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Auto Insurance
One of the most important responsibilities of owning a vehicle is car insurance. All states require you have some way of proving you are financially responsible should you be found at fault in an accident. More than likely, you will required by law to at least carry your state’s minimum requirement of liability coverage.

You might think that with most states mandating minimum liability coverage that everyone would be insured, but many drivers don’t have any proof of financial responsibility. Suffice to say, without car insurance, you leave yourself open to lawsuits and possible financial ruin. Moreover, not having any or enough liability coverage is a huge legal risk that can bring about hefty fines and even jail time.

If you need to insure your vehicle or are looking to change insurance providers for some reason, you may feel intimidated by the maze of insurance choices out there. is designed to help you draw a straight line to a selection of car insurance quotes that make sense for you and your particular situation.

When shopping for insurance quotes, knowing exactly what kind of coverage you need is perhaps the most difficult part of the process. guides you with information and access to fast, free quotes 24/7 so the process of covering your vehicle is convenient and hassle-free.

We lay out everything you need to know about what kind of coverage you absolutely need and how much. We also explain other types of coverage you can purchase comprehensive, collision, uninsured/underinsured, and more. There’s also useful information on discounts you can obtain to lower your premiums and save you money.

By supplying some basic information such as your vehicle’s specifics, driving history, desired coverage, and more, we can easily and conveniently provide you with a number of quotes specifically tailored for you.

So what are you waiting for? Using means you could save considerably on car insurance and gain peace-of-mind knowing you and your vehicle are protected!
Motorcycle Insurance
No matter what you own — a sport bike, cruiser, standard, touring bike, or a sweet custom ride, you can turn to us for great rates and great coverage.

Renters Insurance
For less than a dollar a day, an InsuranceUSA renters insurance policy will cover all of your property at its full replacement cost. Whether you rent a house or an apartment, protect your possessions, and you could end up saving thousands.

Home Insurance
Home insurance can be tailored to meet your specific situation and you can often save money by seeking out discounts as high as 15% for things such as simply bundling several insurance products or having a home security system.

Health Insurance
Health insurance can cost a lot, especially if you have a family but it can be even more devastating if you don’t have insurance. Almost half of all bankruptcies result from catastrophic medical expenses.

Life Insurance streamlines the decision process and gives you a library of life insurance information designed to help you avoid mistakes and have a reasonable grasp on how life insurance functions.

Business Insurance
No matter how big or small your business, or if you’ve been established for years or just opened your doors for business, business insurance is a must!
Health insurance in the United States is any program that helps pay for medical expenses, whether through privately purchased insurance, social insurance, or a social welfare program funded by the government.[1] Synonyms for this usage include «health coverage», «health care coverage», and «health benefits». In a more technical sense, the term «health insurance «is used to describe any form of insurance providing protection against the costs of medical services. This usage includes private insurance and social insurance programs such as Medicare, which pools resources and spreads the financial risk associated with major medical expenses across the entire population to protect everyone, as well as social welfare programs like Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which both provide assistance to people who cannot afford health coverage.

In addition to medical expense insurance, «health insurance» may also refer to insurance covering disability or long-term nursing or custodial care needs. Different health insurance provides different levels of financial protection and the scope of coverage can vary widely, with more than 40% of insured individuals reporting that their plans do not adequately meet their needs as of 2007.[2]

The share of Americans without health insurance has been cut in half since 2013. Many of the reforms instituted by the Affordable Care Act of 2010 were designed to extend health care coverage to those without it; however, high cost growth continues unabated.[3] National health expenditures are projected to grow 4.7% per person per year from 2016 to 2025. Public healthcare spending was 29% of federal mandated spending in 1990 and 35% of it in 2000. It is also projected to be roughly half in 2025.
Renters Insurance
Millions of people live in rented space, whether they are renting a home or an apartment. Most renters do not believe they need to carry insurance. They assume it is the responsibility of the landlord. Renters insurance is available to protect the renter and their possessions. While the structure you are residing in may be insured, your personal property is not covered by the insurance held by the landlord.

Renters insurance can offer protection in the event of a fire. This insurance will cover all of your material possessions within the structure. It is advised that all renters obtain some kind of additional insurance to protect themselves from losses. Consider the amount of money you have spent to obtain your personal property. This will allow you to determine if renters insurance is beneficial. In addition, the renters insurance will cover your items if they are stolen. It may also offer coverage if someone is personally injured while visiting. While the landlord’s insurance covers this as well, you want to make sure you do not end up being responsible for legal fees for any liability lawsuit. Renters insurance is the best way to completely protect yourself and your belongings.

It is important to understand that the landlord’s insurance only covers damage done to the property or the building. There are two different types of renters insurance available. One is actual cash value: this is where renters can be reimbursed for appliances at actual cost value, minus depreciation. Replacement cost insurance will reimburse the renter the entire amount without depreciation being taken into consideration.

Renters are not required to carry liability insurance. It is best to talk with the landlord and find out if their insurance policy includes liability coverage. If it does not, you would be better off obtaining your own policy. This will protect you if any damage is done to the property. Legal fees can quickly add up during a lawsuit. The liability coverage will ensure that your legal fees will be covered. Renters can also obtain medical liability, which will cover any medical costs that are incurred due to personal injury on the property. It is best to compare different quotes and find the coverage that will best protect you and your possessions. There are many different types of insurance available. You will need to decide what type of coverage you want as a renter and go from there.

Many people think that they need to carry individual policies. This is a common concern when living with roommates. Many insurance companies offer policies that cover the rented space. This means that one policy will cover everything and it is not necessary for each individual to obtain coverage. If this is your situation, make sure you let the insurance agency know you are looking for coverage that covers the rented space. Some tenets will require renters to carry insurance. Make sure you are aware of this when you are renting. There are policies available for each individual renter if you do not want the entire policy under one renter’s name.

To lower your premium cost, there are a few simple things you can do. Insurance companies consider safety risks. If you have deadbolt locks on the doors, you may be able to find a lower premium. In addition, non-smoking renters find that their premiums are lower because the chance of fire is reduced. Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers will also play a role in lowering a premium.

Many renters make the mistake of assuming they do not need to carry insurance. It is a good idea to determine what the landlord has for coverage and then figure out if you want or need additional renters insurance. Take the precautions necessary to protect yourself and your belongings.