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Whether you’ve just bought a new car, are looking to change insurance carriers or are simply shopping around, getting an online car insurance quote from Liberty Mutual is secure, quick and easy.



Accidents, vehicle theft and breakdowns can happen when you least expect it. How would you afford the costs of replacing or repairing your car, or pay for the damage to someone else’s vehicle? A Car Insurance policy could assist with paying these costs. compares a range of insurance providers in South Africa that offer coverage tailored to your specific needs.

An insurance quote is an estimate of what your rate could be with a potential insurance carrier. Quotes are subject to change depending on how much information you give at the time of the quote. The more forthcoming you are with information, the more accurate your insurance quote.

 How long does it take to get a car insurance quote?

Getting a single quote should not take much of your time. A lot of factors can affect the amount of time it takes to get an insurance quote. How many drivers and vehicles you have and where you get your quote, can all affect the time it takes to actually get a quote.

Call an insurance agent: You can expect to spend five to ten minutes giving an agent your information. Then it is typical for the agent to call you back with a quote. The call back time can vary from within the hour up to several hours. Your call should be returned on the same day unless you called late in the day. The return phone call will probably take an additional five to ten minutes depending on how many questions you have about the information given to you.

Get a quote online: 15 minutes is advertised as the time it takes to get an insurance quote online. Certainly, the time varies according to your computer skills and how many vehicles you need insurance on. Online quotes require a lot of detailed information in order to get an accurate quote.

 How many car insurance quotes should you get?

Three to five insurance quotes should give you a good look at what is available. A quick tip on getting multiple quotes at one time is to utilize independent agents. Independent agents sell insurance through multiple insurance carriers. An independent insurance agent will be able to check with each of its insurance carriers and give you their best rate. Ask an independent agent which companies they quoted you through so you do not get duplicate quotes when calling around.

A couple different online insurance websites give you the opportunity to get quotes from multiple insurance carriers too. You only need to input your information a single time to get quotes from several carriers. Getting multiple quotes at once is a huge time saver regardless if it is from an agent or online.

 How do you select the best automobile insurance quote?

Most people pick the best insurance quote based on price. A couple of other things to consider include how efficient the agent was at getting the quote to you and explaining all the information. If you are going the online route, how did you like inputting all of the information on your own? Do you feel comfortable with all the insurance terminology?

Just as important is whether or not the quote has the coverage you need and want. When you are getting quotes on car insurance, you should have each company run the quote a similarly as possible. It is the only way you will know which carrier has the best price for you.

 How often should you get automobile insurance quotes?

Getting quotes often is advertised frequently. But, how often should you really be getting insurance quotes? It really depends on your relationship with your insurance agency. If you love your insurance agent and trust them whole heartedly, then maybe you should never shop for a new insurance carrier. There is something to be said for good service.

Sometimes enough is enough when it comes to price though. And, there is nothing to say you can’t find good service somewhere else. If your car insurance premium increases significantly renewal after renewal, it is probably time to start inquiring about new insurance quotes.

To put an actual number on it, you should check around every two to three years unless something is happening to make you unhappy with your current carrier. Getting quotes will give you the information you need to make sure you are still receiving a competitive rate. If the price difference with the new quote is only a little bit cheaper, you should probably stick with what you have.

Automobile insurance quotes are one thing you should be comfortable with as a car owner. Insurance rates are always changing. Checking around for automobile insurance quotes could potentially save you hundreds of dollars.

So you want to know about car insurance huh? Well here we go…

Car insurance typically offers 4 different coverages. Liability for injuries to others and damage to their property, Physical Damage Coverage for your car or cars (Also referred to as Comp & Collision), Medical Expenses also known as PIP (Personal Injury Protection) or No-Fault Coverage & Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Protection for you and your family if you sustain a loss by someone who carries no insurance or lower limits than you do. These 4 basic coverages are required by the State of New York if you want to register a vehicle.

The State of New York is what they call a No-Fault state and all that means is no matter who is at fault, in the accident, your policy pays your medical bills and their policy pays their medical bills.

So with that being said, NY Auto Insurance is meant to protect you in the event that you cause injury or damage to others due to an auto accident. When you’re shopping for car insurance, there are several options to choose from—the most important is making sure the coverage that you purchase meets your needs. After all you are protecting your life and your investments, along with your loved ones around you.

Here is a basic overview of car insurance.

Liability Coverage is the number one most important coverage. If you cause an accident, injure someone or damage their property, this coverage is what will pay up to the limits you’ve selected. This coverage will also defend you if a lawsuit results due to an auto accident.

Comprehensive Coverage also referred to as Other than collision gives you coverage for missiles, falling objects, fire, theft, vandalism, riot, civil commotion, contact with bird or animal and we all know about the deer in NY state & breakage of glass…all too well.

Collision Coverage is for damage to your vehicle caused by hitting another car or object, your vehicle is hit by another car or if your vehicle rolls over.

If you have a loan on your vehicle most banks require you carry Comprehensive & Collision Coverage until the loan has been satisfied.

Medical Payments help pay for small injuries to anyone in your vehicle regardless of who is at fault in the accident.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage will help pay for damages and medical expenses if you’re hit by someone with no insurance or lower limits of liability than you carry.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) which in the state of New York is referred to as No-Fault Coverage. This pays for medical expenses and sometimes lost wages no matter who is at fault in the accident.

Understanding NY Car Insurance is a daunting task and having a local agent that can explain the coverage is very helpful. We at Gates-Cole Insurance pride ourselves in case-by-case customer service and being able to assist our clients in purchasing the protection they need.

Why Choose The Hartford for Car Insurance?

Switch your car insurance to the AARP® Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford1 and save. Enjoy great rates that recognize your driving experience and the extra benefits you deserve as an AARP member. You may even be eligible for additional savings. To learn more about automobile insurance and the savings and benefits you may qualify for, get a quote. It’s easy! In 8 minutes or less, you can complete your quote and discover exclusive online savings. With our Advantage program, coverage includes:

Lifetime Renewability Auto Insurance

Once you have an auto insurance policy with The Hartford, your coverage will be renewed for as long as you’re able to drive. Just meet a few simple requirements such as maintaining a valid driver’s license and paying your premiums.

12-Month Car Insurance Rate Protection

You can relax knowing your low car insurance premium is locked in for a full year. This sets The Hartford apart from other insurers who may change rates every six months.

RecoverCare – Assistance After an Accident

When you choose car insurance from The Hartford, we’re here for you if you’re injured in an automobile accident. RecoverCare coverage provides reimbursement for essential home services you cannot perform yourself after a covered accident. For example, it can help cover costs of services like house cleaning, lawn maintenance, snow removal, transportation services, food preparation and even dog walking.

New Car Replacement Coverage

If you total your new car within the first 15 months or 15,000 miles after you buy it (whichever comes first), we’ll pay to replace it with a new vehicle of the same make, model and equipment – with no deduction for depreciation.§§

Lifetime Car Repair Assurance

After a covered claim, when you use one of the 1,600+ authorized repair shops in our approved network, we will stand behind the quality of covered repairs for as long as you own or lease your vehicle. This also saves you the hassle of searching for a trusted repair service on your own.

24/7 Car Insurance Claims Hotline

Accidents can happen any time of day or night and you deserve an automobile insurance company that can respond immediately no matter what time you call. You can reach our claims reporting service 24/7, and we’ll walk you through the car insurance claims process. Our 6-Point Claim Commitment is your assurance of getting prompt, caring service throughout your claim experience.

3 Ways to Get Car Insurance Quotes

If you’re shopping for car insurance quotes for the first time (or even if you are an experienced driver), you might be wondering which of the following methods is best:

  • Getting car insurance quotes online.
  • Using a dedicated agent.
  • Using an independent agent (broker).

We’ll discuss the differences, along with the pros and cons of each.

Online Insurance Quotes

Getting car insurance quotes online can be a quick and easy way to compare auto insurance rates among many different carriers. By inputting some basic data, such as your age, car make, and model, and zip code, you can get an estimated quote that will help you make some decisions on which company might be best for you.

Some customers, however, prefer to speak with someone directly about their coverage needs, available discounts, and other personal considerations. This is when working with an insurance agent can help.

Car Insurance Agents & Brokers

A car insurance agent or broker functions as an intermediary between a customer and an insurance carrier.

Dedicated agents, also called captive agents, represent only one insurance company. This means you are only getting information on one company’s coverage and rates when you work with a captive agent.

Independent agents, also called insurance brokers, work as agents for multiple insurance companies and gather information from across the car insurance market to:

  • Compare insurance companies.
  • Help the customer select the right product and company for his or her needs.

Independent agents aren’t tied to one company, so they are able help their clients find the best coverage at the most affordable price.

Using an independent agent can save you the hassle of calling several car insurance companies. However, it’s important to understand that in some cases, they may not be able to obtain a car insurance quote from each company you’re interested in. Consequently, you may still need to call some dedicated agents or compare quotes online when shopping around for auto insurance.

One more benefit of using an independent agent is that she may be able to help you with other insurance you might need, such as boat, RV, and motorcycle coverage.

Which One Is Right for You?

There are specific pros and cons of each method of purchasing car insurance. Your own needs will dictate which is right for you.

A dedicated car insurance agent:

  • Works for one insurance company.
  • Often works on commission.
  • Has a vested interest in a specific company.
  • Can guide you so you can figure out the type of coverage you need.

An independent agent:

  • Helps you find the right coverage for your needs.
  • Chooses from many different insurance carriers and plans.
  • Might be able to find you less expensive coverage from the wide range of insurance options they can access.
  • Can offer you guidance in managing all of your insurance coverage.

Online quotes:

  • Allow you to skip the middle man.
  • Let you choose your insurance company and coverage yourself.
  • Let you shop online without worrying when the agent or broker will be available.
  • Provide for easy comparison-shopping amongst many companies.
  • Require that you determine the best coverage for you on your own.

Whichever way you choose to shop, be sure to get a least 3 car insurance quotes, as rates can vary greatly from company to company.

North Carolina Auto Insurance Coverage

Purchasing auto insurance is a necessity for anyone living in North Carolina. Having liability insurance is a requirement for those operating a vehicle in the state. For those in Burlington, Graham, or the Mebane area, Don Allred Insurance provides the best opportunity to get a policy that is right for your needs while also saving you the most money.

What Does Your North Carolina Auto Policy Need to Offer?

When selecting a car insurance policy, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Before you look for a policy, keep this in mind.

  • You must have the state’s minimum coverage for liability insurance. This includes bodily injury and property liability. This protects other drivers, not you.
  • Depending on the value of your car, you may need to consider a policy to protect its value. If you were involved in a car accident today, for example, and your vehicle was totaled, would you be able to replace it?
  • You also need to consider policies that protect you from uninsured motorists.

You also should consider the wide range of policy options available. For example, a comprehensive policy may be a good idea for many people who have a high-valued vehicle. At the same time, you may need collision coverage.

Getting the Right Price

With so many options for the driver to consider, it’s best to work with an agency that can help to guide your decisions. By working with an independent agency like Don Allred Insurance, you can get a fast quote right online. These quotes come from numerous available insurance providers in the area. You can then find the right policy with the right coverage and at the best possible price.