No exam life insurance

Some life insurance companies require you to undergo a physical and answer extensive health questions before they will consider your application for coverage. Other life insurance policies only require a few questions. Gerber Life offers a simplified process, making it easier to get life insurance.

«Gerber Life offers a simplified process, making it easier to get life insurance.»

Having coverage to protect your family in the event that something unexpected happens is important. Your current health and physical condition shouldn’t get in the way of that. Find out more information below so that you can make the best decision for your family.

Considerations for Life Insurance Without a Medical Exam
If you are looking for coverage but don’t want to take a medical exam, policies that are “simplified issue” or “guaranteed approval” may be good options for you. Simplified issue policies require only a few medical questions and do not require a medical exam in most cases. Gerber Life Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance Plans are both “simplified issue” and the application can be completed in just minutes.

Another option to obtain coverage without a medical exam is a “guaranteed approval” product. As long as an applicant is within a certain age range, policies with “guaranteed approval” allow you to secure life insurance coverage. For the Guaranteed Life Plan, an applicant must be between 50 and 80 years old.

Lastly, Accident Insurance is another option that does not require a medical exam. This coverage protects you in the event of an accident. For Accident Protection Insurance, applicants between 19 and 69 years old are pre-approved. If you meet these age requirements, you are eligible for coverage, regardless of health, occupation or anything else.
Canada Protection Plan’s No Medical & Simplified Issue Permanent Life Insurance (Whole Life Insurance) provides lifetime protection. This type of coverage is ideal for permanent needs such as final expenses. Canada Protection Plan has more Permanent Insurance options than any other No Medical provider in Canada. Our variety of plans has been designed to make it easier for everyone, including the hard-to-insure, to get the greatest coverage at the lowest price in the least time possible.
We specialize in No Medical & Simplified Issue Life Insurance, with six different plans to choose from. These plans are designed for those with serious health problems all the way to those who are in excellent health and just want a simple, fast way to buy life insurance. And unlike some other companies, most of our plans offer full protection from day one.
Our plans include more free benefits than other life insurance providers.
Four of the plans are available as T100, our lowest cost permanent plans.
We take great pride in providing superior customer service from the day you apply until the day the claim is paid.
Canada Protection Plan is Canadian owned and serviced by Canadians.
Designed for the most challenging applicants; if you have a very serious medical condition or if you have been told you don’t qualify for insurance, Guaranteed Acceptance Life may be the plan for you. READ MORE >>
Designed for the hard-to-insure applicants; if you have a serious health condition, or were previously refused insurance, Deferred Life is the right plan for you. READ MORE >>
Designed for the hard-to-insure applicants; if you have a less serious health condition, or were previously refused insurance, you may be eligible for Deferred Elite Life. READ MORE >>
Designed for someone in relatively good health, or engages in extreme sports, and doesn’t want to take a medical exam or provide a doctor’s report. Full protection starts with this plan as soon as your policy is issued. READ MORE >>
Designed for healthy people who want coverage quickly. This plan has great rates, with coverage up to $1,000,000 starting as soon as you are approved. READ MORE >>
Designed for applicants in good health who want coverage faster than through traditional underwriting. This plan has our best rates, with coverage up to $1,000,000 starting as soon as you are approved.
Your acceptance is guaranteed — regardless of your health or medical history

Having trouble finding affordable life insurance because of your age or health? If you are between 40 and 75 and apply for CoverMe Guaranteed Issue Life insurance your acceptance is guaranteed. 1

It doesn’t matter what your current health is or if you have a medical condition. You cannot be turned down. There are no health questions and no medical exams when you apply. 2

Your premiums will never increase and your coverage — from $5,000 to $25,000 — will never decrease. If you die accidentally before age 85 your benefits will increase 5X. That means your beneficiary could receive up to $125,000.

Plan Features
Your acceptance is guaranteed — no medical questions asked
If you are a Canadian resident between the ages of 40 and 75 your acceptance is guaranteed — with no medical questionnaires or exams when you apply. You cannot be turned down.

Choice of coverage amounts
You can choose the coverage amount that’s right for you and your budget — from $5,000 to $25,000.

Significant savings for non-smokers
Non-smokers enjoy up to 20% savings on their premiums compared to smokers.

Premiums will never increase — guaranteed
We guarantee that your premiums will not go up.

Coverage will never decrease — guaranteed
We guarantee that your coverage will not decrease.

Coverage can never be cancelled.
Your coverage can never be cancelled by us for any reason, including changes in your health, as long as your premiums are paid.

Benefits increase 5X in case of accidental death
If you die as the result of an accident (as defined in your policy) before age 85, your beneficiary will be eligible to receive five times your coverage amount.

Living Benefit included — at no additional cost
You will be eligible to receive a compassionate one-time cash advance of up to 50% of your life insurance coverage if you are diagnosed as terminally ill with 12 months or less to live.3

Premium-free coverage after age 95
And after you celebrate your 95th birthday, your coverage will continue without you having to pay another premium ever again

Choice for your Beneficiary
Your beneficiary isn’t taxed on the benefit amount. They can use the lump-sum payment towards final expenses and funeral costs, outstanding debts and loans, living expenses… The choice will be theirs.

Protection for a lifetime
This life insurance plan will protect you/your family for your entire lifetime, as long as your premiums are paid.

Flexible payment options
Choose the payment method that suits you best: Visa, MasterCard, American Express or direct monthly withdrawal from your chequing account by Pre-Authorized Debit.

Earn AIR MILES® reward miles
When you pay your premiums monthly by credit card or pre-authorized debit, you have the opportunity to collect AIR MILES® reward miles every year as a CoverMe Guaranteed Issue Life policyholder.

Applying is fast and easy
Life insurance is an essential part of any sound financial plan. Apply online in the comfort of your home, when it’s convenient for you.