Fix auto repair

At J.A.M. Fix Auto Repair, our first-time customers usually become customers for life. We want to earn your loyalty! We are committed to serving you with honesty, value, and experience.
Our commitment to Honesty: We understand that it can be challenging to find an auto mechanic you can trust. That’s why at J.A.M. Fix Auto Repair, honesty is our #1 commitment to you. Our company is founded on this principle.

Our commitment to Value: The first way we save you money is by only recommending repairs and services that you need. This is why J.A.M. Fix Auto Repair truly is “Where Honesty Saves You Money!” We promise to never sell you services that you don't need, and never charge you for services that aren't performed. Period. We also keep our rates competitive, so that you always get a fair price on quality service. What's more, our Team is trained to investigate recall and warranty situations to help save you money on repairs.

Our commitment to Experience: Our Team is passionate about cars. And, with nearly 20 years of experience, our Team is trained and qualified to serve you and your vehicle. We also support ASE certification and continuing education, so our Team is always up-to-date with the ever-changing automotive industry.
We offer a full line of automobile repair and maintenance services. We work on all makes and models, foreign and domestic!

Whether your seat belt is stuck, your headlight is out, you need a new engine or a new front-end, the J.A.M. Fix Team can do it all! No repair is too big, or too small!
We are pleased to offer a full line of repairs and services, on nearly all mechanical systems, and on all makes and models!
Engines: Diagnostics, Repairs, Full Replacement
Engine Performance
Brake Repair Specialists
Drivability Problems
Drivelines and Axles
A/C and Heating Systems
Steering and Suspension
Other Mechanical Systems: Door Locks, Seat Belt Retractors, Window Actuators, Etc.
Fuel System Services
Manual Clutch and Transmissions
Automatic Transmission Service (no internal repairs)
Lighting, Electrical, and Electronic Systems
Routine Inspections and Maintenance: Tune-ups, Timing Belt/Water Pump, Other Belts and Pulleys, Cabin Air Filters, Etc.
Complete Safety Analysis
Pre-Purchase Inspections
Tire Service: Mount and Balance