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    Cheap car insurance quotes online

    Compare car insurance quotes online
    to get the lowest rates
    Looking for the best rates on car insurance? You’ve come to the right place. At LowestRates.ca, we’ll help you compare the most competitive offers from Canada’s leading auto insurance companies. You’ll get the policy that suits you best while saving time and money.
    Just fill out our insurance form and click ‘Compare’ to find your quotes. Auto insurance rates for the same driver with the same car can vary wildly between insurance companies, which is why comparing rates is the only way to get the best deal.
    It’s time to get your cheap on. See the cheapest insurance rates available for a driver with your profile, record, location, and vehicle.
    Not quite the blink of an eye, but close. We ask only six questions to get the ball rolling, and then you’ll get your car insurance quotes in under 3 minutes.
    Our quoting service is absolutely, 100% free for our users, so comparing quotes won’t cost you a dime.
    No rocket science here. Just fill in a few quick details about you and your vehicle and leave the rest to us.
    At LowestRates.ca, top insurers compete for your business on an even playing field. They provide their best rates, and we compare them for you.
    We cast a wide net. Our quoter brings you 20+ personalized car insurance quotes from all the top insurers in the area where you live.
    We only ask for the details we need to find you the best quotes in your area. Your information will never be given to a third party.
    What’s better than getting the best rates on car insurance in under 3 minutes, for free? Getting to save your time and money too.
    How do I find the cheapest auto insurance rates?
    Online quote comparison sites like LowestRates.ca make it simple – just fill out our auto insurance form with your driver details (postal code, driving experience, vehicle make and model, etc.), and then we’ll find and rank the cheapest auto insurance rates available to you.
    Once you’ve selected your quote, you’ll be able to speak directly with an insurance broker who’ll help you lock in your rate with the insurance company and get set up with your new policy. Shopping for car insurance has never been quicker or easier.
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    What can I do to get cheap car insurance?
    It’s easy — if you know how. Here are some of the best ways to lower your auto insurance premiums:
    Shop around
    We’ll show you the most competitive rates from all the top insurers. Now you can compare quotes all in one place.
    Buy the right coverage
    Avoiding extra frills in your policy and paying for only the coverage you need will lower your premiums.
    Drive responsibly
    It’s true — your driving record impacts your rate. Fewer infractions and fines equals cheaper insurance.
    Pay on time
    Prompt payments can save you money on late fees and lower your premiums. Insurers love a good customer.
    Bundle up
    Adding a house, motorcycle, RV, or other type of insurance policy to your car insurance plan can lower your rates.
    Be safe, not sorry
    Safety features like winter tires and alarm systems can help reduce your insurance premium.
    Stick with one insurer
    Most auto insurance companies give special discounts to customers who stay with them for a number of years.
    Take a course
    A defensive driving course makes you a better driver and can significantly reduce your car insurance premiums.
    Keep driving
    The math is clear: more experience on the road equals lower car insurance premiums.
    Look at location
    Where you drive affects your premiums. Some areas are associated with higher car accident and theft rates.
    Choose the right car
    Cars with high crash-test scores, low theft ratings, and less powerful engines tend to have cheaper insurance rates.
    Track your driving
    With a usage-based car insurance policy, you can turn your low-risk driving habits into lower premiums.
    Types of auto insurance coverage
    Getting the best auto insurance policy isn’t just about the lowest price. It’s also about finding the right coverage, so you’ll be financially protected if you get into an accident.
    Here are the categories of coverage available in Canada:
    Liability insurance
    This insurance is required by law throughout Canada. It covers the costs associated with damages caused to another person or vehicle in an accident, including medical bills, rehabilitation, lost earnings, legal fees, and other expenses up to the limit of your policy. As a practical matter, you’ll want enough insurance to cover a judgment against you in a major accident so that your personal assets won’t be put at risk.
    Emergency road service
    ERS insurance provides you with roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown or mishap while you’re out driving. It also covers the cost of getting your car back on the road. Those costs may include light mechanical labour, an oil or gas delivery, new batteries, a boost, tire changes, locksmith services, or even a tow. With help on the way, ERS takes the stress out of a breakdown.
    Comprehensive insurance
    This type of auto insurance covers damages resulting from incidents that aren’t related to car accidents or collisions. Comprehensive coverage often includes hazards like extreme weather, vandalism, falling objects, fire, theft, and flooding.
    Collision insurance
    Collision insurance covers damage to your car in the event of a vehicle rollover or a collision with another vehicle or object. If your car is totalled, collision insurance will pay the cost of replacing it.
    Uninsured motorist coverage
    Covers costs related to your injury or death after an accident caused by another driver who’s either uninsured or unidentified, as in the case of a hit-and-run driver. Keep in mind that this coverage only pays for damage to your vehicle if the uninsured driver is also identified.
    Direct compensation property damage
    Available only in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec, DCPD covers your car for losses and damages after an accident that you weren’t entirely responsible for. But the other driver has to be identified, insured, and found to be at least partially at fault.
    All-perils insurance
    Provides protection for you against all types of perils except those specifically excluded from your policy.
    Accidents benefits coverage
    Provides you with medical care and income replacement benefits if you’re injured in a car accident.
    No-fault insurance
    Deal with your own insurer regardless of who’s at fault in an accident. With no-fault insurance, you don’t have to pursue the other driver’s insurance provider to get compensation. Your insurer will pay for your benefits, so your medical bills get covered and you can get back on the road.
    Specified perils
    This type of auto insurance only covers the perils named in your policy, and it generally includes commonly occurring hazards such as fire, theft, hail, and windstorms. Specified perils is often purchased as a cheaper alternative to comprehensive insurance.
    Is auto insurance different from province to province?
    Yes, auto insurance systems, coverage, and rates vary greatly depending on where your vehicle is registered.
    Some provinces, like Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and British Columbia, have government administered auto insurance programs. Quebec uses a hybrid system – the government provides personal injury coverage while property damage coverage is set by private insurers.
    Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, and all the territories have private insurance markets where private insurers offer coverage.
    Compare Cheap Ontario Car Insurance Quotes — Get An Auto Quote And Save
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    What Are Some Tips For Shopping For A Cheap Car Insurance Quote In Ontario?
    Compare Cheap Car Insurance Quotes In Ontario
    Working with the top insurance companies, we can get car insurance coverage for any Ontario driver. We understand that you are busy and don’t have hours upon hours to shop around for cheap auto insurance quotes. Let us do the shopping for you and help you get the lowest rates.
    1. Shopping Around For Car Insurance Quotes Pays Off
    Insurance rates for the same car and driver can vary widely between insurance providers. So when you shop around, you’ll get different rates for the exact same car and driver. That’s where a broker comes it. It’s a broker’s job to find and compare car insurance quotes based on you as a driver, your vehicle and the coverage you need.
    2. Save Time – Let A Broker Compare Quotes For You
    Licensed brokers have such a wealth of knowledge and a network of providers. A broker will use their knowledge to source insurance that meets your budget and needs.
    3. Benefit From A Car Insurance Broker’s Expertise And Experience
    As licensed professionals, insurance brokers continually update their education and knowledge. They provide unbiased advice based on your situation and their experience.
    What’s Your Unique Driving Situation And Car Insurance Needs?
    Speak to us. We’ll compare auto insurance quotes and make sure you get the best rates possible. Even though Ontario insurance rates are the highest rates in Canada, you can have peace of mind that our licensed car insurance brokers will get the cheapest rates and the best insurance coverage.
    What Determines The Cost Of Auto Insurance Rates?
    Auto Insurance Ontario
    Many considerations determine car insurance rates across Ontario. Where you live, the car you drive and your driving experience are only some of the factors that impact your auto insurance rates.
    Here are some of the key factors car insurance companies consider when determining the cost of a car insurance policy :
    Your Driving Experience : How long have you been driving? What level of graduated license do you have? Your rates lower the longer you’ve been insured.
    Your Age : Insurers see older drivers as lower risk – as you get older, you are more likely to be a more careful driver and you will qualify for additional car insurance discounts.
    Your Gender : Studies show that women are less likely to be in accidents.
    Your Driving Record : How is your driving record? Do you have recent tickets or claims? They can increase car insurance rates.
    Your Car : What car do you drive – SUV or a sedan? How old is your car? How often does the car get stolen? How safe is the vehicle? Learn more about car related factors that impact car insurance costs what are the cheapest cars to insure.
    Car Usage : Do you use your car to drive to work? How many kilometers do you drive annually? Do you use your car for business?
    Where You Live : Insurers take where you live into consideration. If your neighbourhood has higher statistics for car theft and accidents, your insurance premiums will reflect the higher risk.
    Your Car Insurance Coverage And Deductible Amount : The type of coverage you select will also impact your rates. Choosing comprehensive insurance coverage over basic coverage. Adjusting your deductible amount for collision insurance or comprehensive insurance will impact the cost of car insurance premium.