Labor lawyers

The New South Wales Society of Labor Lawyers aims to promote changes in the substantive and procedural law, the administration of justice, the legal profession, legal services, legal aid and legal education to help bring about a more just and equitable society. The Society provides a meeting ground for people involved in the law who believe in Labor principles of fairness, social justice, equal opportunity, compassion and community.

Bringing together progressive lawyers, barristers, law students, and legal academics.
The Society was originally established in 1977. In its earlier years, it played an important role in developing progressive legal policy and was closely aligned with the Australian Society of Labor Lawyers. After a period of respite, the Society was revived in 2011 and builds on that tradition of progressive scholarship and advocacy in NSW.
«But I also understand what Frank told me so many years ago — that the reforms worth losing skin over, the ones that promote fairness and equity and go to the core of Labor values, will come under constant attack. In a sense, it is an incredibly long game — because there is no end to that contest — it goes on and on.» — Bruce Hawker

On 15 May 2018 Bruce Hawker delivered the fourth Annual Frank Walker Lecture on the topic «Populists, Demagogues and Celebrities — Challenges for Progressive Campaigning in the Age of Trump». A copy of the address can now be accessed online by clicking here.