Paintless dent removal staten island ny

Advantages of Paintless Dent Removal

Small & Large Dents
Small and large dents can be fixed in all areas of the vehicle as long as the paint has NOT been cracked. Aluminum cars and motorcycle gas tanks and fenders can be repaired as well!

Paintless Dent Removal is typically less expensive than the prices at Auto Body Repair centers! We offer a special rate for limos and town cars. Limited offer of $20 dollars OFF for first time customers!

Quick & Timely
A typical dent can be repaired within a few hours. An auto body repair shop can ask you to leave your car for 3-5 days!

Keep It Original
Paintless Dent Removal allows you to keep the original factory finish in your car, thereby maintaining the high value of you car.
The Paintless Dent Removal Process
Paintless Dent Removal is a skilled process of removing dents and dings on vehicle panels and fenders without the need of body filler or paint. The process involves gaining access behind the panel, and gently pushing the dent back to its original shape. The Dent Terminator, a.k.a. Francesco Cuomo, has specialized in Paintless Dent Removal since 1991, servicing dealers, body shops, and individuals in the New York City, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and surrounding areas in New York. Francesco can restore your vehicle to it’s original appearance. With an evolutionary process, he can remove all sorts of dents from hail, creases to small dings. With his unique tools, he can repair dents anywhere on the car. All repairs are handled quickly and completely with out damaging factory paint or clear-coat. He will shock your eyes making dents disappear while you wait, with little time and money.

This process can be done while you wait!!!
Mobile service is available
Satisfaction is guaranteed
We can even repair plastic and aluminum bumpers and panels
Rubber molding and bumper guard protectors in all colors available by request
Please Call or Text for an appointment before visiting shop!
We all know too well it can be a challenge to maintain your vehicle's appearance during your lease. Unfortunately those dings, dents and creases can add up fast and costly when it's time for your lease return. We explain how you can avoid those high lease return charge backs.

What are lease return Charge Backs?

Prior to returning your leased vehicle, your vehicle will be inspected by the leasing company, dealership, or a third party inspector for any "excessive wear and tear." Unfortunately, this "excessive wear and tear" is your responsiblity.

The cost of repairing any of this damage will be a considered a "charge back". The average vehicle leassee charged back is over $1500 when returning their vehicles - often for minor damage such as door dings, dents, creases, bumper scrapes, and minor interior damage. When you are charged for damage to your leased vehicle, the price is usually defined by a dealership's auto body repair center or a major collision center - and these facilities will often simply replace damaged parts instead of repairing them, inturn costing you more money.

How can we save you money on your lease return?

It's Simple. Just contact us and we will examine your vehicle for damage that you would likely be charged for when your lease expires. Most of the time we can have the damage repaired with in less than 24 hours