Mossy nissan collision center national city

Q: What is the difference between Mossy Collision Center and other body shops?
A: Mossy Collision Center demonstrates a commitment to excellence in collision repair professionalism, repair quality and customer satisfaction by meeting the industry's leading standards. Key standards include: Service monitoring system to ensure your repair experience is exceptional, trained managers and technicians who have the knowledge and expertise to repair your vehicle right, and a repair facility that is equipped with the right tools and equipment.

Q: What is the advantage of state of the art tools and equipment?
A: Mossy Collision Center is equipped with the latest repair equipment and tools that enable our certified technicians to adhere to factory recommended repair procedures.

Q: Aren't all collision repair technicians trained?
A: Our certified Technicians complete hours of hands on training and must pass rigorous exams through the factory and the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) to achieve and maintain their certification. Our highly trained technicians provide you with the highest quality collision repair with guaranteed satisfaction.

A: At the scene of the accident, if you find your vehicle un-safe to drive, call Coastal Pride Towing at 619-523-5062. If the Police are at the scene, inform them that you would like your vehicle to be repaired at Mossy Collision Center, this will be a savings to your insurance company by only having to tow your vehicle once. If your vehicle is safe to drive, take your vehicle to Mossy Collision Center. We are open Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 6:00pm. and on Saturdays 9:00am - 12:00pm. You should then contact your insurance company and advise them of the damage and the shop you've selected for repairs. Some insurance companies have what is called "drive-in claims service;" it is not mandatory you use this service. Just inform your insurance company where their claims person can see your vehicle. If the accident is your fault, your insurance company will cover the damage to your vehicle and the other party. If the accident wasn't your fault the other parties insurance should cover your damages. Try to collect from the other insurance, this will entitle you to a rental vehicle and you won't have to pay a deductible.
I took my 2003 BMW 745i to get a fender bender fix on 7/29/15 I was told 16 days and $5000 plus to fix. It ended up 55 days and $9,102 plus to fix and car rental for over $1,500+. After 30 days 8/27/15 I picked up my car I was told over the phone numerous times and in person my mossy Nissan reps ****** and ***** that my car was taken to the BMW dealer. To get my automatic trunk motor replace a $900 additional charge miscellaneous charge, days later I was again told that my cars trunk shocks needed to be replace! An additional $500 miscellaneous charge was added! On 8/27/15 the bill said $7,102 total plus 30 days car rental bill. That day a short man with a black shirt mossy Nissan rep I believe his name was ***** M infront of the women in the front desk and rep ******! I asked which BMW dealer my car was taken to? El Cajon BMW or BMW of San Diego in Kearney Mesa? He told me that my car had been taken to BMW of San Diego cus mossy has an account! A few days later the trunk was not working it would not open! I email Geico rep and he informed mossy Nissan rep ******! ****** email telling me to take the car in ASAP because my trunk motor was never instead!!! A big what???? That is when I exploted in angry and email a mr Patsy jones from mossy! Asking him to help! It is my Opinion I was lied to my the staff at mossy Nissan collision center in national city CA. Drop off my BMW on 9/11/15 Friday rep ****** came out to meet me and he told me my car had never been taken to BMW dealer it was taken to a local shop to be fix by a mechanic that knew BMW cars. I was so upset I walked out. Days later stop by to talk to rep ****** I asked where my car was he offer me to take me and told me it was at a local shop on 16th st. Drove over it look like a Tijuana body shop with 20 broken down cars! On 9/21 430 pm finally received my car was ready to pick up. Next day pick up my car as I walked to the car I turn off the alarm and roll down the windows to get the hot air out of the car. The driver side door window was broken I heard a pop noise. It was broken in the time my car was at mossy Nissan. I email mossy rep mr Patsy jones about the window he ignore the question or my comment that the window was broken! $ 9000 plus total to fix plus 41 days car rental at $50 per day ! I truly will never take my car to this shop. Next time I'm going to north county or Orange County!