Tesco car insurance

Why choose Tesco Bank car insurance?
Uninsured driver promise (subject to T&Cs)
Four different levels of RAC breakdown cover as an extra
24-hour claims helpline
Tesco Bank car insurance: facts
Over 10 years’ experience in car insurance
7 million customers as part of Tesco Bank Group
UK call centres open 7-days-a-week
Tesco Bank was launched in 1997 — one of the first major UK supermarkets to launch their own bank. Since its inception, Tesco Bank has grown to have over 7 million customers across the UK. They launched their car insurance product in 2002 and Tesco Bank car insurance now boasts over 1.8 million customers.

Tesco Bank aims to provide great car insurance cover with excellent customer support provided by over 4,000 staff. Their UK call centres are based in Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow and are open 7-days-a-week. They also provide a 24/7 claims helpline so that you are never far from a friendly voice.

With comprehensive cover, Tesco Bank offer the following great benefits included as standard:

Uninsured driver promise (subject to T&Cs)
Windscreen cover
Courtesy car (subject to availability)
Up to 90 days’ EU cover
Child seat cover
Personal accident cover up to £5,000
You can also choose from four different levels of RAC breakdown cover to add as an optional extra, as well as adding key cover up to £1,500.
Tesco Car Insurance is brought to you by Tesco Bank. With years of retail experience and financial services over the years, Tescos is able to offer the UK’s best Insurance products across the board.

You can buy Tesco car Insurance over the phone or online today! This can be purchased up to thirty days in advance.

Tesco Car Insurance does not cover modified cars, unless the modifications are for the reasons of disability.

You can use your car for work and still claim on your insurance depending on the type of cover you have. With Tesco’s you can enquire about this feature by calling the helpline and speaking to one of the friendly staff who will answer any questions you might have – relating to your insurance policy.

Tesco’s will reward new drivers by giving them bonus miles as long as they maintain a good record. There is a comprehensive cover for young drivers

With 100 bonus points per month for being a safe driver and a discount for Clubcard customers, young drivers can now be assured they are being looked after and valued.

Frequently asked questions for callers of the Tesco Car Insurance contact number
What benefits will I get as a new driver?
Tesco car Insurance offers great opportunities for young drivers. Here are some of the many benefits:

No claims discount earned for every year without claim
Clubcard customers get further discounts
Comprehensive cover
Bonus miles earned every month for safe driving
Over 21 are offered standard insurance
Boxed insurance ensures a better price and standard of reliable insurance
What are the benefits of Boxed Insurance?
There are many advantage to using Tesco Insurance:

Guaranteed discounts for customers who have a Tesco Clubcard
No claims discounts are available
Get covered straight away
Fully comprehensive and 3rd party insurance available
Tailor-make your cover
Quick cover quoted online or over the phone
What are the benefits of having the app?
The Tesco car Insurance app is a great way to save money!

Use the app with over 250 miles – and the app will give you a score out of 10 – plus some feedback on your driving. For people that are considered good drivers and score well, you could be offered a further discount on your insurance premium.

What if I’m in an accident and the other person isn’t insured?
With Tesco car Insurance, you won’t lose your no claims discount if the accident isn’t your fault. As an added positive, once all the crash details are confirmed, you will be recompensed for the excess you had to pay.

What happens when my car is being repaired?
Tesco will get a small courtesy car to you in order to keep you moving whilst your car is being repaired.

What else is included?
You can benefit from:

Fire and theft cover

Windscreen cover

Replacement child car seat

In-car entertainment equipment cover

and more..

I need to find the documents relating to my Tesco Car Insurance documents. Where are they?
When you signed up for Tesco Car Insurance, and assuming that you’ve already paid for your policy, you should have received a ‘welcome pack’. If you’ve already had your policy a while then you probably received a ‘renewal pack’ once you renewed your contract.

In your welcome pack you should have a number of documents, including your policy schedule and more importantly your certificate of insurance. If you can’t find it, or you fear that you’ve lost it, then you may wish to get in touch with them directly by calling the Tesco car insurance number to discuss options for replacing your documents.

I want to add a different driver to my Car Insurance policy, is it possible to do that?
Yes, on Tesco Car Insurance you may be able to add up to four different drivers onto your car insurance policy. You can also do this for just a short period of time, so if you want to add a named driver for as little as 28 days then it should be possible to do so.

Bear in mind that if you want to add named drivers to your policy then you will need to check the fees incurred in doing so, as it’s possible there will be an updated cost to your policy and administrative fees too. To start this process call the Tesco Car Insurance phone number on this page.

I want to change my car with my Tesco Insurance, what should I do?
It’s possible to change your car and retain your current Tesco Bank car insurance policy, but to do so you will need to get into contact with Tesco Bank’s customer service.

If you change your car though then it is important to think about your cost of insurance. If you purchase a car which is subject to a different insurance schedule then your costs might rise. This also depends on your personal details and circumstances, so you may wish to talk to a representative of Tesco Bank Car Insurance when possible.

I need to find my Tesco Car Insurance no claims details, where do I look?
You should have proof of your No Claims, provided you haven’t made claims of course, in the package that you were sent by Tesco Car Insurance.

There should also be a certificate if you cancelled your policy with Tesco Car Insurance, they should have sent you a letter which confirms your cancellation and also has a no claims certificate attached.

You may also be able to gain a new certificate of no claims by contacting the Tesco Car Insurance telephone number and requesting one from a car insurance agent there.

My Tesco Bank car Insurance policy was set for automatic renewal without my permission, why is that?
Tesco Bank Car Insurance will automatically renew cover at the end of your policy each year. This is done to make things easier for you and so that you don’t have to worry about renewing your car insurance annually.

It is simple and more effective. Tesco Car Insurance will take the payment from the card that you used to make your previous payment, or in the event that you pay by Direct Debit, the fee will come from your normal bank account.

You will also receive a package of information and documents confirming your insurance package’s renewal within 21 days (three weeks) of the date that your policy expires.

I need to buy car insurance right now, can I get it today?
Yes, it is entirely possible that you purchase car insurance and have it apply from the very same day. In order to do this you may wish to purchase online or call a customer service agent who may be able to guide you through the process effectively.

Remember that when you sign up to purchase car insurance you will need a lot of personal information to complete your purchase including your car’s registration information, your personal details and possibly information about your driving licence.

Make sure that you have all of this on hand when you call as it will speed up the process and ensure that you receive your insurance as quickly as possible.

I need to make a claim on my insurance, how do I go about doing that?
If you have a cause to make a claim in your insurance then you should aim to get in contact with Tesco Insurance as quickly as possible to discuss your case. However, note that you may in some cases not need to contact Tesco, but contact the ‘underwriter’ of your insurance policy.

If your car insurance policy with Tesco ends with a letter, then you may need to contact Tesco Underwriting. If it ends with a number, or a series of letters or code, then you should aim to find out the right underwriter to contact.

If you wish to do this contact Tesco Car Insurance and find out who your underwriter is, ensuring that you have your policy documents with you when looking it up to ensure that you are efficient with your conversation.