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When is the last time you gave your car a second look? Or ran your fingers along the hood? Let us transform your weathered wagon with a fresh coat of paint. We have choices available for every budget and soon you'll be driving the car you always wanted, again.
For a reliable body shop in Oklahoma City, OK, turn to Maaco Collision Repair and Auto Painting. We fix routine dents and dings, and we also provide structural repairs. If your car has been damaged in an accident, you can count on our expertly trained technicians to provide high-quality work. Plus, all structural repairs are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Along with dent repair, we provide superb painting services that will get your vehicle looking like new again. We offer several different packages, all with varying price points and warranties. No matter the service we’re providing, we’ll keep your budget in mind. We hope that your experience with us is easy, affordable, and hassle-free.

Maaco opened its doors in 1972, and in that time, we’ve serviced more than 20 million cars across North America. You can come to our locally owned shop for great rates and excellent service. We’re available Monday through Saturday for your convenience. Call today for more information.
As North America's leading auto paint and collision repair provider, we are always looking for new talent. Whether you are excited to start your career in the automotive industry or you have years of experience, we have a spot for you. Join the Maaco family today!

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I don't even know where to begin with this.I took my car to Maaco here in Springfield to remove surface rust,and t have it primered and painted.I paid about $3k for that. They take forever to get the car back,it's always one excuse after another.When I finally got it back,the trunk seal was torn off,I hd a wet trunk and the power antenna stopped working.I let that go and just fixed it myself. A few months after the paintjob,the roof started rusting again,and they charged me $250 to fix it.I was told the rust warranty was only 90 days.When I picked the car up,the body shop guy said I should have the whole roof cut out and replaced.I asked why they didn't tell me this when they first did it.His answer was that the guy up front was new and didn't know how to do estimates.I mean really,why would I spend $3k if that was the case. The body shop guy also said that they don't sand down to bare metal.When I asked if I just spent $3k to paint over rust I just got a blank look.I guess professionalism is too much to expect from this place. I was also told that the rust will be back soon,and they want to charge me every time I take it back.Customer service was no help,they seem to delight in ripping customers off.My advice is if you're fixing up a car,stay far away from this place and find a real body shop.
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After a small accident I went to Maaco for repairs to my suv a bumper, grill and hood after they put it all on they painted it, I'm guessing they didn't cover the rest of the truck. Their was clear coat all over the windows and the entire truck, so I had them to so it again they scratched the Windows and the finish on the paint was like sand. Then they tried to fix it by buffing it down now I'm dealing with swirl marks and the parts they put on and uneven and coming apart