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Not sure if you have enough insurance?
Depending on your personal circumstances, you may need to include what is known as an endorsement or rider in your insurance policy.
Choosing the Right Coverage
You can change how much coverage you have in certain situations by adding an endorsement (rider) to your car insurance policy. Here are just a few examples.
Extra Financial Security for Your Family
The Family Protection endorsement supplements the Uninsured Motorist/Automobile coverage you already receive with your policy.
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Added Protection for a New Vehicle
The Waiver of Depreciation endorsement guarantees that no depreciation will be applied to your new vehicle for 24 months.
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Alternate Transportation Benefits
The Loss of Vehicle Use endorsement can help cover the cost of alternate transportation if your vehicle is being repaired or replaced due to a covered risk.5
Forgiveness for First At-Fault Accident
The Accident Protection endorsement will help protect your good driving record and keep your premiums low.6
Satellite Program Endorsement
The Satellite Program endorsement is a comprehensive emergency roadside and driver assistance program.
Choosing the Right Coverage
Your car insurance policy must include some coverage to protect you financially against major risks. Here are three types of coverage that are typically required.
Protection Against Liability Claims
Liability Coverage (civil liability coverage in Quebec) protects you financially if you are legally liable for injuring someone or causing damage to another person’s property or automobile while operating a motor vehicle.
Minimum required: Depends on province or territory
Recommended: You may need more than the minimum set by your provice or territory. Get advice from an RBC Insurance Advisor for the right amount for your situation.
Protection Against Injury or Death
If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, Accident Benefits coverage can help replace your lost income or pay for medical, rehabilitation and other expenses not covered by government health insurance.
It can also provide benefits to your spouse or partner and dependent children if you are killed in an accident.
Minimum required: Depends on province or territory (not required in Quebec or Newfoundland)
Recommended: Standard coverage, unless you don’t have sufficient disability insurance*
*Ontario residents can increase coverage
Protection Against Uninsured or Unidentified Drivers
Uninsured Motorist or Automobile coverage provides benefits to you or your family if you are injured or killed by an uninsured or unidentified driver.
It also helps pay for damages to your vehicle if they’re caused by an identified uninsured motorist.
Minimum required: Depends on province or territory (not offered in Quebec)
Recommended: Standard coverage, unless you don’t have sufficient disability insurance**
**You can supplement coverage with the Family Protection endorsement.