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    Car insurance agencies

    Major investments, like cars, property, vacation packages and boats need protection. With an insurance package from Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd. you can relax knowing your most important assets are protected in case of an accident. Whether you need property, travel or car insurance in Edmonton, we can help.
    Our agency got its start as a small, one-person office and has since grown to include a team of insurance professionals who work to ensure our clients’ needs are met. We not only want to get you the best insurance possible, we also want to help you understand the ins and outs of your coverage. Our staff is always ready to answer any questions or concerns our clients have about their policies.
    We offer a wide variety of insurance coverage. Whether it’s personal or commercial, we can find you the best coverage to meet your unique needs. Our office works with a number of trusted insurance companies to give you personalized coverage in all of the following areas:
    Auto insurance
    Commercial auto insurance
    Motorcycle insurance
    Recreational vehicle insurance
    Property/home insurance
    Commercial property/business insurance
    Rented dwelling insurance
    Bonds/surety insurance
    Travel insurance
    Tenant package insurance
    Condominium insurance
    Farm insurance
    Life insurance
    Boat insurance
    Put your worries to rest and know you’re protected with an insurance package from Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd. No matter what you need covered we are able to be of service. We are proud to be a reliable source for home, business and car insurance in Edmonton. Contact our office to learn more.
    Importance of Having Commercial Insurance
    Your business is your livelihood. As a business owner, it’s how you provide for your family and in turn, your employees rely on you so they can provide for theirs. With so much at stake, it’s imperative to make sure you protect your business, assets and your employees. At Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd. we can help with property, business and commercial car insurance in Edmonton. For years we’ve helped area business, both small and large, stay protected so they can grow. We aren’t just your insurance agent, think of us as partners who will be there to help should something go wrong. To learn more about our commercial insurance packages, contact Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd. today.
    Contact Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd.
    You’ve worked hard to buy a car, house or start a business. It only makes sense that you should do everything in your power to protect these assets. Whether you need a new insurance plan to protect newly acquired assets, or you’re thinking about making a switch to a different agency, we can help. Here at Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd., we’ve spent years helping our clients in Calgary, Alberta and the surrounding areas protect the things they love. With a wide range of insurance packages, you’ll be sure to find something that fits your needs and your budget. To learn more about the insurance packages we offer, contact Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd. today and schedule a time to talk with a broker.
    We’re an independent insurance agency, and we’ve delivered comprehensive, tailored solutions to individuals, groups, and businesses in Fair Oaks and throughout Central California for more than 40 years. We value establishing close connections with clients, and as a result, we develop meaningful relationships with clients. We’re able to easily and efficiently help clients find out which types of insurance the clients need in part because of the relationships that we develop with clients.
    We offer a wide variety of insurance options, and also we provide notary services. We work with brokers if necessary in order to find exactly the coverages that clients need. For this reason and others, our reputation is one of giving clients policies and plans that fit. We look forward to serving you.
    Our insurance offerings are personal and also commercial, and we fully customize all of our options for individual clients. For individuals and groups we have homeowners, auto, life, and recreational vehicle policies and plans, and also we have many other personal insurance options. We have a business program that contains coverages that protect almost any commercial enterprise, and also we have specially designed programs for businesses in more than 30 different industries.
    Also, for farmers and agribusiness owners we have a farm program, which enables the farmers and agribusiness owners to smoothly run businesses.
    To learn more about our insurance offerings, please visit our products page.
    Proud Member of the IBA Sacramento and IIABCAL
    We love our jobs and we love helping people. In order to help our clients stay protected we thoroughly assess the clients’ needs through in-depth consultations, risk analyses, and on-site inspections. Once we know and understand clients’ needs, we identify the right coverages. At the points that the right coverages are identified, we create the best possible solutions.
    In order to ensure that there are never gaps in coverage and that clients’ rates are always competitive, we regularly and closely review policies and plans that we write. If and when possible, we include clients in review processes, and as a result, the clients are able to fully understand their purchases and be cognizant of needs for changes to coverages.