Manny's paint and body shop

Transportation to and from work / home available
Free estimates / no appointment necessary
Help with car rental scheduling
We work with all insurance companies
Qualified Staff has Certified I-Car Collision Repair Training
All work and materials guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle
All vehicles receive interior / exterior cleaning
Offering friendly, professional service in a relaxed setting
Have you been putting off having your car serviced? Don’t wait until a minor repair turns into a major one. Here at Manny’s Auto Service, Inc. we can assist you with all of your vehicle’s maintenance. From simple tune-ups to electrical repairs you can rely on our ASE Certified mechanics to have you back on the road again in no time at all. We are trained to work on both foreign and domestic vehicles, taking the necessary time to explain any abnormalities we may find. We won’t fix anything that’s not broken, only the work required to keep your vehicle operating at its peak performance. Service to our customers with honesty and integrity is why our customers are repeat customers, who trust and count on Manny’s Auto Service, Inc. for the best quality service done right the first time.
Put our 30 years of experience to work for you! Like any well-oiled machine, your vehicle requires maintenance. Bring it to Manny’s Auto Service, Inc.
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