European collision clinic

Repair on my Audi A4 – I was referred to ECC by my friend/mechanic who was very familiar with their work. My Audi A4 had a large scratches and a few bumps on the back and front bumpers, due to a valet accident (this is why you should SELF PARK).

I'm really familiar with body shops (blame my wife for that one) and took my car to the body shop I always use, off of Lankershim Blvd. He said he was really busy and wouldn't be able to work on my car for a couple days, so I took my car to about 6 different body shops, both premium- and lower-tier.

Relative to all 6 different body shops I got quotes from, ECC was the lowest by about a hundred dollars. They ordered me a new, authentic pair of bumpers and painted them as well.

Their quality of work was amazing, it's like my car came right out of the dealer's lot when I bought it in 2011. They actually had my car done a day earlier than quoted, which is major points in my book. Also, they provided me with a courtesy shuttle to/from my house all the way in Sherman Oaks.

Although my other body shop may be a little disappointed, I am going to be giving all of my new business to ECC and would highly recommend everyone else to do the same.
Thank you for visiting European Collision Clinic’s website! We are here to mend and heal your car back to its full health. We will do body work, get rid of those dents, do touch ups and restorations on any paint damage, replace broken windows, straighten your frame back up, and any other doctoring up that your vehicle needs. We don’t just Band-Aid; any services provided are guaranteed to get your car functioning properly. Whatever type of symptom your sick car has, we can alleviate the problems and leave your vehicle as good as new.
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