Paintless dent removal services

Paintless Dent Repair
Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a cost effective alternative to conventional repair processes. PDR techniques remove dents and dings while preserving your vehicle’s existing paint finish. Dents are massaged out with specialized tools, eliminating the need for body filler and paint materials.

We use a set of specially designed tools to gain proper access to dents without the use of drilling. All our services are guaranteed for the life of your vehicle.

Benefits Of Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)
Your car can be ready in hours.
Spend hundreds instead of thousands of dollars at a traditional body shop.
No chemicals, fillers or paints – very environmentally friendly.
Dents are not just filled or covered – they are completely removed.
Your vehicle stays original and maintains the value it had before it was damaged.
No bondo or mis-matched paint is used resulting in a better, more consistent look.
Service is guaranteed for the life of your vehicle.
Removing car dents this way lowers the dent removal price significantly and the technique can be used on aluminum and steel panels.

Why not use a traditional body shop?

Removing dents can be very expensive when done at a traditional auto body shop. It’s also inconvenient – you could be without your car for up to a week. That’s why savvy customers choose paintless dent removal for all their minor repairs. We use a set of specially designed tools to get dents out and all our services are guaranteed for the life of your vehicle.

Make your dents disappear with paintless dent repair. It’s the fastest, most affordable way to fix minor body damage.
Trusted by Car Dealerships and Insurance Companies.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) has been around for decades. It’s a service often used by car dealers to remove dents from the vehicles on their lots to preserve the vehicle’s value after an accidental ding or weather catastrophe.

Fleet owners and insurance companies alike know that paintless dent repair is a quick and effective process when compared to conventional body shops. Get in on the automotive industries best kept secret!

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is environmentally friendly.

Dent Clinic uses only environmentally friendly dent repair techniques. We don’t use dangerous chemicals, fillers, or paints to fix your dents.

Service Guarantee
All repairs are covered by a full warranty and your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Dent Clinic warrants that our services are performed to the highest standards of workmanship free from damage or defect to the vehicle or its parts, including paint. For as long as you own the vehicle, we will repair at no charge, any subsequent reappearance of the dent(s) repaired originally, in the absence of subsequent accident, misuse or neglect.

No Surprises
A free estimate is always provided before any repairs are started.
At Dent Clinic you will always receive an honest and accurate estimate prior to repairs so that you’ll know the anticipated cost. We’ll do everything we can to complete our work in a timely manner so that you can get back on the road. Our highly skilled technicians allow for quick repairs and customer service is guaranteed.
We specialize in the art of Paintless Dent Repair or Removal (PDR). It is a highly skilled method of removing minor dents and dings from vehicle without using any paint or body fillers. Based in Markham ON. We also service auto dealerships, auto body shops and the general public in Toronto and GTA.

Now you don’t have to live with those unsightly dents and dings which decrease the value of your vehicle and it costs too much to have them repaired the traditional way. At Car Dent Medic, we make those minor dents and dings disappear without a trace and instantly restore the look and value of your vehicle. Up to 80% less expensive then a body shop, our mobile service can come to you to get the job done while you can expect to be amazed.

before after paintless dent repair toyota celicaOur PDR service requires no body fillers and no painting. Your vehicle maintain 100% it’s original paint. Repair time can be accomplished within a few hours instead of days, compared to a body shop. In fact, small dents and dings can be removed under one hour.

PDR is fast and effective, it has quickly become the most preferred method of repairing hail damage vehicles, minor dents and dings by major insurance companies and auto dealerships.

To request a hassle free auto dent repair experience, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be more then happy to hear from you.

G8 forum member writes..
«I found Spoke with Ray and was able to come to an agreement to remove 5 minor door dings on one door and 1 nice sized dent on another door. It only took him 40min to complete in my garage! Now my SUV looks like the day I bought it. I wished I would have fixed it 2 years ago instead of 2 weeks before I have to return it to the dealer.
I highly recommend this company — Amazing!» Steve from Ajax ON.
The PDR process maintains the original paint on your vehicle. Many times while performing traditional bodywork, the panel next to the repaired area must be color blended and painted to ensure a good color match. By using PDR there is no repainting, no color match issues, and no decreased resale values commonly associated with a repainted vehicle.
Typical repairs can be performed in minutes, hours, or even the same day- depending on the severity of the damage. Save time and eliminate rental car fees. Contact us for a free, estimate.

Convenience: Take advantage of our mobile service performed at your home or place of business.
Paintless Dent Repair Services is an inexpensive way to repair many types of dents. Small dents may cost as little as $75. Larger dents and hail damage would need to be estimated, which we provide, free of charge. Paintless Dent Repair Services is significantly less expensive, very convenient, and faster than typical body shop repairs. Save money!
PDR does more to restore and preserve the value of an automobile than any other alternative. By keeping your vehicle dent free, it will maintain a higher resale value.
PDR is a totally “Green” process. There are no paints, plastic fillers, or chemicals involved which helps save our environment!