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    Commercial truck insurance

    Are you in the market for commercial truck insurance to cover a fleet or individual commercial vehicle? When you own a business or manage a team, busy doesn’t even begin to describe your day. So when it’s time to purchase logistics insurance or other types of commercial transportation insurance coverage for yourself or for a team, there isn’t time for endless researching and shopping around in order to get the right coverage at the best price. That’s why you need InsuranceHero.ca!
    At InsuranceHero.ca we bring the quotes to you. We aren’t providers, but rather a team of experienced, highly skilled insurance advisors dedicated to simplifying your insurance purchasing experience. We can provide you with a tailored range of commercial insurance options and help you select the features and pricing that works best with your business requirements.
    Why it pays to choose your coverage through InsuranceHero.ca
    As an independent brokerage we represent many of Canada’s top insurance providers. We have in-depth knowledge of each insurance brand, which means that we can connect you with the transportation insurance company best suited to meet your needs. In addition that providing the perfect fit, we can also help you get the best possible price.
    When you work with Insurance Hero you’re able to acquire the high quality insurance you need at the price you deserve, all without having to waste time shopping around from site to site, making calls or sending emails. You’ll benefit from speaking to knowledgeable advisors who understand the unique needs associated with commercial truck insurance. So if you have questions, you can feel confident knowing that we will have the answers.
    Here’s what you can expect from InsuranceHero.ca:
    Choose from a varied selection of insurance companies
    Convenient payment options
    Quick, convenient access to a your own dedicated insurance advisor
    Honest, unbiased, expert advice
    What does a commercial truck insurance policy typically cover?
    Commercial truck insurance can cover a broad range of risks to ensure one of the most important assets of your business is safe. Here is an overview of the key protection elements you can rely on:
    Insurance Brief description Do I need it? Example
    Physical damage or collision protection Coverage that pays for damages on a truck in a case of an accident involving a collision with another vehicle or an object. Yes Your truck was damaged in a collision with another truck and the whole front of the vehicle was crushed.
    Commercial / general liability Coverage that pays for any damages you would inflict on another party’s property. This can also be connected with legal costs and settlements if the other party decides to sue. Yes Your truck damaged a 3rd party’s loading station when preparing to unload the cargo.
    Comprehensive coverage Coverage that pays for other types of risks (also called perils) such as theft, fire, hail, flooding, tornado, etc. Often Your truck was damaged through an unexpected hailstorm.
    Accident benefits Coverage that pays for medical treatment and, if necessary, final expenses for the people in your car. This can include both a driver and passengers. Yes Your truck driver suffered a neck injury and requires extensive medical rehab to get back in shape.
    Uninsured motorist / hit-and-run motorist Coverages that pay for two similar issues — a counterpart that cannot pay for the consequences of the accident (e.g. no insurance or not enough insurance) or does not want to pay and flees the accident scene (which is a crime). Yes Your truck had a collision with another vehicle whose driver was at fault. Unfortunately, he was carrying just a minimal amount of liability, not enough to pay for all injuries he caused.
    Truck cargo coverage Coverage that pays for damages or theft of cargo being transported. Often Part of a full cargo load you were transporting was stolen while travelling through an unsecure area and making a stop for a night at a motel.
    Bobtail insurance Coverage that covers a truck if your driver tends to take the truck home and leave it there. Sometimes You or your driver took a vehicle home where it was stolen during a long weekend.
    Reefer insurance Coverage for damages caused by a failure of a reefer motor. This does not include reefer motor repairs. Sometimes Cargo loss due to a temperature control system failure.
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    What factors determine commercial truck insurance rates?
    Different factors determine the cost of your commercial truck insurance policy.
    Type and make of the truck: The world of trucks is huge and it makes a difference if you are insuring a long haul truck, dump truck or a light local delivery truck.
    Transportation routes: It makes difference where you haul your cargo. Transporting goods in Ontario is different from long-haul trips across Canada, and again different from driving from Canada to the U.S. and Mexico.
    Cargo: Cargo comes in all different forms and requires various risks to be covered, from damage and theft to potential clean up in case of a spill.
    Driver skills/record: Engaging experienced drivers who have a clean driving record will be reflected in insurance rates when compared to those with a long history of claims and bad driving record.
    Your business: Aspects such as the quality and safety of your business and associated processes are considered when providing you with a commercial truck insurance quote.