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  • Law and lawyers

    With vast experience of conveyancing we offer a wide range of professional legal advice on buying and selling residential / commercial property in England and Wales. We also deal with […]

  • Lawyer company

    Law is a big service-based business. Business, finance, taxation, litigation, corporate affairs, conflicts, patents, copyrights, antitrust, property, labor, arbitration, as well as administration, political, and social matters all require law […]

  • Law firm news

    Trusted insight, news and analysis from the UK and across the globe Connections to senior business lawyers within the leading law firms and legal departments Unique access to ALM’s unrivalled, […]

  • Where do lawyers work

    All lawyers are not alike. Contrary to the images we see in movies and on television they are not all running to trial every week to try a case. Lawyers […]

  • Where can a lawyer work

    Lawyers work in all types of employment settings and may do some work for every type of employer out there, whether large or small. To simplify, note that lawyers are […]

  • Types of lawyers and salaries

    There are many different types of lawyers (also called attorneys). At some point in time, almost everyone will benefit from understanding what lawyers do, their educational background, and what different […]

  • Lawyer job openings

    Online employment boards and job listings have become one of the easiest ways to locate current job openings, including those in the legal field. Some cater specifically to law job […]

  • Find legal aid

    You might be able to get a short appointment with a solicitor for free or a set cost. Other solicitors might work for you on a ‘no win, no fee’ […]

  • Consumer law

    Consumer law involves all of the regulations and statutes that seek to create a more equitable balance for buyers in the marketplace and prevent sellers from using dishonest tactics. A […]

  • Us lawyer

    The legal system affects nearly every aspect of our society, from buying a home to crossing the street. Lawyers form the backbone of this system, linking it to society in […]