Macbook air dent repair

We specialize in Liquid Damage Repair!

When it comes to fixing liquid damage, beware of the repair places that do not have advanced electronics backgrounds. They will take your MacBook and make it worse and simply tell you it was beyond repair! We have 99% success rates!
Fixing a GPU problem requires a lot of experience and expensive machines. We are the only company in Canada that guarantees to find a solution to your GPU problem or we will give you a replacement logic board at no extra cost!

If your MacBook does not turn on or does not have any power, if it displays a black or a very dark screen! if it does not hold charge, if your wireless card does not get detected, if your video web cam does not work, if the sound does not work, no worries we can fix them all! We can repair the charging circuit, the backlight components etc...No need to spend a small fortune to replace the entire Mother Board (Logic Board), we can fix it!
ince batteries are sensitive items

we do not keep them in stock at our

location. If you require a new one, we

can get it for you within 2-3 days.

What we need from you?

Please email us your MacBook Serial Number to make sure we provide you with the proper quote.

We will require a $30 deposit.
Is your Mac freezing or are you having difficulties installing or re-installing your Operating System or trying to upgrade to the latest OS? Let us help you! We guarantee you won't lose any of your documents, photos, or data. We can easily reinstall any Operating System for you, we always save and backup all your data before doing anything!
Your MacBook is slow, it hangs on the Apple logo at startup, it displays a message requiring you to restart or your MacBook does not start up and display a folder with a question mark! Afraid that you may have lost your data? We can recover it, we have a 95% success rate!

We can replace your broken hard drive. We can either use a regular Sata Drive or if you like high performance we can replace it with a Solid State Drive (the difference in speed is quite amazing) just ask us when requesting the quote!