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Are you a foreign national who wishes to travel to the United States in order to attend a business meeting? You are not alone! The United States is a very important global hub of international business, with many visitors every year attending meetings, conferences and conventions. However, not everyone can just head to the United States and attend their business meeting. In many cases, business people will require a special kind of visitor visa.

The visitor visa for business events is called the B1 visa, or business visitor visa. This is a special kind of temporary visa available for individuals who need to enter the United States for various purposes, such as attending a business meeting.

Obtaining a business visitor visa for the United States

Business meetings, conferences and conventions are among the many activities that can be conducted on a B-1 business visitor visa for the United States. It is very important, however, that you make sure that the business visitor visa applies to your activity, and that you do not require a work permit.

In order to obtain a business visitor visa, you will need to ensure that you have a letter from the organization that invited you to the United States as well as a letter from your employer in addition to your travel itinerary so that immigration officials know you’re not going to be working or doing anything that would require a work permit.

You will also have to prove that you have every intention of returning to Canada because of your strong ties to your home country, including your job, your home and your family.

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A Canadian citizen or other foreign national who is being transferred to the United States is still required to obtain the proper United States work visa in order to do so legally. Individuals who are being transferred to the United States or who wish to expand their business in the United States would be looking for the L-1 visa, which is valid for a period of five to seven years and can be extended.

L-1 Visa for the United States 2

The L-1 visa can even lead to a United States green card (or permanent residence) through an employer-based petition.

What are the requirements for the L-1 visa?
Not just any employee can obtain an L-1 visa. There are two types of these visas. The L-1B visa is for specialized knowledge workers, while the L-1A visa is for managers or executives. In addition, there are specific requirements surrounding the relation between the foreign company and the United States office.

The United States office must be a branch, subsidiary, affiliate or join venture partner of the foreign company, and the foreign company must remain in operation outside of the United States.

There are also very specific immigration forms that need to be made up for the L-1 visa application, as well as a long list of supporting documentation that is necessary to obtain the L-1 visa.

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