Paintless dent repair mckinney tx

Auto Hail Damage Repair Specialist
Paintless Dent Repair (often referred to as PDR) became very popular in the mid to late 80s as an alternative to conventional auto painting, bondo, and other fillers to repair dents and dings. It has several advantages: It saves time; it saves money, no vehicle depreciation because you have not repainted the vehicle, and also it is environment friendly. We use no harmful chemicals whatsoever that could damage the environment. Insurance companies recognize and recommend PDR as an excellent method to remove minor dents and dings as well as hail damage.

How does Paintless Dent Repair work?
We gain access to the back of the dent and gently massage the dent out using special tools designed specifically for this type of work. It is a gentle and precise process. Basically, we put the dented metal back in its original place without disturbing the paint. View our videos to the right for a live demonstration.

What kind of dents can be repaired using PDR?
Dings and dents caused by: other car doors, shopping carts, golf balls, hail stones, and many other kinds of minor dents as long as the paint is not damaged. If you are not sure if PDR is a good candidate for your car, feel free to email us a picture, and we can generally determine from that if it can be repaired using PDR and for how much it will cost.

How long does PDR take?
Normally door dings can be repaired while you wait (15 to 20 minutes). If we are doing more extensive work, like a complete cleanup of several door dings on both sides of the vehicle it may take as little as a couple of hours or less. Auto hail damage repairs take longer because there are generally many dents to repair. Most auto hail repairs can be completed in one to three days. There are some exceptions, but generally not more than one week.

How Long Do I Have To Get My Car Repaired?
Most major insurance companies allows up to 180 days to make a claim. In the event of a hail storm make your claim as soon as possible. PDR shops and body shops will get backed up for months. You don’t want to be pushed to the end. Once you have a claim number Dent Bros can handle your repairs from there.
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hat Is Paintless Dent Repair?
Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a unique method of removing and repairing minor dents, door dings, and hail damage on the metal panels of automobiles without the use of fillers or paint. With the help of specially designed tools, the dent is worked out from the back side by a highly-skilled, trained professional that gently massages the metal back into its original form without affecting the exterior paint.