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The «Original» Dent Works of Paintless Dent Removal offers precision Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) services to the Colorado Springs, CO, Bristol, TN, Springfield, MO, and Las Cruces, NM, areas. We specialize in automotive hail repair, minor dent repair and door ding removal. Quality dent repair is our #1 priority, and all of our work is guaranteed.

Corner of Montebello Lane and the 5500 block of North Academy in Colorado Springs, CO.
The Paintless Dent Removal method uses precision tools to slowly push the dents out from the inside, leaving the paint finish untouched. No drilling is needed—Access is gained by removing interior panels or existing access points. It’s like the dent was never there in the first place! For more information about Paintless Dent Removal, please read the «What is PDR?» page.

Some dents may be too severe for PDR; a technician will need to see the dent to determine whether or not we can repair it. For an idea of what type of dents PDR can repair, browse through our PDR Gallery. Additionally, you can take a picture of your dent and e-mail it to us, so that we can determine whether or not the dent can be repaired with PDR.

Prices start at $75. If you have more than a few dings you want to take care of, call us for an estimate. Larger dents start at $150, although we would need to see the vehicle to give an accurate quote.
If you have hail damage, we can deal directly with your insurance company. A hail claim is considered an act of nature and will not cause your premiums to increase. Click here for more information on hail damage and your car.

Some dent companies might advertise rock bottom prices or promise free offers to perform other services, but this is not our philosophy at The «Original» Dent Works of Paintless Dent Removal in Colorado Springs. Our quality of work is first rate and our pricing is always fair.

About Us
The «Original» Dent Works of Paintless Dent Removal was started by Jerry Powell in Springfield Mo. Jerry and Stuart have been in the paintless dent removal business since 1988 and 1990 respectively. Together they opened up Dent Works of Colorado Springs in 2002-2003. They have been all over the country and the world repairing hail-damaged vehicles. A few years back they decided to go in different directions. Stuart wanted to slow down a ittle from chasing the storms and stayed to continue running the Springs shop. Jerry still likes the travelling, so he’s on the road constantly.
We are approved vendors with all major insurance companies, and if a hailstorm damages your vehicle, we can work directly with your insurance company to have your claim settled and your vehicle repaired in a timely manner. We are not affiliated with any insurance company direct repair program. An insurance company program often seeks generous discounts from affiliated body shops and at The «Original» Dent Works of Paintless Dent Removal in Colorado Springss we believe this leads to cutting corners and sacrificing quality. We always perform hail damage and dent repairs to the highest possible standards, and all of our repairs are guaranteed.
Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is an innovative process for repairs at a fraction of the cost. Hail Damage, Minor Dings, and Dents will be less than conventional body work. Five Star Hail offers Paintless Dent Repair. At Five Star Hail, we specialize in PDR or Paintless Dent Repair for Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. This method of Dent Repair is a way of removing creases, small dents, and dings. Using specialized tools, and a skilled and certified technician, we will remove your dents, Dings, and Hail Damage to where it’s looking new again. Our technicians at Five Star Hail will provide meticulous service and spend the suitable amount of time so we can correctly complete any job. Jake, our owner, is a master technician with over 10 years of experience Specializing in Hail Damage. Jake believes in providing the best technicians, customer service, and job quality to all of his customers. Five Star Hail is the shop you need to go to for Paintless Dent Repair in Colorado Springs. Our residents trust us, and so should you!
Our Top Dent Repair Services In Colorado Springs
Paintless Dent repair Colorado Springs
Dent/Ding Repair
hail damage Repair Colorado Springs
Hail Damage Repair
Ding repair Colorado Springs
Motorcycle Dent Repair
Repair Car Dents
Five Star Hail has a lengthy and successful record of auto dent repair. Using our Paintless Dent Repair technique is our specialty! It’s always part of our Automobile Restoration process! This is the most affordable, yet highly effective method for Auto Dent Removal. From just a few Dents and Dings… To hundreds of Dents and Dings (typically this is caused by severe Devastating Hail Storms…). Five Star Hail will restore your vehicle, even to the pre-damaged state! This is all done without disturbing the vehicles original factory paint finish! Our highly skilled, Paintless Dent Repair Technicians, can remove all of those unsightly Door Dings and Minor Dents from your automobile. All while maintaining it’s original factory finish. Our PDR method allows for a Paintless Dent Repair process that you can only find here in Colorado Springs, CO. Using no fillers, painting, or sanding, this allows for increased vehicle resale value and minimum repair time.
Auto Hail Repair Services
Has your vehicle been damaged in a hail storm? If so, Five Star Hail has a streamlined Auto Hail Repair process that minimizes any stress or headaches you are feeling during this hectic time. Our vehicles are one of the top household expenses and we love our cars. When our car or truck gets caught in the middle of a Hail Storm, we feel helpless as we watch the damage occurring. The Auto Hail Repair Specialists at Five Star Hail understand and are here to assist.
Since our prices are considerably less traditional body shop repairs, we can save you hundreds of dollars over conventional body shop repairs in Colorado Springs, CO. Typically a Paintless Dent Repair repair can be done at a fraction of the cost of your traditional body shop repairs. Fast Paintless Dent Repair Service.
Quick and Convenient
Five Star Hail has proven technique that removes typical Small Dents quickly. Unlike conventional types of auto body repair, using this process, there’s NO possibility of Shrinkage… Cracking… Sanding lines… or paint texture differences… Plus it’s permanent!
Dent & Ding Repair
Ding Repair Colorado Springs
If you have lived in Colorado you probably have experienced Hail Damage at some point, but you may not know the benefits of PDR. If you have ever had a Dent or Ding on your vehicle, you know just how aggravating it can be. A single, Small Dent, or Ding on a vehicle door, will not affect how the vehicle performs mechanically, but will likely drive you crazy every time you see it. Additionally, only having a few Small Dents or Dings is often not enough damage to warrant an insurance claim. This method is as close as you can get to never having a Dent in the first place. So unlike most conventional repairs, with us, you won’t experience some of the same problems, such as fillers or paint shrinkage. Usually, these appear months after the repair. Once the repair is made, it does not come back! Using the PDR method will also help maintain the resell value of your vehicle.
Ideal For:
Shallow creases and horizontal imperfections, Parking lot door dings, Shopping cart dents, Depressions caused by objects falling on a vehicle, Dents in the hood or truck usually caused by pushing down too hard while closing, Indentations from balls or other thrown objects, Outward dents typically caused by objects shifting in the trunk or even by closing the trunk on tall cargo, Other common forms of minor body damage, Stop by our shop for Affordable and Fast Dent Repair Services here in Colorado Springs. Our residents count on us, and so should you!