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    Life insurance calculator

    The amount of life insurance you may need can increase or decrease with all the different changes in your life, such as getting married, buying a home, starting a family or getting a raise at your job. Planning for your family’s future is an important one, so you should have all the information you need before you buy a term life insurance policy. Before you get a term life insurance quote or buy a term life insurance policy, use our term life insurance calculator to make sure you are covered appropriately.
    Our term life insurance calculator includes economic forecasting which models income growth and growth of money you put in savings. So you’ll have more information when it’s time to get your term life insurance quote and buy your term life insurance policy.
    Calculate Your Needs
    When purchasing life insurance, the question really isn’t how much you need, but how much capital your family will need at the time of your death, which depends on two variables:
    1) How much will be needed at death to meet immediate obligations?
    This amount takes into account all final expenses: uncovered medical bills, funeral and estate-settling costs, outstanding debts, mortgage balance and college costs to name a few.
    2) How much future income is needed to sustain the household?
    This is the number you’ll arrive at after calculating the “present value” of cash-flow streams your family will need after your death.
    Please be sure to enter a value in all fields to process the analysis. If a field is not used, please enter 0.
    Note: only numeric values will be accepted. Do not use special characters such as $ or commas.
    How much life insurance do I need?
    Our life insurance calculator is the easiest way to estimate how much cover you may need regarding your current situation. Simply enter your details in the calculator below and click «Calculate».
    Why do I need life insurance?
    Life insurance is a great way to help protect your family financially, should the worst happen. It is designed to pay out a cash sum if you die during the length of the policy. It could be used to help pay the mortgage or help protect the family’s lifestyle and everyday living expenses. Our life insurance calculator helps you assess what type of cover would suit you.
    Who needs life insurance?
    Anyone may have a need for life cover, for example, those with children, a partner or spouse who depend on your income, or a mortgage on the family home.