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    Low rate auto insurance

    Get a cheap Ontario car insurance quote from one of our friendly insurance brokers and you could save big. They’ll quickly compare the cheapest auto insurance quotes so you’ll get the lowest rate.
    They’ll provide savings advice and ask the right questions to make sure you get the best discounts possible. With ThinkInsure you’ll get the best price, lowest rates and coverage to meet your auto insurance needs. We can help you save on Car Insurance In Alberta also!
    Car Insurance In Ontario
    When you compare auto insurance quotes with us you can expect :
    Expert Car Insurance Advice That Saves : ThinkInsure brokers are licensed and highly trained insurance experts. Our insurance brokers will quickly recommend ways for you to save with our many car insurance products and discounts we can offer through our large insurance company partner network.
    Quickly Compare The Cheapest Quotes : We can quickly get you cheap insurance quotes from the best insurance companies, so you’ll get the best rates and coverage for your car insurance needs.
    One Stop Shopping For Car Insurance : We can take care of ALL your car insurance needs — shopping for best quotes, providing expert advice, personalized service and much more!
    Personal Service : All ThinkInsure customers get a dedicated personal service representative to take care of their insurance needs. We take pride in knowing our customers by name and by providing top level customer service.
    “ I’m glad I called ThinkInsure to see if I could save on my car insurance. Denise asked me a few questions then quickly got me a bunch of quotes. She explained the differences in coverage and helped me pick the best one for my needs. She ended up saving me close to $400! ”
    Margaret, Mississauga, Ontario
    What Are Some Tips For Shopping For A Cheap Car Insurance Quote In Ontario?
    Compare Cheap Car Insurance Quotes In Ontario
    Working with the top insurance companies, we can get car insurance coverage for any Ontario driver. We understand that you are busy and don’t have hours upon hours to shop around for cheap auto insurance quotes. Let us do the shopping for you and help you get the lowest rates.
    1. Shopping Around For Car Insurance Quotes Pays Off
    Insurance rates for the same car and driver can vary widely between insurance providers. So when you shop around, you’ll get different rates for the exact same car and driver. That’s where a broker comes it. It’s a broker’s job to find and compare car insurance quotes based on you as a driver, your vehicle and the coverage you need.
    2. Save Time – Let A Broker Compare Quotes For You
    Licensed brokers have such a wealth of knowledge and a network of providers. A broker will use their knowledge to source insurance that meets your budget and needs.
    3. Benefit From A Car Insurance Broker’s Expertise And Experience
    As licensed professionals, insurance brokers continually update their education and knowledge. They provide unbiased advice based on your situation and their experience.
    What’s Your Unique Driving Situation And Car Insurance Needs?
    Speak to us. We’ll compare auto insurance quotes and make sure you get the best rates possible. Even though Ontario insurance rates are the highest rates in Canada, you can have peace of mind that our licensed car insurance brokers will get the cheapest rates and the best insurance coverage.
    What Determines The Cost Of Auto Insurance Rates?
    Auto Insurance Ontario
    Many considerations determine car insurance rates across Ontario. Where you live, the car you drive and your driving experience are only some of the factors that impact your auto insurance rates.
    Here are some of the key factors car insurance companies consider when determining the cost of a car insurance policy :
    Your Driving Experience : How long have you been driving? What level of graduated license do you have? Your rates lower the longer you’ve been insured.
    Your Age : Insurers see older drivers as lower risk – as you get older, you are more likely to be a more careful driver and you will qualify for additional car insurance discounts.
    Your Gender : Studies show that women are less likely to be in accidents.
    Your Driving Record : How is your driving record? Do you have recent tickets or claims? They can increase car insurance rates.
    Your Car : What car do you drive – SUV or a sedan? How old is your car? How often does the car get stolen? How safe is the vehicle? Learn more about car related factors that impact car insurance costs what are the cheapest cars to insure.
    Car Usage : Do you use your car to drive to work? How many kilometers do you drive annually? Do you use your car for business?
    Where You Live : Insurers take where you live into consideration. If your neighbourhood has higher statistics for car theft and accidents, your insurance premiums will reflect the higher risk.
    Your Car Insurance Coverage And Deductible Amount : The type of coverage you select will also impact your rates. Choosing comprehensive insurance coverage over basic coverage. Adjusting your deductible amount for collision insurance or comprehensive insurance will impact the cost of car insurance premium.
    Compare Car Insurance Quotes Online
    Get started below to save on your car insurance.
    Single Vehicle
    Multiple Vehicles
    Compare quotes from the top insurance companies
    We save our customers hundreds everyday
    It’s quick, easy and free
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    Car Insurance Savings Tip
    Call us to get additional car insurance discounts and expert savings advice. A quick call could save you a lot more!
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    Save With The Best Car Insurance Companies In Ontario
    We can get you coverage from the top car insurance companies in Canada and Ontario. With over 40 insurance partners we can compare the cheapest insurance quotes to save you money. Here some of the car insurance companies we work with :
    Aviva, Chieftain, Coachman, Commonwell, Economical, Echelon, Intact, Jevco, Pafco, Pembridge, Perth, Travelers, Wawanesa, Western RSA, Unica
    Learn more about the insurance companies that we work with.
    High Risk Auto Insurance For Drivers Who Have Had Some Challenges
    Has your car insurance company cancelled or not renewed your insurance policy? Are you considered a high risk driver because of ticket issues, accidents or payment challenges? Don’t worry, we can help!
    We are high risk auto insurance experts and we work with all the Ontario high risk insurance companies. We’ll compare quotes to get you the cheapest rates and help you save as much as possible. We understand that being a high risk driving is challenging and expensive. Our experts will help you get your car insurance back on track and get you back into regular car insurance.
    How Do You Get A Cheap Ontario Auto Insurance Quote?
    Get A Car Insurance Quote
    The most effective way to get cheap auto insurance quotes and save money on your coverage is to compare car insurance quotes with multiple providers. The best way to do this is to work with an insurance broker.
    One Stop Shopping To Compare The Lowest Auto Insurance Quotes
    Getting online car insurance quotes from us is fast, easy and free! Simply enter your basic driving information into our online car insurance quote tool and then we compare quotes from the top car insurance companies.
    This quick one stop shopping allows you to compare all the cheapest prices available. Why get online car insurance quotes from a single company, one by one? Save time and let us do the shopping for you — all in one place. If you live in Ontario and you’re looking for the cheapest car insurance rate, you will find it here.
    All drivers want to know how to get the cheapest car insurance rates. The good news is there is no secret formula – saving on auto insurance is actually easier than you think!
    Here is how you do it :
    1. Shop And Compare Quotes : There are many insurance companies in Ontario who want to insure you. Having multiple quotes to compare will help get you the cheapest car insurance rates.
    2. Stay Up-to-date With The Latest Developments In The Insurance Industry : Things change quickly in the insurance industry. Staying up-to-date allows you to use this information to help you make the best car insurance decisions.
    3. Be An Educated Consumer : Know what your policy means and the coverage you need. If you are not sure about a specific insurance term, talk with your broker to get clarification. Never make assumptions about your coverage.
    4. Focus On Value When Comparing Insurance Rates : Price is important, but it’s not the only thing. When comparing car insurance rates, make sure you understand the level of coverage you will receive for your quoted car insurance rates.
    5. Consider Insurance Before You Buy A Car : The car you drive will impact your insurance rates. Inquire about the insurance rates of vehicles you are considering before you make your final vehicle purchase decision.
    A Broker Can Help You Get The Best Ontario Car Insurance
    Cheap Car Insurance Ontario
    Car insurance brokers in Ontario are on your side. We work for you, not the insurance company. This means that it’s in our best interest to ensure that you get the best insurance coverage and rates, given your current situation. Insurance brokers, like us, are in the business of helping customers with all their auto insurance needs.
    Here are some key reasons why choosing an auto insurance broker makes sense. Insurance brokers will :
    Needs : Help you assess your personal car insurance needs.
    Unbiased : Provide you with timely and unbiased advice.
    Compare : Compare rates and coverage options from a variety of insurance providers.
    Explain : Explain your insurance coverage and terms so you can better understand what is included in your policy.
    Questions : Answer any of your car insurance related questions.
    Claims : Help you during the claims process and be your advocate if issues arise.
    Savings : Help you save money on car insurance.
    A knowledgeable insurance broker will help you find an insurance policy that makes sense for you!
    Why Should You Get A Car Insurance Quote With A Broker?
    Ontario insurance brokers can help you effectively compare quotes and ensure you make an educated and informed decision about your car insurance coverage. Working with auto insurance brokers in Ontario is one of the key ways for you to save money today and into the future.
    Taking a few minutes to get a quote and compare rates can save you more money than you think. Plus, when you work with a broker, you will ensure you are getting value and coverage that meets all your driving needs.
    More Information To Help You Get The Lowest Car Insurance Rates
    There are many factors that go into getting the cheapest car insurance. Here are some articles that you might find helpful. You can always call us at 1-855-550-5515 and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.
    General Car Insurance Savings Tips
    Everyone wants to save on their car insurance. Here are some tips to help you save and get the cheapest rates : Top 10 Car Insurance Savings Tips
    Car Insurance Tips For Young & New Drivers
    New and young drivers have some different challenges when it comes to getting the cheapest car insurance. Here are some helpful savings tips : Car Insurance Savings Tips & Discounts For New And Young Drivers
    The Car You Drive Impacts Your Car Insurance Rate
    Insurance rates are different for all cars. Some are safer and some are less likely to get stolen. Learn which ones are the cheapest to insure :What Are The Cheapest Cars To Insure?
    Where You Live Effects How Much You Pay For Car Insurance
    Ontario has the highest car insurance rates in Canada. In particular, the GTA area has the highest rates because of the volume of drivers and traffic. Learn what the government and insurance companies are doing to help lower rates :Lowering The Average Cost Of Car Insurance In Ontario
    Comprehensive Insurance And Collision Insurance Deductibles
    The insurance deductible amounts you choose for comprehensive and collision coverage on your car insurance policy will impact the overall premium amount. The higher the deductible amount the cheaper your premium will be. Learn more about comprehensive and collision insurance :Comprehensive Insurance And Collision Insurance Explained
    Getting A Car Insurance Quote With ThinkInsure Could Save You $500 Or More!
    Compare Cheap Ontario Auto Insurance Quotes
    We understand that you are busy and taking the time to get an online auto insurance quote can be a challenge. This is where we come in! Let ThinkInsure do the insurance shopping for you. Just fill out your information on our website and we’ll handle the rest. The best part is that it only takes a few minutes of your time!
    What are you waiting for? Just call us toll-free 1-855-550-5515 OR click and start the online insurance quote so you can start saving today!
    Once completed, you will instantly see the quotes from multiple companies — all looking to win your business! Choosing the best coverage at the cheapest rate has never been so easy!
    How Do I Compare Cheap Ontario Car Insurance Quotes?
    Getting a car insurance quote with ThinkInsure is quick, easy and can save you a lot of money. In fact, you can compare many car insurance quotes with us at one time and save on your car insurance premiums. To get a quote you can :
    Call A ThinkInsure Car Insurance Expert At 1-855-550-5515
    A licensed insurance broker will answer all your questions, compare quotes from our 40+ insurance partners and give you savings advice – all in a few minutes. You’ll get the best rates for car insurance with the best coverage – tailored to your circumstances.
    Try Our Online Car Insurance Quote Comparison Tool
    In just a couple of minutes you’ll get quotes based on your postal code, your vehicle type, and drivers of the car from multiple insurance companies for you to compare.
    Getting An Ontario Auto Insurance Quote Online Is Quick And Easy
    Our online car insurance quoting tool is a fast and easy way to compare the cheapest quotes. It’s a simple tool that you can use from your computer, smartphone or tablet. All you need to do is answer a few questions.
    Enter your basic personal information
    Enter your vehicle information
    Enter your driving habits
    Enter your insurance history
    Enter your coverage and deductible needs
    Then you’ll instantly receive multiple quotes with the lowest rates available from our insurance partners. In most cases you can save even more by calling us. Our insurance experts can give you advice and find additional discounts that may not be available in our quick quote.
    It Only Takes A Couple Of Minutes To Compare Quotes Online
    Step 1 — Click To Start : Click here to begin first step in getting online auto insurance quotes.
    Step 2 — Enter Your Information : Enter basic driver and car information in our online insurance quote tool.
    Step 3 — Choose The Cheapest Quote : Select the best coverage and cheapest rate from the online car insurance quotes generated.
    How Do I Get An Accurate Car Insurance Quote?
    Car Insurance Quote Ontario
    You’ll get your most accurate quote when you speak to a broker. Have your information ready so your broker can get to work for you. The more accurate your information, the more accurate your car insurance quote.
    Be Open About Your Driving History
    Your broker is working for you. When you share driving details accurately, you will get a customized, accurate quote based on your information. There won’t be any surprises for you.
    Have Your Driving And Insurance Information Ready
    Provide your broker with the following information :
    Driver’s license
    Make, model and year of your vehicle
    Number of licensed drivers in your household
    How many drivers for each vehicle
    Vehicle usage: personal, business, both
    Number of claims you’ve had
    Any moving violations in the last 3 years
    Insurance coverage and liability you need
    How Long Does It Take To Get A Car Insurance Quote?
    Getting a quote is fast and easy. In about 5 minutes or less, you can quickly compare quotes from multiple car insurance companies. 5 minutes could save you $500! Do you have 5 minutes to spare?
    Try A Car Insurance Calculator
    Using a car insurance calculator allows you to easily compare car insurance options and understand what the market has to offer. It allows you to make an educated decision about your car insurance, ensuring that you make the best decision possible when renewing your policy.
    Insurance companies change thier rates frequently so using a car insurance calculator to get an estimate and assess your options is becoming even more important. Learn our Ontario car insurance calculator and how it helps you more efficiently compare auto insurance options and save.
    Make Sure You Compare «Apples To Apples» When Comparing Car Insurance Quotes And Coverage
    When you compare car insurance coverage options, it’s important to ensure you are comparing the same thing. As they say, you need to compare apple to apple to get an accurate comparison.
    Make sure that you use the same coverages, deductible amounts, vehicles and driver information for the car insurance quotes you get. These things impact your quote. If you don’t use the same variables, you won’t be able to accurately compare the prices you are quoted.
    When you use the same information to compare quotes, you’ll have a more accurate assessment of which are the cheapest rates and the coverage options that you should consider. If you’re in doubt
    ow To Get Cheap Insurance For High Risk Drivers
    High Risk Drivers
    Have you been labelled a high risk driver? Hopefully not. Insurance for high risk drivers in Ontario can be extremely expensive.
    But, after a couple accidents, tickets, or previous insurance issues, you could develop a poor driving record and find yourself in need of high risk auto insurance.
    If you’re a high risk driver, using the best auto insurance companies for high risk drivers is paramount. It’s your best opportunity to lower your car insurance premium and get cheap insurance, considering your situation.
    Here we define high risk drivers, outline the best approach to get cheap insurance for high risk drivers, and answer some of the most common questions about high risk driver insurance coverage.
    What Are High Risk Drivers?
    High risk drivers are people who have been deemed to be a greater risk to insurance companies. A high risk driver, sometime referred to as an uninsurable driver, has a higher risk of getting into an accident, filing a claim, or even missing an insurance payment. High risk drivers pay higher auto insurance premiums.
    Insurance companies label drivers as high risk because of a poor driving record, tickets, accidents, lapse in coverage, and many other factors. If you are considered a high risk driver, you may have trouble getting car insurance. You may need to work with auto insurance companies for high risk drivers.
    Are You A High Risk Driver? What Makes You High Risk?
    A less than perfect driving record doesn’t mean you are considered high risk by insurers. Getting a ticket or being in a minor accident happen. While they could increase your rates, you won’t likely be labelled a high risk driver.
    However, when a couple tickets and/or accidents happen in a short period of time or if you are convicted of a more serious traffic offense, insurers categorize you differently. It’s all based on your risk profile.
    You’ll be considered a high risk driver if your insurance company determines you are MORE likely to file an insurance claim.
    Factors That Can Get You Classified As A High Risk Driver
    High Risk Drivers In Ontario
    There are many situations where you could be labelled high risk or an uninsurable driver by your insurance provider :
    You’ve been in an at fault accident.
    You’ve receive multiple traffic tickets within the last 3 years.
    You’ve been convicted of a DUI.
    You’ve had your driver’s license suspended.
    You’ve had a lapse in insurance coverage or you’ve never had insurance before.
    You’ve filed multiple claims in a short period of time.
    How Long Are You Considered A High Risk Driver?
    High risk drivers can take a sigh of relief. It is not a permanent classification. It doesn’t last forever, as long as you take steps to improve your driving record.
    How long you will be considered high risk depends on the reason why you received the label :
    No insurance : If you have never had insurance, or had a lapse in coverage, you can drop the high risk label by being insured consistently and paying your policy on time.
    Tickets : If you’ve had multiple tickets, you can get standard auto insurance again 3 years after the date of your first ticket. You also need to keep your driving record clean. Tickets typically stay on your insurance record for 3 years.
    Major traffic violation : If you’ve been charged with a major traffic violation, such as a DUI, it can take 5 years or more to clear your high risk status.
    How Do I Find The Best Auto Insurance Companies For High Risk Drivers?
    If you’ve been designated a high risk driver, one of your best strategies is to connect with an insurance broker. Getting high risk auto insurance is not as simple as getting standard car insurance. If you want to get reasonable rates and coverage, working with high risk insurance brokers is your best option.
    High risk insurance brokers can advocate on your behalf. They have developed strong relationships with insurance companies who offer insurance policies to high risk drivers.
    Insurance Companies That Take High Risk Drivers
    Best Auto Insurance Companies For High Risk Drivers
    Not all insurance companies offer policies for high risk drivers. Some companies will not insure you if you are deemed to be high risk or have engaged in high risk activities (accidents, tickets) in the past.
    Here are the best insurance companies that take high risk drivers in Ontario :
    Coachman High Risk Insurance Company
    Echelon High Risk Insurance Company
    Jevco High Risk Insurance Company
    Pafco High Risk Insurance Company
    Perth High Risk Insurance Company
    These high risk insurance companies provide you with coverage while you work on improving your driving record. Over time you can shed your high risk driver label and qualify for standard car insurance coverage.
    How Does Auto Insurance For High Risk Drivers Work?
    As you would expect, car insurance for high risk drivers is more difficult to get and it is significantly more expensive. It’s common for some insurance companies to cancel or refuse to renew your policy if you have engaged in high risk behaviours.
    Many insurers don’t offer policies for high risk drivers. In most cases, you will have to use an insurer that specializes in car insurance for high risk drivers, such as the companies above. These companies offer polices specifically designed for drivers with poor driving records, insurance issues, and traffic convictions.
    Over time, with a good driving and insurance record, you can eventually move back into a standard car insurance policy.
    How To Get Cheap Insurance For High Risk Drivers
    Cheap Insurance For High Risk Drivers
    You Can Lower Your Insurance Rates – Even High Risk Drivers
    It’s not uncommon for high risk drivers to pay double the average car insurance rates in their region. Fortunately, drivers can always take steps to lower auto insurance premiums even if you’re high risk. Here’s how :
    Use an insurance broker : Brokers have access to insurers specializing in insurance for high risk drivers. Broker can help you compare quotes and work toward moving into a standard category of risk.
    Stay on top of your driving record : Make sure all tickets and accidents are removed from your driving record when they are set to expire.
    Driver training : Take certified driver training courses if you are a young driver. Additional driving courses could help drivers with poor driving record lower rates. Check with a broker for approved courses.
    Stay accident/claims free : It’s very important to re-establish a clean driving record. Drive safe, avoid at fault accidents, and stay claims free.
    Drive a low risk vehicle : If you own a high risk vehicle, such as a sports car, considering trading in your car for a model with a better safety record or safety features.
    Pay your insurance premiums promptly : Pay your insurance on time. If possible, pay your premium in advance. Most insurers offer discounts when you pay in full.
    The Importance of Getting Insurance Quotes For High Risk Drivers
    Affordable auto insurance for high risk drivers is relative to your situation. You are going to see a spike in auto insurance rates if you are a high risk driver. So, low insurance rates for high risk drivers only exist when comparing your rates to other high risk drivers.
    The most effective way to get affordable insurance rates is to compare insurance quotes. After you’ve been labelled a high risk driver, each time your policy comes up for renewal is your opportunity to prove you are keeping your driving records clean. This will help you get lower insurance quotes and save money on your high risk insurance policy.
    Slowly, year after year, you will be able to get more affordable high risk insurance rates and eventually qualify again for standard insurance coverage.
    Adding A High Risk Driver To Your Insurance
    Auto Insurance For High Risk Drivers
    Adding a high risk driver to your policy is a risk. Whether you want to add your teenage driver or another driver with a number of tickets, you will see your insurance rates increase. In some cases, your insurance company will not allow you to add the driver to your policy.
    If you are considering adding a high risk driver to your policy, speak with your insurance broker about your options. It may be more cost effective for the high risk driver to get a separate auto insurance policy.
    How Do I Get A High Risk Driver Off My Policy?
    Any driver on your policy that becomes high risk will increase your car insurance rates. Even if the primary driver on the policy has a clean driving record, occasional drivers with high risk factors can cause your rates to increase significantly.
    You will need to formally exclude the high risk drivers from your insurance policy. You will need to fill out the Excluded Driver Endorsement, Ontario Policy Change Form, OPCF 28A.
    This involves getting the policyholder and high risk driver to agree they will not drive your vehicle. If the high risk driver does drive your vehicle and cause an accident, your claim could be denied and you could void your insurance policy. The policy will not pay for damage or injured caused by the excluded driver.
    How To Move Back Into ‘Standard Risk’ As A Driver
    You can rehabilitate your driving history and insurance record. It just takes time. You need to re-establish that you are a safe and low risk driver. Allow time your current tickets to get dropped from your record without getting additional tickets or fines. Drive safe and stay insured.
    It is possible to restore your driver profile over time. Take steps to improve your driving habits. Re-educate yourself. Speak to an insurance broker and be patient. It’s mostly a matter of time before you will be returned to the regular category of risk with your insurance company.
    High Risk Drivers Insurance FAQ
    what Is A High Risk Driver
    How Can I Find An Insurance Company That Accepts High Risk Drivers?
    An insurance broker that offers car insurance for high risk drivers is your best option to find insurance companies that accept high risk drivers. Brokers can help you compare quotes from multiple companies and find you the best insurance rates for high risk drivers.
    Can I Exclude A High Risk Occasional Driver From My Policy?
    Yes, you can exclude a high risk occasional driver from your policy by signing an Excluded Driver Endorsement (OPCF 28A) insurance form.
    Does High Risk Driver Age Matter?
    Age can matter for some high risk drivers. Teenagers and young drivers with G1 or G2 driver’s licenses, especially without driver training, could be considered high risk.
    How Much Is High Risk Car Insurance?
    High risk car insurance rates vary based on many factors. Why you are considered high risk, the type of tickets you have on your record, your insurance history and other things are factored in when insurers set your rates. Speak with a broker to get a quote.
    How Much Does High Risk Driver Insurance Cost?
    High risk driver insurance on average costs double or triple the cost of a standard car insurance policy. If you are considered high risk, work with a broker to get an accurate quote.
    Are you a high risk driver? Get a quote for high risk auto insurance in Ontario. Our brokers will help you find ways to save.