Auto body repair billings mt

Why choose Track Side Auto Body over other shops in the Billings area? Here are five reasons that might sway you:
We’ve been in business for over a decade.
We’re certified by the Assured Performance Network.
We have I-Car Gold recognition, which is the highest level of achievement in the collision industry.
We offer aluminum and paintless dent repair services.
We’re a local, family-owned business.
Choose auto technicians who will treat you like family. Call 406-256-8366 now to schedule auto repair service in Billings, Montana.
Ask your friends and neighbors about us. We’re well-known in the community. Our clients appreciate our dedication and precision. You’ll be glad you hired us to repair your car. Contact us ASAP to learn more about the services at our auto body shop in Billings, Montana.
As Montana’s largest family owned collision repair facility, Big Sky Collision Center has provided the town of Billings with superior collision and auto body repair work since 1978. Big Sky is recognized by Chrysler Group LLC, Tesla, Infiniti, Honda & Acura, Ford, and Nissan as a Certified Collision Repair Facility and a Collision Care Provider.
It is your legal right to choose where you take your vehicle for repairs after an accident. So why choose us? Not only do we have more certifications than any shop in the state of Montana, but we also sit on Advisory Boards for 4 different car manufacturers as experts in our industry. This is not so we can brag about our accolades…everything we do at Big Sky Collision Center comes down to safety. When you bring your vehicle to us, you can leave knowing your vehicle has been restored to factory safety standards so that you and your family are protected in any future collision.
We also employ a full-time hail damage repair team to fix hail dents using paintless dent repair. This method allows for a quick turnaround and maintains your vehicle’s original finish.
Vehicle Maintenance Tips
As experts in auto body repair, we have learned many important lessons about maintaining the vehicle. From engine maintenance to frequently washing cars, to fixing hail damage and preparing for a road trip, we offer some of our experience to help you get the most out of your vehcile.
If you have been in an accident, or you are just getting around to having those dents and dings repaired, you probably know a bit about the process. You understand the time period, the basic repair process, and what to expect when it comes time to pick up your fully repaired vehicle.

auto body repair billings montana

But along the way you will probably hear some terms that aren’t used every day. Some of them you may wonder the meaning. As we strive to be the best auto body repair shop in Billings, we want to make sure that you are fully versed. Don’t worry, if you forget we can tell you when you’re in the shop.

Aftermarket and OEM Parts
There are a variety of different parts that can be used when fixing your vehicle. The most common are aftermarket and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). When available, OEM parts are always going to be better; they are produced and tested by the vehicle maker. Aftermarket parts are generally cheaper, but their quality may not be as high as desired to maintain vehicle safety.

Before work is done, your vehicle may need an appraisal. Your insurance company will have it appraised, and determine if the cost of repairs goes beyond the value of the vehicle. If it does, then it is subject to being totaled. For instance, if your vehicle is worth $10,000, but it would cost $12,000 to fix it; your insurance company may not allow the repair claim.

Understanding an estimate is especially important when you are paying out-of-pocket. When it comes to auto body repair, we have been around for quite a while. So we know what to expect. But until the vehicle has been disassembled, there is no way to know for sure the full extent of the repairs. An estimate is not always going to be the final amount, but should come really close.

Direct Repair
Insurance companies have their chosen auto body shops that they like to work with. In their “Direct Repair” program, they can suggest an auto body shop where you should go to have the work performed, but you get the ultimate say in the matter. Be wary about any claims from an insurance company about the repair process using their direct repair partner versus someone else.


PDR, or Paintless Dent Repair, is a faster and more cost efficient way of taking out dents. A light hail storm can cause just a few dents that are easily popped back into place by our trained PDR technicians. There are a few times PDR isn’t available: when the paint is damaged and when there are simply too many dings to make it worth the time. Here in Billings, with our frequent hail storms, our PDR technicians know what they’re doing!

R&I vs R&R
These are more likely to show up on your estimate and final work order than to be said. And they have to do with the damage and how it is fixed.

R&I, which stands for remove and install, means that an undamaged part needs to be removed, set to the side, and then reinstalled after the underlying work has been done.

R&R, which stands for remove and replace, means that a damaged part needs to be removed, then either repaired or replaced, and then reinstalled after the underlying work has been done.

Repair Order/Work Order
All the work that is done on your vehicle is recorded. Every part that is repaired or replaced is tracked, all supplies used are tracked, and all of the hours of labor are tracked. They ultimately show up on the repair order, or sometimes called the work order. It is here that you will likely see many of these terms (and a whole lot more).

Bring Your Dents to Big Sky Collision Center in Billings, Montana
Here at Big Sky Collision Center, we are in the business of fixing vehicles. As we strive to be the best auto body shop in Billings, we have a firm commitment to uncompromising integrity. That means that we do it right, even when it costs more. The result is that you have a vehicle that comes back to you meeting all factory safety standards.