Bert smith collision center

Since 1976, Rick’s Paint & Body has providing Augusta area residents with the best collision repair services around. No matter how your vehicle has been damaged — fender bender, hail damage, cracked windshield – we’ve got you covered. Rick’s Paint & Body aims to make your experience with our paint and body shop fast, affordable, and always a pleasure. It’s that frame of mind that’s earned us the honor of being one of the best paint and body shops in the area. Call us today for a free estimate!
We’re a paint and body shop in Augusta – so why would we be posting about axles and tires? The simple answer is that they often lead to accidents that require our services.

Think about it this way: Your car, truck, van, SUV, or whatever you drive has to make contact with the road to move forward. The only point of contact is with your tires, so if something happens to a tire, you’re going to know it immediately.

But something has to move the tires to give them power and propel you forward, which is where the axle comes in. It works along with a CV joint and driveshaft to transfer power from the engine to your tires.

Needless to say, if something bad happened to any of these parts, you’d be in trouble on the road. Which is why you should care!

For tires, each one has tread level specifications and different ratings. Some are intended for faster driving with better handling, some are optimized for wet roads, etc. Make sure to check the tread level periodically to ensure you aren’t driving on bad tires, such as underinflated or balding tread. Some will wear out your tires faster, but others can put you in danger of losing grip while driving.

If it’s time to buy new ones, you often get what you pay for – especially for longevity. The more expensive tires tend to last longer and stay safer, but make sure to ask your mechanic what’s best for your driving needs.

If you ever sense a shaking sensation or some sort of clunky feeling while driving, it could point to an axle or driveshaft issue. If you ever feel something is wrong with your vehicle while driving, try to get it looked at as soon as possible – because you could be right!

Ultimately, our hope is that you won’t get into an accident, and remembering your tires and parts that make them turn is one way to better avoid one. But remember, if you ever need a collision center’s services, we are here and ready to serve you well.
Accidents happen. And while a BMW Certified Collision Repair Center like Bert Smith can’t undo the accident, it can undo the damage.

All repair work is done by Bert Smith BMW-trained technicians, using BMW repair procedures and approved tools and equipment to meet BMW’s repair specifications. Only Original BMW Parts are used.

Bert Smith and BMW offers a two-year limited warranty on all Original BMW Parts used to repair your BMW. In addition, Bert Smith offers a lifetime Repair Guarantee* on work we perform.

And the peace of mind that your Ultimate Driving Machine will continue to live up to its name.

We not only service and repair BMWs but also Porsche, VW, Subaru, and all makes and models to the same exacting standards and with the precise detail that you would expect.

At Bert Smith, we know that having and accident is a traumatic experience. Isn’t it nice to know that getting your car back to showroom condition doesn’t have to be?

Bert Smith is proud to employ the BMW ColorSystem solution. ColorSystem is the end product of many years of research and development and stringent laboratory testing. Using only environmentally-friendly, water-based paints, ColorSystem products surpass regulatory standards while still giving you a high quality finish which meets BMW Group’s quality requirements for color match, intensity, brightness, and protection. You’ll also find that ColorSystem sails through the most crucial test of all-not seeing where the damage was.