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Dynamic Clearcoat CC200 creates a NEW CATEGORY amongst premium automotive clearcoats, offering superior appearance in half the time of a typical glamour clearcoat.
What is this new category of clearcoats? The speed glamour finish. New Dynamic Clearcoat offers the ultimate in gloss for high-end refinishing while maintaining shop productivity. With its excellent application properties, this versatile 2K urethane clearcoat is the perfect fit for the majority of collision repair work, providing simplified decision making and consistent performance for any painter and technician. Producing the ultimate speed glamour finish, Dynamic Clearcoat will also reduce final detail, saving both a shop’s overhead and its technicians’ time by not requiring buffing.
Dynamic Clearcoat is Appearance and Productivity. Simplified.
Superior appearance in half the time of typical glamour clearcoats
Consistent, premium performance across a wide range of environments
Short and low-temp bake options reduce energy consumption
Extreme productivity shortens reassembly and improves cycle time
With Dynamic Clearcoat CC200 and the complete Sherwin-Williams National Rule clearcoat portfolio we have the right solutions for every automotive refinish clearcoat need.
Premium National Clearcoat Family
Premium National Rule Clearcoats
Excellent automotive refinish products provide the right solution. From extreme production same-day collision repair to elite automotive glamour clearcoat designed for the most exceptional appearance.
CC200 Dynamic Clearcoat Speed Glamour Finish
Dynamic Clearcoat CC200
CC200 Dynamic Clearcoat delivers consistent premium appearance without sacrificing productivity and is designed to be the go to clearcoat for any painter, application, and repair environment.
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More Than Just Great Paint
It takes more than just great paint to maximize the potential and profitability of any shop. That’s why we don’t just want to sell you paint…we want to partner with you to help take your business to the next level.
ncreasing productivity while lowering cost is the recipe for higher profits. HPC15 HP Process™ Clearcoat from Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes has been designed for speed and productivity. This high performance product includes our patented Air-Dry Technology enabling it to cure in as little as 15 minutes at 75°F, eliminating the need for the bake cycle.
The HPC15 HP Process™ Clearcoat is a 4.2 lbs/gal VOC Premium Clearcoat that is part of our HP Process™ Refinish System. When combined with our SpectraPrime® Speed Primer and one of our premium basecoat systems, a complete repair can go from Prime to Shine in as little as 40 Minutes.
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Most Productive Clearcoat on the Market
Patented Air-Dry Technology — No Bake Required Saving you Money on your Energy Bills
Refinish from Primer to Clearcoat in 40 Minutes
Wet-on-Wet Application — Less Time in the Spray Booth
Pre-Flexed Technology — No Additives Required
Designed for 1-3 Panel Repairs
Improves Cycle Times, Productivity and Profitability