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Jerry's Service Center has been proudly providing the St. Paul Area with professional and affordable automotive services.

Our mechanics are highly trained and equipped to handle any problems you are having with your vehicle.

Whether you need your oil changed or your brakes repaired, we're here to get the job done right, the first time!

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Auto Repair & Service
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Alternators & Batteries
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Check Engine Lights
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Oil Changes, Lube & Tune-Ups

Jerry Schoenecker Sr. opened the doors to Jerry’s Auto Body in 1974 with the intention of servicing his friends’ and neighbors’ auto body needs with a strong dedication to quality and a healthy dose of great service. His family lived nearby in Oak Park Heights, close enough for the kids to ride their bikes through the corn field and help dad out at the shop. While Jerry’s wife, Mary Schoenecker, was involved in getting the business started, her primary focus was running their household and caring for the couple’s six children.

As is customary for many family businesses, the Schoenecker children learned hard work and dedication to quality by working for the family business. That early training turned out to be a real key to the longevity of Jerry’s Auto Body. In 1988, after fourteen years of delivering on his promise of high quality workmanship and customer service, Jerry Sr. passed away. At the time Mary was not heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of the shop.

Jerry’s Auto Body survived the loss of their founder and namesake largely through the efforts of their loyal and hard-working staff. After running his father’s business for four years, Jerry Jr. bought the business from his mother—lemonade from lemons. This allowed Jerry Jr. to continue working in the family business, now as the owner, and afforded Mary a level of financial stability.

At that time, Joe Schoenecker—fresh out of high school—joined his older brother fulltime. Dave, an employee originally brought on staff by Jerry Sr., was also very helpful throughout the transition and remains a valued member of the team today. In fact, more than half of the staff have been at Jerry’s Auto Body for over twenty-five years.

That the Schoeneckers are doing things right day in and day out is evidenced by the harmony among their crew. The standard today seems to be that most people begrudgingly go through several job or career changes throughout their lives. The family-style staff at Jerry’s, on the other hand, maintains a level of consistency that most businesses find hard to achieve. Since the employees at Jerry’s grew up in this area, they appreciate and value this community.

Over the years Jerry’s has seen large auto body repair chains enter this community with great fanfare only to pull up stakes and leave town a few years later. In many ways competition is healthy for any business, and that is the perspective Joe and Jerry have about others in their industry. They have confidence in their ability to deliver on any job that comes down the pike. In their industry, this means keeping pace with the ever-changing offerings from automobile manufacturers.

Just think about what a 1974 vehicle was made from: good old Detroit steel and chrome were the standard. Door panels and dashboards were designed very differently than they are today. Thirty-six years ago, the door panel contained space for a window to move up and down, as well as some mechanism to open the door. Today in, most cases, it also contains an airbag system, sophisticated electronics, and synthetic materials. Keeping pace is not an easy task, but Jerry’s has pulled it off.

But the technical aspect is just one side of the business: to succeed in this business, a shop has to get the human side right as well.

No one wakes up and says, “Hey this would be a great day to crash my car,” but unfortunately it happens. Jerry’s understands the hassle factor. For most of us our car is an extension of our lives: we need them to run well and available to us 24/7. This is where it’s crucial that the front office at Jerry’s has happily kept pace with the evolving world of auto insurance—they understand all of the nuances of the various companies and manage the process of repairing your vehicle completely. And, while your crashed-up buggy is being restored to its former luster, Jerry’s fleet of loaner cars really comes in handy.

So what do the Schoeneckers have that the big chains lack? It’s simple: local roots and a commitment to their community. Around here that goes a long way. Loyalty and accountability are traits that run deep with Jerry, Joe, and the rest of the crew. Jerry’s Auto Body has long been a Pony Booster, VAA supporter, and involved in a number of other community activities.

The ultimate measure of their success—and something that would likely make Jerry Sr. very proud—is that their shop is now repairing cars for the grandchildren of their original customers. Well done.