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Health Plans Vs Private Medical Insurance
Universal free health care remains one of the top entitlements UK citizens enjoy, but many patients choose to pay for private care due to long waiting lists, fear of communicable diseases rampant among the general population, and to choose their health care providers. Private medical insurance offers supplemental cover that guarantees quick treatment, fast consultations, and second opinions.

Two Basic Options Offer Diverse Advantages
UK patients who opt for private care can choose between two kinds of insurance cover to make private care an affordable option.

Private Medical Insurance Cover
Individual Health Plans
You will need to carefully analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each possibility. The choices are further complicated by a great variety of plans within each category. The first option is traditional medical insurance, which offers numerous cover levels for individuals and families to meet the costs of private medical care. Regardless of which plan you ultimately choose, comparison of the various options will help you identify the best plan for your budget and personal needs.

Health plans offer a second alternative for cover, and these plans operate a bit differently than medical insurance. These low-cost forms of supplemental insurance offer bespoke solutions for specific health needs, reducing out-of-pocket expenses by offering cover for routine treatment options and everyday health expenses. Health plans offer cash back up to certain limits to reimburse families for the cash they routinely spend for health management.

Private Medical Insurance
Private insurance cover offers numerous plans that might cover many health expenses such inpatient and outpatient care, alternative medicines, dental expenses, private ambulance service, optical benefits, dental surgery, and home nursing. Usually, premium services require a higher level of cover for dental, optical, homeopathy, or private ambulance services. You should check the details of what types of cover various providers offer in their insurance packages to determine the best fit for you and your family.

Inpatient Services
Insurance cover generally includes treatments, specialist consultations, surgery, tests, scans, X-rays, and hospital beds. The basic cover for inpatient services remains the same whether you choose a basic plan or premium package.

Outpatient Cover
Basic plans offer limited specialist consultations for outpatients and full cover for such essentials as scans, diagnostic testing, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments.

Long-Term Care
The costs associated with senior and long-term care often cause people to lose their homes. Regular cover does not pay these ongoing expenses, so many people opt for long-term care insurance to protect their homes. If you have substantial assets, you will be required to pay these expenses, and NHS will not cover them.

Reducing Premiums
You can reduce your premiums by shopping for the best value and choosing your options carefully. You can realise additional savings by choosing the following alternatives.

Adding excesses will save you money, and the savings will vary among providers and policies. Most excesses fall somewhere between £100 and £1,000. Choosing the lower figure could save about 5 percent on insurance premiums, while the larger figure might reduce premiums as much as 35 percent.
Reduced hospital lists and six-week waiting options also reduce premiums substantially. Choosing to exclude London hospitals will also save you money. If you live in the suburbs or outside London, you should certainly select this option. UK residents in Northern Ireland and Wales should also benefit from this insurance provision.
Bespoke Health Plans
Health plans allow you to tailor insurance cover for specific protection against illnesses that run in the family or to match your personal medical history. The question for most people is not whether they need a health plan, but what kind of plan might work best for them, offering the greatest potential benefits for the least amount of money.

You can choose special protection to provide the type of care you want by finding the right health plan. Many people choose cash plans that add supplemental cover for common health problems, including minor illnesses. For many people, their greatest fear is contracting cancer or developing heart disease. You can choose a health plan that offers cover only for these conditions, and you will get an affordable rate.

Cash Health Plans
Cash plans offer anywhere from 50 to 100-percent reimbursement on routine health expenses up to certain predefined limits. Often this cover is available for your partner or children at no additional cost. These plans feature very affordable premiums, depending on the level of cover you select.

Typical benefits that health plans might cover include many of the following treatments.

Maternity or adoption expenses
Dental and optical care, including laser treatments
Chiropractic treatments
Health Screening
Hospital day admissions
Hearing aids
You can find the right health plan that offers the kind of cover that best suits your needs by comparing benefits of the different plans and insurers. It is not difficult to find a cash plan that suits your budget.

Insurance – Necessity or Luxury?
You have many choices to investigate before selecting insurance cover, or you may choose to use NSF for free. Medical care is a very personal decision, and you should choose the options that make you comfortable. Medical insurance and health plans offer different pricing structures, benefits, and exclusions. For example, insurance might not cover pre-existing conditions or psychiatric care.

Deciding whether you need any cover at all is also a personal choice. UK residents often have access to public transportation, but many people elect to buy cars because they give them greater mobility options. Insurance cover or health plans offer similar advantages of choice. In any event, proper health care is not a luxury, but an essential need. If you feel NHS cannot provide the right level of care for your family, you should get additional protection.

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Health Plans Vs Private Medical Insurance
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What Is Private Medical
Why choose Aviva’s private health insurance?
Our individual private health insurance, Healthier Solutions, offers a nationwide network of hospitals and lets you choose where and when you get your treatment. It’s the fast, focused way to get better.

Fast access to treatment
Our cover gives you the flexibility to make the right choices for you – we can help you find the hospital and consultant that will suit you best.

20+ years experience
Aviva is the UK’s biggest insurance provider. We’ve been protecting people against the fear of uncertainty for over 300 years and helping our customers get prompt, private health treatment for over two decades.

Dedicated cancer support
If you’re diagnosed with cancer, one of our highly experienced case managers will support you throughout your treatment.

More about our cancer pledge

Specialist care and treatment
You’ll have access to expert care from private specialists, and in some cases, treatments not available on the NHS.

Flexible cover
Our cover is flexible, so you can make the right treatment choices for you. You can increase your core cover to give you full peace of mind, or decrease the cover and reduce your costs.

24 hour access to a GP and a stress counsellor
We know an expert view is reassuring. That’s why you can call our GP or stress counselling helplines 365 days a year to discuss any health concerns you or your family may have.
What is private health insurance?
Private health insurance helps you get prompt, private treatment if you’re unwell. It’s designed specifically to treat acute conditions that start after your policy begins: an acute condition is a disease, illness or injury that’s likely to respond quickly to treatment so that you can return to your previous level of health. You pay a premium to us, and in return, we’ll provide you with healthcare benefits. It gives you peace of mind, knowing that you can get the treatment and care you need, promptly.

Our private health insurance gives you extra benefits that can help you maintain your wellbeing and improve your fitness. These include up to 25% off selected UK gym memberships and access to our online health programme MyHealthCounts.
Will you cover my pre-existing medical conditions?
If you take out our private health insurance online, we’ll use our moratorium underwriting criteria. This means that you won’t need to complete an in depth health questionnaire, but your cover will exclude any pre-existing disease, illness or injury (whether or not diagnosed), based on the following:

We don’t cover treatment of pre-existing conditions or related conditions if you had symptoms of, medication for, diagnostic tests for, treatment for or advice about that condition in the five years before your joining date.
If you don’t receive medication for, diagnostic tests for, treatment for or advice about that condition during a continuous two-year period after your joining date, the exclusion will not apply.
What is a network?
We’re developing a number of networks of facilities, specialists or other practitioners that we recognise to provide the treatment required for a specific condition or suspected condition.

By creating networks, Aviva has more control over the treatment pathway. This means we can drive better commercial deals, which helps us maintain affordable prices. What’s more, by controlling the treatment pathway we can give our customers greater assurance when it comes to clinical quality and treatment.

Our networks are updated frequently as we work to ensure we get the best possible service for our customers. We regularly add or evolve networks, or in the event that a facility/specialist is no longer suitable for a network we may remove them.
If you’ve just started to consider private health care cover, it might seem confusing. It goes by many different names – private health insurance, private medical insurance, PMI, comprehensive health insurance, private healthcare, private health cover and health insurance are just some examples.

Private health insurance, put simply, offers you quick access to eligible health treatment, from seeing a specialist for diagnosis to having a comfortable stay while you’re in hospital.

One of the benefits of private health insurance is once you have a GP referral you can choose who to see and where to go, from a list of approved specialists and hospitals, making sure you get the treatment you need, when and where you want it. Whether that’s close to family or near work, you have the flexibility to manage your health around your timetable.

We believe that great care puts you in control. Our plan, Personal Health, puts you in control in two ways: it gives you a choice of when and where you want to be treated, and who you want to be responsible for your care. It also means being able to tailor your plan, so you’ve got the cover that’s right for you. You can do things like extend your cover for travelling overseas, and add cover for things like mental health conditions, dental care and physiotherapy (subject to medical history).

Choice and convenience, when you need it
Our members are our number one priority which means that when you take out a private medical insurance plan, we’ll do all we can to make sure your needs and expectations are met.

The treatment you need, when you need it — The NHS is under pressure to cope with growing demand. As a member of AXA PPP healthcare, you avoid NHS waiting lists. You get the eligible treatment you need, when you need them. .
With 26,000 specialists, there’s always an expert close by — As a member of
AXA PPP healthcare, the right help is always close by. We’ve built relationships with 26,000 specialists across the UK, so you can get the help you need fast.
Specialist care to help you raise your family — Raising a family is an adventure, but it carries a lot of responsibility. That’s why we give you a team of child health specialists you can call at every step. We’ll also include your newborns on your plan for free until your next renewal so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying the newest member of your family.
A second opinion, on us — Great care starts with the confidence of knowing that you’ve got the right diagnosis. So if you want a second opinion, we’ll pay for everything, including any new tests you might need when the out-patient option is chosen.
These aren’t the only reasons to become an AXA PPP healthcare member. Find out more about what makes our healthcare plans so special.