Martin senour formula express

The Martin Senour Internet-based mixing system, Formula Express, is now compatible with paint and materials calculator PMCLogic. ComputerLogic is supplying the software program.

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PMCLogic is based on the most current industry pricing from hundreds of paint and material suppliers. The software program enables collision repair specialists to properly track and invoice all paint and materials used during the repair process. Collision repair facilities using Martin Senour products will now be able calculate the estimated costs of coatings and sundries consumed while replacing, repairing and/or refinishing each specific panel and/or structural section of the vehicle.

To reach these accurate estimates, details on items generally used for each affected panel have been benchmarked by ComputerLogic’s diverse group of collision industry experts and are continually updated as materials and processes change. In addition, paint pricing is color specific, which increases pricing accuracy.

“The PMCLogic paint material calculator program works for both insurers and body shop professionals. This allows them to come to a logical agreement on fair and reasonable reimbursement for almost all types of paint and materials on just about any vehicle repair.” says Jeff Green, Martin Senour Director of Sales.

Rick Palmer, President of ComputerLogic, adds: “This is one of the leading estimating programs that really work for collision repairers; it accurately documents, itemizes and invoices for all paint and materials used in the repair process based on the most current industry prices. Pure and simple, PMCLogic takes the guesswork out of paint and material costing.”
The iFEX® Spectro is a hand-held spectrophotometer designed for precise and consistent color measurement. This simple to use color tool provides for fast selection of color formulas to move more vehicles through the shop by eliminating the wasted time and expense of extended color matching. Whether used by a shop to improve throughput, or by a jobber as a value-added service, the iFEX® spectro will provide consistent, fast, global color choices for any vehicle on the road today.
Features and Benefits
Hand-held design is our most portable and durable unit ever
Comes with a 24 month Manufacturer’s Warranty
Robust LED optics deliver consistent, accurate measurements with no warm-up required
Access to an unlimited number of formulas via FormulaExpress®, our comprehensive color formula management system
Formulas updated daily
Supports the Vortex®, Tec/BASE®, Prism®, and Pro//BASE™ product lines
Powered by four — AA batteries
Innovative graphical display allows you to visualize your results before you ever have to mix a drop of paint