Safe auto insurance

A higher risk tolerance and variety of coverage options could be your ticket to affordable auto insurance.
SafeAuto is known for providing insurance to high-risk customers who may have trouble finding coverage elsewhere. Drivers can be considered high-risk for reasons that include poor credit, a spotty driving record or lapsed coverage. From SR-22 and basic liability insurance to comprehensive coverage, SafeAuto offers a number of cheap car insurance options.

Pros & Cons
Description Known for providing insurance to high-risk customers who may have trouble finding coverage elsewhere, SafeAuto offers a lot of different discounts, from those for homeowners to good drivers.
States served Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia
Roadside assistance Included free
Pay schedule 12 months, 6 months, monthly (fee applies)
Claims methods phone, in-person
New car protection No
What is SafeAuto?
Founded in 1993, SafeAuto is a property and casualty insurance company based in Columbus, Ohio. The company provides auto and motorcycle insurance directly, partnering with Augeo Benefits to deliver health insurance coverage as well. It’s one of the few providers that specialize in non-standard auto insurance, covering high-risk drivers who may not be able to find coverage elsewhere.

While it specializes in basic coverage for high-risk drivers, it also offers a wide array of policy options ranging from state minimums to comprehensive coverage. Whether you need an SR-22 or you’re just looking for cheap car insurance, SafeAuto might be the right choice for you.

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Where is SafeAuto auto insurance available?
SafeAuto’s auto insurance policies are available in 17 states. However, it can also help people outside of its service area get coverage through its network of trusted insurance providers. Here’s where SafeAuto auto insurance policies are available:

South Carolina
Who is SafeAuto auto insurance best for?
SafeAuto was initially designed to provide coverage to high-risk drivers, such a those who need an SR-22. However, since its inception, it has grown to offer a wide variety of policy options that are available to anyone and everyone. Because of this, SafeAuto’s auto insurance policies are ideal for anyone looking for cheap car insurance.

What auto insurance coverage does SafeAuto offer?
Liability protection. This type of coverage pays when you’re at fault for an accident that results in property damage or bodily harm.
Collision/comprehensive damage. Pays for damage caused to your car if you hit another car or object, but it also covers fire, flooding, hail, theft or vandalism.
Personal injury protection. Covers the cost of doctors, hospitalization or even funerals if you or a passenger is injured or killed, no matter who is at fault in the accident.
Uninsured motorists coverage. Pays for damages and injury from hit-and-runs or an incident where the other driver is uninsured. Covering you and your passengers, it can include medical expenses, lost wages and other injury-related losses.
Underinsured motorists coverage. Takes care of the gap between someone else’s policy limits and the actual cost of your medical expenses after an accident.
Does SafeAuto offer extended auto insurance options?
Yes, you can get full coverage with additional benefits through SafeAuto, but you can also get the bare minimum, including SR-22 insurance. SR-22 coverage is typically court-mandated as a means to meet legal insurance requirements after a serious moving violation, such as a DUI or DWI, an at-fault crash or any situation that results in the suspension or loss of your license.

Discounts on SafeAuto car insurance
Yes. SafeAuto provides fairly standard discounts that include:

Switching from another provider. Get a break on your first policy term — anywhere from 3% to 8% — for signing on from another provider.
Multi-vehicle policies. If your family includes more than one driver, keep insured under one provider to save some money.
Homeowner discounts. Because homeowners are statistically more stable financially than people who rent, SafeAuto is willing to extend a discount for less risk.
Safe driver discounts. Generally, the cleaner your driving record, the less you’ll pay for auto insurance. Completing safe driving courses could further lower your rate.
Lump sum payment. Get a discount when you pay your premiums in a single, lump-sum payment rather than in multiple installments.
Driver Improvement Course discounts. In some states, you may be able to get discounted rates for completing an approved driver improvement course.
Does SafeAuto offer any special programs?
Mobile app. SafeAuto offers a mobile app that allows you to present ID cards, make payments, and more.
Roadside assistance. Get help if your car breaks down when you are away from home or on the road.
Payment plans. SafeAuto offers a variety of payment places to help customers pay for their policies.
ForeverCar. A vehicle service plan and extended car warranty through one of SafeAuto’s affiliates.
Quick Pay. Easily pay your bills without signing up for an online account.
Pros and cons of SafeAuto auto insurance
Supports high-risk policyholders. Whether you’ve been in multiple accidents, have a low credit score or carry a DUI/DWI violation — SafeAuto could be your insurance saving grace.
Discounts available. SafeAuto offers savings for switching policies, covering multiple vehicles or owning a home, with other potential discounts available through your agent.
Multiple payment options. Pay upfront for the lowest overall cost, or put down 33% for savings on a 6-month or 12-month policy. Standard monthly premiums don’t offer discounts but could make your monthly bill more palatable on a tight budget.
Money transfers accepted. Outside of paying by phone, through autopay or online, use MoneyGram, Western Union or other providers to stay current on your bills.
Average support. SafeAuto receives its fair share of customer service complaints for a provider of its size.
No umbrella or bundling discounts. SafeAuto partners with other companies to provide health and life insurance, meaning you won’t get the seamless experience you could find with a larger health, life, home and auto insurance provider.
No online claims. Many providers allow you to file claims online. Unfortunately, SafeAuto does not. Instead, you’ll need to call the claims line to begin reporting your claim.
SafeAuto auto insurance customer reviews
Even with nothing but negative customer reviews on Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) website, SafeAuto currently earns an A+ independent rating from the bureau itself. The provider received more than 170 customer complaints through the BBB site, most citing problems with service and billing.

You’ll also find those who chose to leave negative reviews on the BBB website, which are different from complaints. More than 20 people left poor remarks about SafeAuto, mostly protesting the company’s claims and billing department, as well as its poor customer service in general.

Consumer ratings and reviews can give valuable insight into what it’s like to deal with a company as a customer, but they rarely tell the whole story. Because customers don’t typically rate a product or service unless they want to rant and rave, you might want to take aggregated scores with a grain of salt.
How to apply for auto insurance coverage with SafeAuto
Unlike many other providers of non-standard auto insurance, SafeAuto allows customers to purchase coverage online. Here’s how:

Visit the SafeAuto homepage, enter your zip code, then click “Get a quote”
If it’s your first time with SafeAuto, click “New customer”, otherwise click “Previous customer”.
Add your vehicle information or enter your VIN to save time.
Enter your personal information, address, employment info, and so on. Click continue.
Choose your coverage and other policy options, then click “Finish application”.
Enter your contact info, address, and any other details, then continue.
Enter your social security number, driver’s license number and other details then continue.
Add additional vehicle information along with your VIN, then continue.
Review all information and coverage details, then continue once you are satisfied.
Choose your payment plan and policy preferences, then continue.
Enter your payment details and click “Purchase my policy”. You’re now covered!
If you’d rather apply for coverage over the phone, you can call 1-800-723-3288 to speak with a representative.

How to file an auto insurance claim with SafeAuto
Whether you’re a SafeAuto customer or filing a claim against one of its policyholders, you can start the claims process by calling SafeAuto at 1-800-723-3288. Here’s what you’ll need:

The date, time and location of the accident.
The year, make and model of all involved vehicles.
The names, addresses and phone numbers of all involved drivers and passengers, noting any injured parties
Any insurance information you were able to obtain
A brief summary of how the accident occurred.
How to contact SafeAuto
You can contact SafeAuto by phone, email, fax, or mail. For more details, visit the SafeAuto website and navigate to the contact us page.

Does SafeAuto offer any other types of insurance?
While SafeAuto is technically a multiline insurance provider, it only offers auto and motorcycle insurance directly. However, SafeAuto partners with Augeo Benefits to provide health insurance, offering major and short-term medical, dental, critical illness, accident and life insurance policies.

What other providers are similar to SafeAuto car insurance?
Whether SafeAuto is unavailable in your state or you just want to compare your options, there are a few providers that offer similar coverage:

Central. Central insurance offers affordable coverage and often accepts drivers with prior accidents or traffic violations.
Direct. Direct Insurance specializes in “non-standard” auto insurance and offers coverage to all applicants, regardless of their driving history.
Farmers. Farmers auto insurance offers great coverage at affordable prices, not to mention that it actually owns Foremost Insurance Group.
Safe Auto Insurance Company is a property and casualty auto insurance carrier. The company was founded in Columbus, Ohio,[2] in 1993 by Jon Diamond and Ari Deshe and is a privately held carrier and provider of state-minimum private-passenger auto insurance for drivers in the nonstandard insurance market in 17 states across the country, including Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Missouri, Arizona, Oklahoma, Kansas, Virginia, Texas and California.[3]
SafeAuto is licensed in 22 states,[4] markets in 17 states,[3] and employs more than 700 associates across its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, and its satellite offices in Woodsfield, Ohio, and Somerset, Kentucky. SafeAuto’s annual revenue was more than $300 million in 2013.[5] Since 2012, Ron Davies, former senior vice president with Allstate Insurance Co, took over the role of CEO; Diamond and Deshe remain involved with the company as chairmen and executive directors of the company’s board.[6] Davies has since opened two SafeAuto storefronts in Columbus, Ohio, to serve customers face to face. In March 2015, SafeAuto acquired AutoTex MGA and began expanding to the independent agent insurance business.[7]

Target Demographic
SafeAuto targets the nonstandard auto insurance market, in which it has specialized for over 20 years in providing liability coverage that meets states’ required minimum limits. Deshe and Diamond founded the company on the idea that SafeAuto could serve this market, which includes high-risk drivers and drivers who require an SR-22 that other companies were hesitant to insure, better than any other insurance company could.