Paint world new haven ct

After years of experience, we have developed 5 levels of touch up kits. Within each level, there are different kits depending on the type of repair you need to do. For example, if you need to touch up a scuff on the bumper of your new car, you may want the professional kit for repairs over plastic. If you want to repair a scratch on a 10 year old truck to protect it from rusting, you may want the economy level kit for metal. Whatever your project, we make sure you have everything you need to do your touch up job the right way.
Economy Level Kit Do you need to save money? Did you scratch up a rental? Are you selling your vehicle? Does your vehicle run well but needs an economical facelift? Then this tier of kits is for you! These economy kits are perfect for those times when saving money is priority #1. These kits contain paint, primer, clear, a multi-grit pack of sandpaper, and a handmasker, all in one economical bundle. Just another way provides everything you need.

Classic Level Kit Just like the Economy Kits, these Classic Kits will save you money. However, the Classic Kits contain better clear and/or primer that are more durable and chip resistant. Pick this tier if saving money is you're biggest concern but want something a little more professional than the Economy Kits.

Professional Level Kit This is one of the best kits we offer and contains some of our best sellers. These Professional Kits have upgraded primers, upgraded clear, particulate respirators and, as with every kit, you can add our Clearcoat Blender, one of our most popular products. If you want your vehicle to look the way it did when it rolled out the factory doors then this tier is a good starting point for you. With professional grade products, and a great price, it's no wonder these sell like hotcakes.
Take a look at the attached pics. Feel free to use in advertising. I am so pleased with the way this turned out. I took the bike for a ride yesterday and the stares and many thumbs were great. Everyone thought the bike lookedbrand new. I am a repeat customer and will continue to be one. Thanks for the quality paints and easy to use s pray cans. I know you will notice the overspray on the front tire. I will remove that tomorrow and then it will be PERFECT!

I just wanted to thank you for your quick and professional service. I received my touch up paint yesterday and it matched so perfect even with me knowing where the scratches were, I can't see them. I attached a picture of my racing bike just so you can see how perfectly you matched the unique color.