Collision tech

Automobile collision repair is our business. We can turn an unpleasant experience into a pleasant experience very quickly. You have already had one accident, don’t have another…choose the right shop. Choose a company that will ensure a professionally done, timely repair without any hassle. Our staff is trained and experienced in working through the accident claims handling process and can make it hassle free for you.

Located in Kennesaw, Georgia, Collision Tech is convenient to all of Metro Atlanta. Collision Tech specializes in paint, unibody and full frame work. A «one-stop shop» for paint, body, frame and even your rental car needs.

If you are looking for piles of greasy car parts, dark and dingy walls and a garage filled with the odor of old gas, then you are not at Car-Tech Collision in Green, Ohio. Owner, Jason Rettberg and his team of professionals pride themselves on maintaining a bright, clean and organized working environment. Car-Tech Collision has been designed to accomodate a two lane system which facilitates a state of the art, expedited repair.

“Our detailed Standards of Operating Procedures (SOP) ensure that every vehicle is meticulously cared for. which results in the highest level of quality repair and service.”

Collision is the fastest growing tech conference in America. Now in its fifth year, Collision has grown to over 25,000 attendees and is in for a big change in 2019. Following three sunny, jazz-filled years in New Orleans, we’re moving Collision to Toronto.
Our host cities have always had a big impact on our conferences and we’re excited to show you what Toronto has to offer. From its diverse population to its position as an AI torch-bearer, there is a lot going on in Toronto’s startup scene.