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Waiting forever to get your loan funded, worrying about if you’re going to get approved because you don’t know your credit score, having to jump through hoops just to get a pre-approval… you shouldn’t have to go through all this when you’re applying for a loan. With Mogo, you don’t have to.

Why get MogoMoney?

Take the stress out of borrowing
Get your no-obligation loan pre-approval in just 3 minutes. Have a question about your loan? Chat online with our Happiness Expert team!

Get out of debt faster

With on-time payments, you could access lower rates or higher loan amounts2. When you open a MogoAccount, you get a personalized dashboard. Depending on your MogoMoney product, you could see your payment amount, progress, and more.

How much can I save?

Credit cards have an endless term that can keep you in a dangerous and expensive debt cycle. Installment loans, like the MogoLiquid loan, have a fixed term. With a fixed term loan, you can save thousands on interest compared to a credit card — even at the same interest rate.
Mogo has partnered with Equifax, the largest credit bureau in Canada and the one used by many banks and finance companies to monitor your credit score. It shows how trustworthy you are when it comes to money. Your credit score matters when landlords, lenders, and employers determine what to offer you.


At this score, it’s likely difficult to get access to score dependant services (like financing), but don’t worry: time heals all wounds and you can improve your score over time.

With some work, this score can get on track to great! The higher you get, the more open lenders and landlords are to work with you. Fun fact — couples whose credit scores are similar are 24% more likely to stay together. Nice.


Most Canadians are in the 660 range, which is considered pretty good! Don’t let your score settle under 680 though. Having a score over 680 will get you better mortgage rates and allow you to qualify for a higher mortgage.

With a score like this, you’re definitely on track! You’re likely a desirable candidate to lenders, and to landlords and employers who check credit scores.

Impressive! You’re clearly handling your finances like a boss. This score, combined with your income, should make financing and approvals from lenders, landlords, employers, etc. easy peasy.


Wow! Consider your finances ruled. It’s easy for you to get a loan with the best rates possible. Services that check credit scores will have high expectations from you. Did you know, 67% of Canadians would choose a partner with a good credit score over good looks?

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Detect identity fraud
A stolen identity could cost you a lot of money and time. Help protect yourself against identity fraud with MogoProtect3.