Civil attorney

We do not consider our clients to be «files.» This philosophy informs and pervades our representation. Because the majority of our clients are referred to us by other attorneys and professionals, we consider it our first priority to be accessible to our clients and ensure open and regular communication. In that regard, we do not charge for client communications. We believe that availability to our clients and the information gained from open communications is the essential element to success at trial.
Immigration Problems
Our law firm handles complex Immigration Matters like Removal Defense, Business Immigration, and Employee Compliance Issues. In that regard, we integrate our litigation skills to resolve Immigration Matters with remedies in Federal District Court or the appropriate Appellate Court. Our ability to litigate with the Department of Homeland Security distinguishes our Immigration Practice.
Civil Litigation
We take a disciplined approach to Civil Litigation. Our practice is active in both state and federal courts in Connecticut. We handle jury trials and many of our cases are referrals from other attorneys. While we caution our clients as to the inherent risks of placing a dispute before a jury, we welcome the opportunity to try cases to verdict.
Business Litigation
Save money for your company with our cost-effective Business Litigation. We put emphasis on goals and develop the means to win each particular case. Every case is different and our personalized strategies address the client and the specific issues at hand. We offer litigation solutions that work.
We solve problems. And to solve problems we use our experience in both Civil and Administrative Law.
Glenn & ElyssaWe solve problems. And to solve problems we use our experience in both Civil and Administrative Law. Our experience in Immigration, where the rules and laws are complex and inconsistent , sharpened our ability to understand and engage complex issues as they arose in Civil Litigation.
Today our practice in both Civil Litigation and Immigration requires our constant and intensive study of the law. We apply both a commonsense and intellectual approach to our clients’ problems. We are not afraid to appeal adverse decisions based on questionable legal grounds, or when we believe the law violates due process and fair play. In the future, we intend to grow and change with the needs of our clients. That change is happening now.
Many of our clients are seeking business opportunities abroad and need our assistance as local counsel to integrate their foreign businesses with an American counterpart or partner. We are assisting those clients with services as general counsel. In this role we advise them not only on Immigration matters, but also with specialized legal problems outside of our own practice areas, such as tax liabilities, environmental compliance, or securities. We do this by finding and then supervising attorneys in other states or working with legal specialists to solve specific problems. Our Civil Practice provides us with a unique perspective on risk and a broad understanding of the legal issues facing foreign-born individuals and foreign-based businesses.
In an era where what is global has become local, we believe that legal practitioners must remain current with the global needs of their clients.
Our approach was not developed all at once or in a single event. In 2002, when Attorney Glenn Formica incorporated Formica, P.C., the focus was small business litigation that involved employment law, real estate, construction disputes, or broken business partnerships. Although Attorney Formica, had practiced Immigration law at his prior law firm, it was not intended to be a significant part of his new practice. That soon changed.
At first, Immigration cases were handled by Attorney Formica as either a courtesy to existing business clients or pro bono when referred from the community. But by 2003, the nature of Immigration Law changed from being transactional and service-based to a new focus on administrative procedure and litigation. The interaction with the Federal Bureaucracy was based on confrontation and legal strategy . This was a profound change.
Our Immigration Practice then grew in response to that change. Many of our clients were themselves foreign nationals or small businesses with critical employees who were foreign born. Our experience in Civil Litigation became a necessary skill in this new era of Immigration Processing.