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    Cheap house insurance

    We have over 45 years of experience helping homeowners save with the cheapest home insurance quotes in Ontario. Our friendly brokers are experts in home and property insurance. We work closely with homeowners to make sure you get the best coverage and price for your home insurance needs.
    We can help you save on Alberta Home Insurance coverage also!
    Why Get Home Insurance Quotes With ThinkInsure?
    Home Insurance Ontario
    We can get you insurance coverage for home & property, condos, tenants & renters, cottage & second homes and more. Homeowners choose us to get house insurance quotes because we offer :
    Expert Savings Advice : ThinkInsure brokers are highly trained in home insurance coverage and products. They will make sure you get the best coverage for your needs and provide advice on things you can do to save on home insurance like bundling it with your car insurance.
    Compare The Cheapest Quotes : We partner with over 40 insurance companies that offer a variety of house insurance products. We quickly shop and compare the best home insurance quotes to get you the cheapest price for the coverage you need.
    One Stop For Home Insurance : We provide one stop shopping for home insurance. We provide expert advice, shop for the best quotes and get you the coverage that makes sense for you, as an owner or renter. We’re here for you to take care of all your home insurance needs, from making a claim to answering home insurance questions, and much more.
    Personal Service For Homeowners Insurance : Customer service and satisfaction is a top priority for ThinkInsure. Each customer gets a dedicated personal service representative to take care of all their home insurance matters, including helping you get cheap house insurance quotes We want know our customers’ names, and we want them to know ours.
    Learn more about the reasons to choose ThinkInsure to be your home insurance broker.
    Compare home insurance quotes online OR call us toll-free 1-855-550-5515 and a ThinkInsure home insurance expert will be happy to help you.
    “ I have an older Toronto home and I was having trouble finding affordable insurance. I spent a lot of time calling for quotes. Then I called ThinkInsure and spoke with Denise. She quickly asked me some questions about my house and got me quotes from the top insurance companies. She ended up saving me $350! It was very quick and easy :). ”
    David, Toronto Homeowner
    Why Compare House Insurance Quotes Online With A Home Insurance Broker?
    Cheap Home Insurance Ontario
    Shopping for home insurance is worth your time. The simple act of filling out your information on the ThinkInsure website opens up the door to multiple home insurance coverage options.
    When you shop online for home insurance quotes in Ontario, you will not only save time, you will also have more insurance quotes to compare, helping you get the cheapest rates.
    Home insurance quotes vary based on the insurance company, meaning that if you want to get the coverage you need for your home and at a price that fits within your budget, comparing home insurance online is your best option.
    If you need home insurance in Ontario, our brokers can help you get the best home insurance rates.
    How Do I Compare Home Insurance Quotes?
    Comparing home insurance quotes is easier than you think. At ThinkInsure, we make the process as simple and as intuitive as possible. All you need to do is fill out the home insurance quote form with the information about your home, and we will help you find the cheapest house insurance rates, given the information you provide. Comparing home insurance quotes has never been easier. All it takes is a few minutes of your time to save money.
    Compare home insurance quotes online OR call us toll-free 1-855-550-5515 and a ThinkInsure home insurance expert will be happy to help you.
    Why Is Home Insurance Coverage Important?
    Home Insurance Quotes Ontario
    Your home is your castle. It’s also most people’s biggest asset and the biggest investment you will make in your life, so it’s important to make you sure you properly protect it and your property.
    Our home insurance brokers will work with you to understand your home & property insurance needs. Then they will get you the best coverage from our large insurance partner network. We’ll ensure you get the best home insurance quotes and coverage that will put your mind at ease.
    Getting a quote for home insurance coverage is important for a number of reasons :
    Your Home And Property Is Most People’s Biggest Asset
    You’ve probably heard it before. Your home is the biggest financial investment you’ll make. For most people, that’s totally true. And in what has become a period of growing property values in much of Toronto, the GTA, and the rest of Ontario, it’s especially important you think of how you’re protecting your valuable home and property. Protecting your investment starts by getting a house insurance quote.
    Home Insurance Can Help If Something Happens
    What if your home was suddenly ravaged by fire? Or perhaps totally destroyed? What if you were burglarized and the thieves made off with more than you could imagine? Or some other extensive damage was to occur – such as a tree falling on your home?
    Now, we don’t want to appear negative – the worst is unlikely to happen – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing the most you can to prepare yourself for any eventuality. That includes getting the proper insurance coverage for your home, property and contents. Home insurance provides you with the protection you need when the unthinkable happens. Make sure you have the right coverage by comparing home insurance quotes.
    If You Have A Mortgage, You Need Home Insurance
    If you have a mortgage, your financial institution or mortgage company will require your home to be properly insured. They want to be protected in the event that something happens. Talk to your financial institution or mortgage company about their requirements for home insurance coverage.
    Just like you would compare mortgage rates, you also need to compare home insurance quotes in Toronto and other cities in the GTA and across Ontario to get the cheapest rates.
    Home Insurance Claims Are On The Rise
    Best Home Insurance Ontario
    According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, property claims as a percentage of total claims have risen significantly over the last decade – from 24.4% to 33.1%.
    Whether you’ve seen your home insurance rates go up because of multiple claims or you want to make sure you are getting the cheapest rates, our brokers can help you compare house insurance quotes and save.
    Tips For Shopping For Home Insurance Quotes
    When shopping for home insurance quotes, it’s important to get the most out of your experience so you can get the coverage you need at the best price possible. It’s also important to get a clear understanding of what you are getting a quote for and what is included in your home insurance quote.
    Here are some tips for shopping for the cheapest home insurance rates :
    Prepare all necessary documents and information ahead of time.
    Get a home insurance quote annually.
    If you have questions, ask your broker – never make assumptions about your coverage.
    Compare home insurance quotes before choosing a policy.
    Look for additional ways to save.
    Stay up to date with the current news about home insurance in Ontario.
    Following these tips will put you in a great position to get cheap home insurance quotes and coverage.
    We Have Home Insurance Coverage For All Your Needs
    No matter what kind of home you live in or own, or where you live (Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Mississauga), our brokers can help you get a home insurance quote. Whether you own or rent a house, condo, townhouse, semi, cottage or recreational property, we can help you find suitable home insurance coverage that checks all the boxes on your must-have insurance list:
    Condo Insurance
    We’ll get you the best insurance coverage for your condo and contents at the lowest rates in Ontario. Learn why so many condo owners choose ThinkInsure to be their insurance broker.
    > Learn more about Condo Insurance.
    Tenant Insurance
    Make sure your contents and belongings are protected with tenant or renters insurance. No matter what type of property you’re renting – a house, condo, or apartment – we’ll help you find the lowest rates and the best coverage to insure your valued contents.
    > Learn more about Tenant Insurance.
    Cottage & Recreational Property Insurance
    Whether a treasured lakeside cottage that’s been in the family for years or a relatively new recreational property, we can help you get the best insurance protection for the lowest possible price.
    > Learn more about Cottage & Recreational Insurance.
    What Does Home Insurance Cover?
    House Insurance Ontario
    Your homeowners insurance policy covers you for damage that is caused by perils such as fire, theft, vandalism, storm damage and more. In general, your home insurance policy provides coverage in four areas :
    Building & Detached Structures : This includes the actual structure of your home and any other structures on your property such as your garage, shed, and deck.
    Personal Property :This includes your personal contents and the items that are in your home such as your furniture, electronics, jewelery, and other personal items.
    Additional Living Expenses : If your home was damaged due to fire, water damage or other peril and you cannot live in your home, you will be provided with living expenses while living outside of your home during repairs.
    Legal Liability : This protects you against lawsuits as a result of your actions or being owner of the property. It protects you against events such as slip-and-falls and other accidents that occur on your property.
    Homeowners also need to be aware of things that are NOT covered under their home insurance policy, including :
    Home-based business.
    Ownership and use of watercrafts and recreational vehicles.
    Damage or injuries that are intended by the home insurance policy owner.
    Learn more about what is and is not covered under your home insurance policy or learn more about how to get the cheapest home insurance quotes in Ontario by contacting one of our experienced brokers today!
    How Much Does Home Insurance Cost?
    One of the main reasons you get a house insurance quote is to compare costs and explore your options. So, how much does home insurance cost? As you may suspect, the cost of home insurance varies from home to home. In general, Ontario homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $700 to $2000 annually for home insurance coverage. Naturally, this number is based on the value of your home and many other factors that can influence the cost of home insurance.
    Factors That Can Impact Your Ontario Home Insurance Quote
    Best Home Insurance Companies Ontario
    When getting a home insurance quote, it’s important to be aware of the many factors that could have an impact on the quoted rate for your policy. Common factors include :
    Home value, age, and location (for example, home insurance in Toronto is more expensive than in a smaller Ontario town).
    Insurance company providing the quote.
    Home features – pools, old wiring, finished/unfinished basement, age of roof.
    Your house insurance and claims history.
    Other bundled insurance products.
    If you use your home for business or have a rental unit.
    Security and fire prevention features.
    These are some of the many factors that could play a role in determining your house insurance rates. Talk to one of our brokers if you have questions about how these factors will impact your home insurance quotes.
    How Do I Save Money On Home Insurance?
    Whether you are a homeowner or renter, we know that you want to save money on your home insurance policy. No one wants to pay more for coverage than they have to, right? Here are a number of effective ways to get the best home insurance rates :
    Compare Home Insurance Quotes Online : Taking the time to compare home insurance quotes online will give you options and allow you to see what the insurance market has to offer. An insurance broker, like us, can help you explore your options, helping you to get the cheapest rates without sacrificing coverage.
    Increase Your Home Insurance Deductible : Increasing the deductible on your home insurance policy will help to lower your insurance rates. While this does mean you will pay more out of pocket when you make a claim, raising your home insurance deductible will lower your monthly or annual insurance costs. If you maintain a claims free record for a number of years, you will more than make your money back if you eventually have to file a claim and pay the higher deductible.
    Get The Right Amount Of Home Insurance Coverage : There is such a thing as having too much coverage, and too much coverage will cost you more money. Ideally, you want to have the perfect amount of property insurance for your home and belongings. Talk with your insurance broker to make sure to have the right amount of coverage when comparing home insurance quotes.
    Increase Your Home Security : Installing motion sensors, burglar alarms and taking other security measures could qualify you for a discount. It will also help protect your home and give you the peace of mind in knowing your home is protected. Plus, insurance companies love when you add extra security features.
    Ask About Home Insurance Discounts : Talk with your home insurance broker to see if you qualify for any home insurance discounts. Things change over time, and you could qualify for a discount without realizing it. You could qualify for discounts for being claims free, bundling your home and car insurance, or being old than 50. Discounts offered will depend on your insurance provider.
    Quit Smoking : Many insurance companies will offer a lower rate corresponding to the lower risk of fire loss by removing the threat of fire from careless smoking. Talk with our house insurance brokers when getting a quote.
    Build A Claim-free Record : Fewer claims is always a good thing. Having a clean claims record will help you keep your home insurance costs down. This is always why it’s a good idea to think twice and consider the insurance repercussions and compare costs before deciding to file a home insurance claim. Talk with our home insurance brokers if you are not sure whether or not to file a claim. We can also help you with the claims process if you decide to move forward.
    Talk with our home insurance brokers about other possible cost savings when getting your next house insurance quote.
    Bundle Home And Auto Insurance Coverage And Save Even More!
    Home Insurance Ontario Average Cost
    Combining home and auto insurance under one policy just makes sense, and it will save you dollars! Plus, it will simplify the process when getting insurance quotes, having to file a claim, or managing your insurance coverage.
    Combining your home and auto insurance rates will automatically qualify you for an insurance discount. Talk with our insurance brokers today about your bundling options.
    Do I Need A Credit Check For Home Insurance?
    The short answer is no! While a credit check is a common part of the mortgage application process, it is not required for home insurance. However, if you know you have a decent credit score and perform a soft credit check, you could save money on your property insurance rates by having a good credit rating. Just another possible way for you to save on your home insurance coverage.
    Compare Quotes With A Home Insurance Calculator
    A home insurance calculator is an important tool that you can use when getting home insurance quotes. In addition to working with a house insurance broker, they can provide you with an additional option to compare quotes and coverage before making a decision.
    Above all else, it can help you save money on your home insurance, regardless if you need a quote for condo, renters, cottage or house insurance.
    How Do I Know If I Have Enough Home Insurance Coverage?
    Starting with the basic notion that all Ontario homeowners should insure their houses according to the cost of rebuilding the house in the event it was destroyed, there are three ways of determining adequate home insurance coverage.
    1. Home Information : Know your home including the year it was built and how it is built. Helpful home assessment checklists can be found online.
    2. Go To A Pro : your insurance professional – to help calculate the proper rebuilding value based on your home details.
    3. What Do You Own : Take stock of what you own and create a complete room-by-room inventory of your belongings. It’ll help you get the right coverage and make it easier filing a claim.
    These three tips will help ensure you have the right amount of insurance to cover your home and your personal belongings.
    What’s The Difference Between Comprehensive, Basic / Named Perils, Broad And No Frills Insurance Coverage?
    Online Home Insurance Quote Ontario
    While these are general terms that may not coincide with the specific wording your insurance company uses, they do highlight the fact there are different types of insurance policies you can buy. What follows is a brief overview of four basic types :
    Comprehensive Coverage
    The most inclusive home insurance policy, a comprehensive policy covers both the building and its contents for all risks – except for those specifically excluded. Two types of insurance risks not normally included are those for which you can buy insurance (often deemed «optional coverage») and those for which insurance is not available («uninsurable perils»).
    Basic / Named Perils Coverage
    By carrying the financial risk of some losses yourself, you can choose a policy that covers only the perils specifically stated in your policy. This type of policy naturally costs less than a comprehensive policy.
    Broad Coverage
    If a named perils policy seems too risky and a comprehensive policy costs more than you want to pay, the broad insurance policy is a mid-priced alternative. It typically provides comprehensive coverage on the building and named perils coverage on contents.
    No Frills Coverage
    Some insurance companies will offer very basic «no frills» coverage for properties that don’t meet their normal standards. However, you might save money in the long run by correcting the problems that keep your property from meeting insurers’ standards, thus qualifying you for better coverage.
    What About Getting Extra Home Insurance Coverage For My Home?
    Additional protection, also known as optional coverage, can be purchased to provide greater peace of mind. Earthquake coverage, for example, covers loss or damage to your property caused by the actual shaking of the earth. Sewer back-up coverage, especially if your home is in a low-lying area or is in an area where storm and sanitary sewers are combined, can provide vital coverage. It’s important to recognize that these perils are not automatically included in home insurance policies.
    Having A Home Inventory List For Insurance Is Important
    Home Inventory
    You’ve probably read about the importance of maintaining a home inventory. Maybe your home insurance company or your parents mentioned it, or you read something about it online. But the truth is most homeowners and renters don’t have one. Do you?
    Having a home inventory is an important record that will complement your home insurance coverage. You never know when you could experience a loss or need to file an insurance claim.
    Here we answer common questions about home inventory lists and outline tips and advice to help you build a thorough and trackable home inventory record.
    What Is A Home Inventory?
    A home inventory is a list of the personal belongings in your home. Lists typically include the item, value, and a brief description. It’s recommended homeowners and renters maintain a home inventory checklist. Household inventory can help you choose the right amount of home insurance and simplify the insurance claims process.
    Why Have A Home Inventory?
    There are many good reasons to spend the time creating a home inventory :
    You know what you have : Maintaining a home inventory list ensures you have a strong grasp of the items in your home and their value.
    It helps you choose coverage limits : Inventory lists help you determine how much and the types of home insurance coverage you require. For example, if you have an art collection or high-priced jewelry, you may want to take out additional coverage on these items.
    Proof : A home inventory list helps you prove that you actually own the items included in your claim.
    Preparation in case of loss : You never know when a loss could occur. A break-in, fire, or loss due to severe weather could happen at a moment’s notice.
    For example, let’s say someone broke into your home and stole a variety of items. Amid the stress of a .home theft, it can be difficult to determine everything that is missing. A home inventory list can help you identify these items and ensure they are included in your claim.
    Keep A Home Inventory For Insurance Purposes
    Home Inventory List
    The main reason to have a home inventory is for insurance purposes, particularly when filing a claim. Insurance companies will ask you for an inventory list of items damaged, lost, or stolen as part of the claims process.
    Having an inventory list handy will expedite the claims process and save you valuable time.
    I Rent. Do I Still Need A Home Inventory?
    Yes. Along with tenant insurance, it’s important to have a home inventory of your personal items.
    Whether you rent a room, apartment, condo, or are living in student housing, having an itemized list of your belongings will help you prove you owned items when filing an insurance claim if you experience a loss. Keep a detailed personal property inventory regardless of your location and living status.
    How To Do A Home Inventory
    There are many ways you can record your home contents today. They include :
    A hard copy of home inventory : The most traditional option. Many homeowners keep a log book or binder with a complete list of personal items.
    Digital home inventory file : Keeping track of home inventory in an Excel file or Word document is a simple way to maintain a digital record.
    Home inventory photos : A home inventory photo collection is an effective visual way to track items and prove you own them.
    Home inventory video : This is an increasingly popular option. Many homeowners are now doing video walkthroughs of their home and outlining the items they own.
    The option you choose is up to you, however, it may be best to include a combination of all the above to create a thorough home inventory for insurance and personal purposes.
    Tips For Making The Best Home Inventory List
    Home Inventory App
    Use these tips to create a quality home inventory record :
    Take photos or video : Photos and video take your personal inventory list to the next level. They show proof your items are in your home.
    Break down the list by room : Starting a home inventory list from scratch can be a daunting task. Simplify the process by breaking down the list into rooms.
    Keep detailed records : The more detailed, the better. Include as much information as possible, especially for high ticket items.
    Include dates : If possible, include the date of purchase in your records.
    Don’t forget about the small stuff : The small things add up. Don’t forget to include things like clothing, accessories, shoes, grooming kits. Every dollar counts.
    Include receipts for high ticket items : Try to keep receipts for all high ticket items. Keep the paper copy and scan it, so you have a digital record of the receipt.
    Don’t forget the garage and outdoor property : Many homeowners forget to include personal items in the garage, shed, and in the backyard. Make sure to include these in your inventory checklist.
    Create backup files: Always create a backup file for your home inventory. You can photocopy a paper list, make a digital file, and store the list on a stick drive or in the cloud on Google Drive or Dropbox.
    What Should I Included In My Home Inventory Worksheet?
    Include these items to create a complete record :
    Name of item : Use the official product name if possible. Include brands, model number
    Description : Describe the colour, distinguishing marks, model number, dimensions
    Cost : List the price on the receipt
    Serial number (if applicable) : This is common for electronics, computers, TVs, appliances
    Receipt, warranty, bill of sale : These all serve as proof of purchase
    Purchase date : Include if possible
    How To Create A Home Inventory System
    Best Home Inventory Apps
    Writing a list of personal property on paper is not the only way to track your home inventory. Technology today allows you to create a home inventory system you can easily update. Here are some options you can use :
    Free Home Inventory Apps
    Today, you can use your smartphone or tablet to track your home inventory.
    Apps allow you to take photos, add information about items, and sort your home inventory by room. Many of these apps also sync data online so it’s backed up.
    Here are some of the top home inventory apps you can get for free on Google Play :
    Magic Home Inventory
    Sortly (for home and business)
    Encircle : Home Inventory
    Online Home Inventory Templates And Excel Files
    Online templates and home inventory Excel files are commonly used today. The Insurance Bureau of Canada has a useful personal property inventory pamphlet you can follow. Download it here.
    Free Home Inventory Software
    Home inventory software is also an option. Most come with a free trial or money back guarantee. They allow you a little more functionality. You can create reports and view home inventory data in different ways.
    Some of the popular home inventory software programs are :
    The Complete Home Journal
    Know Your Stuff
    Computerize Your Assets
    When Should I Update My Home Inventory List?
    Home Inventory List For Insurance
    There are ample opportunities to update your home inventory list. They are :
    When you buy something new : Any time you purchase a high ticket item, it’s a good idea to add it to your home inventory. This makes it less likely you will forget to add it.
    When doing a home renovation : Making changes to your home will surely impact your home inventory worksheet. Update the list upon completion of your home renovation.
    Moving : If you are planning to move, use it as an opportunity to create or update your list as you pack.
    Annually : Review your home inventory annually, ideally when you renew your home insurance policy. With your home inventory fresh in your mind, it will help you choose the right amount of coverage.
    Where Should I Keep My Home Inventory?
    It’s important to store your home inventory records in a safe place, ideally outside of your home. Why? If you were to have a fire or flood, your inventory records could be lost.
    Keep your home inventory in a safety deposit box and have an online backup copy. Multiple copies in multiple locations is best.
    Can An Inventory List Help With Home Inventory Forms For Insurance?
    Yes, absolutely! An up-to-date home inventory list will help you greatly when filing a home insurance claim. It will help you to quickly fill out home inventory forms for insurance and speed up the claims process.