn’t state what level of coverage is being quoted, which makes it difficult to compare to other insurance companies. It is likely that quotes are given with the legal minimum for whichever state of residence the driver enters into the system, but no information is provided. That makes the quoting system easy but less than informative.

The General also offers quotes by phone, allowing drivers to provide and obtain more detailed information in order to get a more accurate quote.

Difference between Life Insurance and General Insurance

Key difference: Life Insurance and General Insurance are two different types of insurances. The primary difference between is that life insurance protects against life, whereas general insurance protects against loss or damage to an asset.

Insurance is an important product. It is a product that hinges on security. It protects a person against liability and financial loss in case if something goes wrong. For example: car insurance protects the owner in case the car is in an accident. Most car insurance will pay out money to the insured, i.e. the person who took out the insurance in order to cover the costs created by the accident.

Two other popular life insurances are life insurance and general insurance. Both are two different products that serve two different purposes. They also insure against different things. As the name suggests, life insurance is an insurance against the loss of a life. Whereas, a general insurance is an insurance that protects against more general things. To add to the confusion, there are also a variety of different products that full under the category of life insurance or general insurance.

Life insurance is a type of insurance that insures against the loss of life. Most types of life insurance work on a similar notion, even if their details might be different. Here, the life of a person, typically call the insured is protected against loss. This means that when that person will die, the insuring company will pay an agreed amount to the person’s family in order to help them with financial difficulties that may arise after the person’s death. In order to avail this sum, the insured must pay a premium to the insuring company through their lifetime, or for the duration specified in the policy.

General insurance, on the other hand, words under similar principals. In it, the insured must also pay a premium to the company, and in lieu of that, they may be accessible to a payout later. However, instead of insuring against loss of life, general insurance insures against financial losses incurred on the basis of assets. Such as financial loss incurred by the theft or damage of a asset, such as machinery, or stock. The premium and the payout depend upon what the insured item is as well as its cost and value.

There are many different types of general insurance, such as health insurance, property insurance, fire insurance, car insurance, etc. basically everything other than life insurance is mostly categorized under general insurance. Each type of general insurance is different and serves a different purpose. For example, car insurance protects a car, fire insurance protects against damage caused by a fire, etc.

However, it should be noted that not all life insurances and general insurances are the same. Each company has their own set of rules and conditions which must be met in order to receive a payout. For example, a life insurance policy might only protect the life on a person until a certain age and if that person dies after that age, then the policy is null and void, or some might pay a reduced sum. Another policy might pay out only if the insured dies a violent death i.e. in an accident or is murdered.  If the person dies of natural causes then the policy might be void or might pay less. Each policy is different and one must read the policy and its conditions carefully before signing.

Our Review of The General Car Insurance
Our overall star rating for The General car insurance is 3 out of 5. That number falls in the center of the scale, but here’s what it means for you: The General is great for certain drivers. What came to light in our research is that The General targets a certain segment of the auto insurance market: high-risk drivers, or those who have multiple moving violations, including DUIS, or accident claims. We researched the company from top to bottom and have the full breakdown for you here.

The General Car Insurance Quotes

Drivers who are “high risk” often find it difficult to get car insurance. Whether they have poor credit, bad driving records (or both), these customers are expensive for companies to insure. But The General seems to target high-risk drivers specifically.  Not surprisingly, The General auto insurance quotes come in pretty high when compared to its competitors, but for high-risk drivers, these prices are actually pretty low. For more details, read more about The General auto insurance quotes.

Ways to Save on Auto Insurance with The General

The General offers barebones insurance for high-risk drivers. For this reason, the company doesn’t offer much in the way of discounts or extra cost savings. But that doesn’t mean you’ll break the bank as a customer of The General. If you’re a budget shopper, The General does offer low down payments and is flexible with its payment options, such as offering a discount for paying your bill in full. All drivers can take a few steps to get lower auto insurance rates, and the same rules apply for The General. To learn more, read our guide to discounts and money-saving for The General.

The General Auto Insurance Customer Reviews

When it comes to researching multiple providers, reviews are a great source of information and play a major role in the decision-making process. We researched what customers say about their experience with the company, and the results are telling. Customers rate The General poorly for claims process and customer satisfaction, but a little better for cost. Curious about the details? Check out our complete breakdown of The General auto insurance reviews.

Auto Insurance Coverage Available from The General

There is a lot to understand about The General. Founded in 1963 as Permanent General Agency, the company was later known as Permanent General Assurance Corporation (PGAC), which remains the official name. The General appeared as a standalone name in 1977 to serve as a simpler brand. American Family Insurance acquired the company the next year, but they operate independently to this day.

Now, you can buy The General auto insurance in 43 states online or by phone, or through an independent agent (like one of ours!). Get a quote today, or click on your state to learn more about how The General ranks where you live. Don’t live in a state where The General is an option? Click on your state to see which company offers the cheapest insurance.

Auto Insurance Types Offered by The General

With The General, you’re going to get the standard fare of auto insurance types. Coverage options will start at your state’s minimum coverage requirements and build from there. The General offers up to four types of car insurance coverage: Liability Coverage, Medical Payments Coverage, Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) Coverage, and Comprehensive and Collision Coverage.

Some types of coverage, such as Liability Coverage, may have state minimum requirements. Others may be added onto your policy with The General for extra protection—and additional cost. To learn more about the types of auto insurance coverage offered by most companies, check out these frequently asked questions:

  • What is liability car insurance?
  • What is bodily injury liability coverage?
  • What is comprehensive and collision coverage?

The Final Word

Here’s what we think: The General auto insurance is a good option for high-risk drivers. If you’ve got at least one ticket and one accident on your record, this company is likely to offer cheaper rates than the competition.

General Insurance, also known non-life insurance, protects all things we value most like our family and our health, our vehicle, house and other important valuables. There are multiple reasons why general insurance is considered very beneficial.

Let us see how different general insurances provide us different benefits —

1. Health Insurance — provides ease in getting medical treatment and reduce your burden by paying your hospital and pharmaceutical bills

2. Motor insurance — provides financial protection against physical damage or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that could arise from such collisions.

3. Travel Insurance — provides medical evacuation, which means that travelers do not have to pay medical emergency transportation expenses with their own money. Another important benefit of travel insurance is that it provides protection against trip cancellation and interruption.

4. Home insurance — With a good home owner insurance policy you will never have to worry about anything bad happening to your home, and you not being able to fix it. Of course, home owner insurance does not cover every incident, but it does take a lot of things out of the equation.

5. Marine Insurance — ensures complete protection against the theft or hijack of vessel, collision, cargo liabilities and others.

6. Commercial Insurance — this typically covers your property and buildings in cases of destruction or damage from fire and other causes.

General insurance normally refers to any non-life insurance coverage. This includes both personal lines insurance and commercial lines insurance. Personal lines insurance includes the coverages used to protect a policyholder from loss or damage to personal property or from damages for which the policyholder may be held personally responsible. Commercial lines insurance protects a business from loss of its business property or damages for which the company may be held liable.

Personal automobile insurance and homeowners insurance are the most common types of general insurance. Automobile and homeowners policies can include both property and casualty coverage. Property coverage pays for loss to the policyholder’s property, while casualty coverage pays for damages for which the policyholder is held liable. For instance, if an insured person accidentally drives his personal automobile into the side of a building owned by someone else, his insurance would pay for the damage to his vehicle through his property coverage, and for damage to the building through his casualty coverage.

In many places, automobile insurance is required to operate a vehicle. If the vehicle is used by a business, the driver is normally covered under the company’s commercial auto policy. If the vehicle is personally owned, the driver would be covered by the owner’s personal auto policy.

The General (insurance)

The General Automobile Insurance Services, Inc. (or simply The General) is a licensed insurance agency that is a subsidiary of PGC Holdings Corp. (PGC), that focuses on auto insurance. In 2012, the company was acquired by American Family Insurance; The General brand still remains as a separate brand. The General specializes in insuring drivers who are considered «high risk,» whose car insurance premiums are typically more expensive.

Definition of ‘General Insurance’

Definition: Insurance contracts that do not come under the ambit of life insurance are called general insurance. The different forms of general insurance are fire, marine, motor, accident and other miscellaneous non-life insurance.

Description: The tangible assets are susceptible to damages and a need to protect the economic value of the assets is needed. For this purpose, general insurance products are bought as they provide protection against unforeseeable contingencies like damage and loss of the asset. Like life insurance, general insurance products come at a price in the form of premium.

The General Advantages

  • Online presence that allows company to offer quotes and answer inquiries instantly
  • Personal information is not required when requesting for quotes via company website
  • Online quotes are processed in minutes
  • Offers a 3-step online application process for clients involving request for quotation, buying of the policy, and printing of proof of insurance
  • Policies can be tailored to fit the needs of the vehicle owner
  • Well-trained agents that can answer all sorts of questions from prospective clients
  • Affordable plans that provide total coverage to car owners
  • Accepts minimal down payments to help defray monthly insurance costs
  • Attained remarkable stability through years of experience in the industry

General Insurance Fellowship Track

Preliminary curriculum information on the new general insurance track available.

Society of Actuaries to Offer General Insurance Fellowship Track;
New Pathway to Help Fulfill Strategic Vision of Global Actuarial Education Leadership

The Society of Actuaries (SOA) will begin offering an exam track in general (property-casualty) insurance in 2013, ensuring that the SOA is providing options covering all actuarial disciplines to earning the Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA) designation.

The SOA Board of Directors at its March 2012 meeting approved the creation of the new track after determining that including general insurance education will help fulfill the strategic vision for the SOA as a leading global provider of actuarial education.

«Currently, the SOA is the only broad-based actuarial education organization with a significant international presence that does not offer education in the full range of practice areas,» said Bradley M. Smith, SOA president. «For the SOA to meet the needs of our growing member and candidate base outside the United States and Canada, we must offer this educational option,» Smith added, «We’re very excited to take this step and believe it will provide tremendous benefits to our candidates, members and their employers.»

Smith said the addition of a general insurance track will be attractive to candidates and employers. «Today’s economy is increasingly global and complex, and many organizations that actuaries work for or provide consulting services to have some level of international presence,» he said. «All organizations are facing risk management challenges that can cross multiple disciplines. The SOA must ensure that its educational system is equipping actuaries with the skills to address the full spectrum of risk management issues.» Smith noted, «By adding this track, we’re aligning our credentials and our education system with the way organizations structure their risk management operations. The employers of our candidates—insurers, consulting firms, and others—manage the complete spectrum of risks, and the SOA will now give them a single, global source for the full range of actuarial talent and credentials they need.»

Tonya B. Manning, SOA president-elect, noted that for the track to be successful, members earning an FSA must be recognized as qualified to practice in the general insurance area by the appropriate national bodies, and the SOA will work with these bodies to ensure that end. «Given the SOA’s recognized, high-quality actuarial education and examination capabilities, I am confident we will create a world-class general insurance track,» Manning said.

The SOA currently offers five tracks to fellowship in: Individual Life and Annuities; Retirement Benefits; Group and Health; Investment; and, Finance / Enterprise Risk Management. Smith said the general insurance field has been growing for many years, and that growth is anticipated to continue. «In many developing economies, general insurance often grows earlier and faster than other business lines. As the world’s largest actuarial professional organization, we need to offer our candidates the training and credentials needed to serve these markets.»

Manning said that the SOA broadening its range of practice areas will benefit actuarial candidates by allowing them more time to make a specialty track decision. It will also provide them opportunities to learn about all practice areas, which will make them more well-rounded in the eyes of potential employers. It also gives candidates the opportunity to pursue their educational pathway through a single society, regardless of the actuarial specialty they choose.

Additionally, having a focus on general insurance topics will strengthen the skill sets of all SOA members. «As actuaries, we have to understand that markets for our services are constantly changing. We can’t depend on maintaining the status quo—we have to seek out new skills, new areas of practice, and new industries to serve and we have to be willing to move into areas where we haven’t been before,» Manning added.

The first of the general insurance track-specific exams and e-learning modules is expected to be made available to candidates beginning with the fall 2013 exams. The SOA will be hiring an actuary with expertise in general insurance and forming volunteer committees to be involved in the development of the curriculum and exams.

Smith noted that the SOA and the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS), which also provides general insurance education, have «a long history of working together on a variety of joint activities. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with the CAS in the future,» Smith said.

About The General Insurance Company

The General Automobile Insurance Services, Inc., also known as The General, is a licensed insurance agency that specializes in insuring “high risk” drivers. The General Insurance Company is a subsidiary of PGC Holdings Corp. (PCG), which is wholly owned by American Family Mutual Insurance Company. The General Insurance offers auto insurance online from the following insurance companies: Permanent General Assurance Corporation, Permanent General Assurance Corporation of Ohio and the General Automobile Insurance Company, Inc. The company may be recognized by their cartoon mascot depicting a military general.

Product Offerings

The General Insurance specializes in providing auto insurance for all types of drivers. In addition to auto insurance, The General also offers renters insurance. High risk drivers may be able to find auto insurance coverage with The General. High risk drivers may include people with a history of accidents or driving violations or those with a low credit score. The company can also provide SR-22 filings for customers requiring one. The General Insurance strives to keep payments affordable, which is why they offer low down payments and budget-friendly payment plans.

With The General Auto Insurance, customers have the option to select auto coverage that best fits their needs. There are options like liability only insurance and full coverage insurance. The company also offers collision and comprehensive coverage for drivers who want more protection.

Customer Service

The General Insurance Company offers customer support both online and over the phone. Online, policyholders are able to view their policy and make changes to it. They can also make payments, receive a new quote, and view and print policy documents and id cards.

Policyholders who need to file a claim can simply call the claim services number listed on the General’s website. A representative will walk you through the entire claims process. Claims representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist customers with reporting and tracking claims.


The General Insurance strives to offer their customers affordable auto insurance. Discounts may be one way for customers to lower their car insurance premiums even more. In some states, policyholders can receive a discount for paying their premiums in full for both 12 month and 6 month policies. Receiving a General Insurance quote is likely the easiest way to find out which discounts are offered near you.