Juvenile attorney

Juvenile lawyers are defense attorneys who represent minors who have committed criminal infractions. Some juvenile lawyers also work as child advocates, raising public awareness of legal and social issues involving children and teens, and representing their best interests to the court. Juvenile lawyers must fulfill the same educational requirements as other attorneys. They must complete three years of law school beyond college, pass their state’s bar examination, provide the board of bar examiners with character references, and pass a criminal background check.
Seek out volunteer opportunities. Professors from John Marshall Law School recommend that prospective juvenile lawyers volunteer within the juvenile justice system prior to pursuing a career in juvenile law. Volunteering allows students to develop professional contacts and gain experience in the field while helping out their communities.
Take the appropriate law school coursework. During your three years of law school, focus on classes that will give you the skills you need to practice juvenile law. They include criminal law, administrative law, trial advocacy, family law and appellate procedure. Some law schools also offer specialized coursework and practicums covering juvenile law and child advocacy.
Contact organizations that hire juvenile lawyers. While many juvenile lawyers work in private practice, they are also employed by a variety of governmental and nonprofit organizations, including public defenders’ offices, Legal Aid, offices of guardians ad litem, child welfare agencies, and juvenile courts.
Participate in professional development programs that will give you the specialized skills you need to secure a position as a juvenile lawyer. John Marshall Law School explains that juvenile lawyers must be strong listeners, negotiators, and have a strong sense of empathy. In addition to continuing legal education courses that keep you up-to-date on the formal developments in the juvenile justice field, take courses in social work, counseling and mediation so that you can better meet the needs of your clients.
What would you do if your child or loved one got in trouble and was arrested by the police or charged with a crime? You would want an attorney who focuses on that area of law to help you. A lawyer with a proven record of helping their clients in the toughest and most vulnerable situations for them and their family’s life. You would call Juvenile Defense Attorney, Katie Walsh.
Prosecutors and Schools have become increasingly aggressive in the manner in which the police are called and charges are brought against children. As a criminal defense attorney Katie Walsh has successfully defended many cases involving the most serious charges down to the minor charges- all the while obtaining the best results with the least impact on her clients’ records.
Hiring the right defense attorney for a child is one of the most important decisions you will make. As a Juvenile Defense Attorney, Katie Walsh will take great care to make their case stand apart from the others, put in the best light possible and obtain the best possible outcome.
Emphasizing Juvenile Law & School Discipline
Ms. Walsh was a prosecutor with the Orange County District Attorney’s Office for 9 years. During that time, amongst other assignments, she served as a Juvenile Prosecutor at the Lamoreaux Justice Center in the City of Orange and as a Domestic Violence & Child Abuse Prosecutor. She has chosen to focus her practice on Juvenile Law and School Discipline using her prosecutorial experience to her clients’ advantage.
Ms. Walsh is a successful Juvenile Attorney who has handled thousands of juvenile cases. As a former juvenile prosecutor, she knows the ins and outs of Juvenile Court. Most attorneys concentrate on Adult Crime, and are out of their element when it comes to juvenile law because there are different rules and procedures. Few attorneys focus their practice on juvenile law. Ms. Walsh wants to get your child a second chance.
Ms. Walsh has tried approximately 85 trials in felony and misdemeanor matters including: Attempted Murder, Aggravated Mayhem, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Domestic Violence, Rape, Possession of Drugs and Drug Sales, Drunk Driving, Petty Theft, Resisting Arrest and a variety of other juvenile misdemeanor and juvenile felony matters.
Ms. Walsh has extensive experience with School Discipline and Expulsion Hearings, and has successfully negotiated with schools and school districts on children’s behalf many times.
Her knowledge and familiarity with the District Attorney’s Office and the Judges whom she’s appeared in front of and developed a rapport, gives her clients a distinct advantage with their cases- whether it comes to negotiating great results or taking the case to trial in front of a judge or jury.
Ms. Walsh knows how the police and prosecutors investigate and compile a case against you. She knows you do not want to go to jail, or your child to have a criminal record. She now uses all of these skills, connections and tenacity to defend individuals being investigated and charged with a crime
Ms. Walsh is expert at obtaining Restraining and Protective Orders which can protect victim’s and families.