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At County Line Auto Body, Inc. we are part of an ethical, trustworthy, honorable business within the Collision Industry. We take pride in our professionalism and our ability to serve our customers and community. Our participation within the community will continue to be an important part of our business practice. We respect the law and the environment. We continue to further our education and are proud to have technicians who are ASE and I-CAR certified. These certifications are the highest level of education in the industry.

County Line Auto Body is a proud recipient of OSHA’s Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) award.
I have an older car that has been through a lot. I admit, I’m not the best driver. I’ve run over curbs, bumped into curbs, ran over those cement blocks in parking lots
you forget exist, etc.
I’ve also been unlucky. Twice in a year someone smashed my bumper. The first was in a wawa parking lot and of course between the time I grabbed my coffee and returned to my car, someone swiped it and drove off. The second was just recently, where some person smashed into my car once again, the same spot…this time while I was working out at the gym. Waaa!

As a graduate student who isn’t made of money, County Line saved me. My bumper was popped out and a piece was dragging. You could hear it screech once I hit 30 mph. Maybe 35. I called Toyota but they told me they didn’t deal with bumpers/body repairs, and referred me to County Line Auto.

County Line Auto Body is fantastic. They looked at my car and asked me what was important… I said price and quality of repairs. Cosmetics I could care less.
Rich looked at my car, gave me an estimate and how many hours of labor, and informed me they would do their best to repair it, but once they looked under the hood so to speak if I needed a new bumper, they would call me. I was satisfied with his assessment.

His estimate turned out to be spot on and my car was ready in less than a day. I spent exactly the estimated price. (Very affordable for a graduate student/adjunct instructor). No, it’s not pretty but I didn’t ask for it to look pretty. I wanted my car fixed and not scammed into buying a new bumper if it was not necessary.
The office workers at the front desk were equally exceptional. Friendly, professional. If you file a claim, they accept most major insurances. You can also just pay cash.

County Line Auto Body turned a very stressful situation into a very calm and smooth process. I highly recommend County Line Auto Body. I’m not very familiar with cars and mechanics and admit I feel as though my limited knowledge had hurt me in the past. I respect County Line Auto for treating me like a person and acknowledging my situation, anxiety, and need for a reliable and honest repair.

As my fellow yelper wrote in the review below, no need to go anywhere else.
Great place, people, service. Thank you !
Established in 1980, County Line Auto Body has been serving central New Jersey for over 30 years. Our collision business is OEM certified for many manufactures, including; Mercedes Benz, General Motors, Ford, Hyundai, Chrysler, Nissan, Infiniti, Honda, and Acura. We are excited to share that most recently we just finalized our training and certification on the all -new Cadillac CT6, Nissan GT-R, Tesla, VW, and Volvo. Additionally, our team has completed training with BMW and Toyota. Last, we are in the process of gaining certification for both Porsche and Audi. Here at County Line, not only do we care about repairing your vehicle properly; we also put that same quality into our customer service.