Auto repair supplies

F.A.T.S. prides itself in providing an extensive selection of auto services for just about any make and model of vehicle you’ll find in the Anchorage, AK area and beyond! Whether you’re looking for top-of-the-line parts that are right off the shelf, or need a muffler change, we’ve got what you need. In most cases, we have the parts and tools you need right here on the shelf in Anchorage, but if we don’t you needn’t worry: we have years of experience getting you the parts and work you need -on time and affordably. So whatever parts or services you need for your vehicle, come see us in Anchorage for the best service, the best prices and the highest level of reliability!
Excellent parts and services
Our staff knows cars and car parts. Whether you require parts for your high-performance car or a family vehicle, we can supply you with the advice you need to make the right choice. From air filters to carburetors, our experts will never steer you wrong. Our areas of expertise include:
Auto Repair and Service Tune-up
I/M Certified Testing & Repair
Front End Alignments
Scheduled Manufactures
Tire Services
Fuel Injection Service
Pre-Buyer Inspections
Parts & Labor Guaranteed for 12 Months or 12,000 Miles*
Maintenance Services Performed for Factory New Car Warranty
Oils & Lubricants
We offer the world finest motor oils, conventional, blend, and synthetic. Give your sales person a call cases, gallons, and drums we have what you need!

Brake Fluid
Brake Fluid
Often over looked brake fluid also needs to be changed-be sure to test the brake fluid every time you do a brake job!

Weather you’re doing a water pump or a complete timing belt change-fresh coolant is a must. Be sure to properly flush the system and follow the manufacturers recommendation for dilution

Filters (Oil, Air, Cabin)
Filters (Oil, Air, Cabin)
With two main lines Purolator and Premium Guard we are your source for your filtration needs. Weather you customer’s vehicle uses conventional oils or long life fully synthetics we have the proper filter for the application.

Cleaners & Solvents
Cleaners & Solvents
Carb clean, brake clean, engine degreasers, and solvents-cans to drums you can count on USA for a wide selection of options.

Engine Treatments
Engine Treatments
Dirty injectors? High mileage vehicle with carbon build up? USA has the answer from the leaders in the industry!