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    Car insurance estimate online

    At ThinkInsure, we know you value your time, and you don’t want to spend hours and hours comparing car insurance rates. Going from insurance company to insurance company takes up a lot of time, and you’ve got better things to do with your time than shop for insurance.
    We also know that you want to get the best car insurance rates possible. This is why we’ve made it easy for you to compare car insurance rates and coverage options using our car insurance calculator.
    With ThinkInsure, you’ll save time and money on your insurance rates. Sounds like a win-win proposition to us!
    To get started, all you need to do is enter your personal information, tell us a little about your vehicle and driving habits, and we’ll compare auto insurance rates from the top insurance companies, so you can save money and get the car insurance coverage you need for your vehicle. The best part is that using our insurance calculator is easy, and it’s 100% free to use.
    Benefits Of Using An Online Car Insurance Calculator
    Simply allowing your car insurance coverage to renew year after year without exploring your options could cost you – and it could cost you more money than you think. Your car insurance rates could change from year to year, making it extremely important to compare your options, assess your coverage needs, and see what the market has to offer.
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    Taking a few minutes out of your day to get an estimate could save you more than you think. Here are some of the benefits of using a car insurance calculator when comparing your insurance options :
    You only have to fill out your information once to assess rates from dozens of insurance companies.
    You fill out your information, and we will do the insurance shopping for you.
    We’ll find you the best insurance rates based on the information you provide.
    You could save money – some extra cash never hurt anyone!
    It helps you get a better idea of your total costs to own and drive a car.
    You ensure you are getting the best rates each time you renew your auto insurance policy.
    It’s quick, easy, and most importantly, it’s FREE!
    Failure to get a car insurance estimate annually could cost you money. Saving a little money on your insurance rates each month can add up quickly. Considering it only takes a few minutes to fill out your information, it’s time well spent.
    What is Car Insurance?
    In order to operate a vehicle in Canada, you need to have a valid car insurance policy in place at all times. Car insurance policy requirements vary from province to province, depending on the type of insurance system each is mandated by (public vs. private). However, you need to have a minimum amount of third-party liability insurance, to protect yourself financially in the event that you injure someone or damage their car/property. You’ll also need a minimum amount of accident benefits, which provides coverage for any medical/rehabilitation costs that resulted from an accident. You can also decide to buy more than the minimum amount required, as well as purchase additional coverage (such as comprehensive insurance) on top of your basic car insurance policy.
    Why Compare Car Insurance Rates?
    You might think that car insurance quotes for the same driver/car would be similar across all providers, but every car insurance company has its own costs to cover, based on data about all of their existing users/claims. Broken down, every car insurance company has a number of “risk groups” it divides people into, and they charge premiums based on the claims experience of each group. When an insurance company gathers information about you, their system places you into one of those groups – and a portion of your quote is based on the group you’re in. You can’t see what goes on behind the scenes, but the group you’re placed into and the premium that follows could vary greatly from company-to-company, which is why it’s wise to compare car insurance rates and see who can offer you the cheapest insurance.
    How Car Insurance Rates are Calculated
    Dozens of factors contribute to the total cost of your car insurance premium, all of which can be divided into four categories:
    Your driving profile
    Your coverage
    Your deductible
    Your car insurance provider
    Based on the information you provide for your driving profile, the car insurance company will place you into one of its risk groups, which outlines the majority of the costs in the other points. You can read more about how car insurance rates are calculated on our site.
    How to Save on Car Insurance
    Car insurance rates vary from province-to-province, city-to-city and provider-to-provider. There are some costs you can’t control, such as the base rates determined by the public car insurance systems in British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. However, there are a number of ways you can save money on your car insurance, including:
    Maintaining a safe driving record
    Increasing your deductible
    Making all payments on
    Asking for discounts
    You can read about these tips and find more ways to save on car insurance on our site.
    How to Buy Car Insurance
    When you’re ready to buy a new car insurance policy, you can do so in person or over the phone, at a bank/credit union, insurance company or insurance brokerage. If you haven’t already done so, we always suggest you start by comparing car insurance rates online. We shop the most competitive providers to bring you a list of the best car insurance rates in Canada. Even if you don’t use one of the providers on our site, you should at least do this as part of your research, to make sure you know what’s available to you. Once you’ve picked and purchased the best car insurance coverage for you, the insurance company is responsible for providing you with a certificate of insurance to keep in your vehicle. The certificate lists details about the vehicle that’s insured, the coverage you have on it and the period of time which you are covered.