How to call a lawyer

Most of those people are full of crap. However, some people (mostly wealthy business-persons) have ongoing relationships with a law firm that they use for business purposes on a regular basis, such as a land developer who writes multiple contracts per month and has routine contact with their lawyer. Because they are familiar with the law firm they will start their first and if that firm cannot handle it, that firm should be able to refer them to someone who can.
Even more rare is the frequent and somewhat successful criminal who knows he is always at risk of being arrested for one of his illegal activities who goes to the trouble and expense putting a lawyer on retainer. This would involve paying the attorney a few thousand up front as a standing retainer which would help ensure that he is bailed out as soon as possible. When he is arrested, instead of calling a law firm cold not knowing anyone and going through the receptionist and hoping a lawyer eventually shows up at jail or arrange his bail, he will already have an established relationship and have paid his first installment so that the attorney can begin immediately already knowing who his client is. These lawyers may also be consulted so that the criminal knows precisely what is illegal and what is not. The attorney cannot assist with committing any crimes, but the attorney can tell someone whether an activity is illegal.
I’m amazed at all but Paul’s answer.
My company has a lawyer, as does hundred of thsounds of other American companies. It’s actually a whole law firm, it just one lawyer. They incorporated the company and wrote the contracts we use with customers and vendors. Personally, I’d never tell anyone to call the, directly, as that would just add to the high cost of legal work. But I have threatened to have my lawyer call others, and had to go through with that threat once and the lawyers did so by drafting an letter.
I’ve worked with patent and trade make lawyers. When the USPTO sends a letter with a response, the proposer next step is to consult your lawyer to draft a response. I’ve been on the phone with a USPTO patent clerk, talking directly to him, without my lawyer on the phone, and when I didn’t know the best answer for a question I suggested we ask my lawyer for an answer.
I also have a divorce lawyer. Similarly, I wouldn’t have my ex call him directly, as that just cost me money. But her lawyer and my lawyer had many conversations as they worked through the details of the divorce decree. We managed to do 90% of the details with a mediator, but the final contracts were drafted and reviewed and negotiated through our lawyers.
I could go on with tax lawyers, depositions, government advocacy and other specialists, but I’ve not been in situations where I had to call upon a lawyer to represent me in such cases. I did have a lawyer sitting next to me while I testified to the legislature in Olympia, but in that case he asked me to join him in some advocacy of a bill, as he was in need of an entrepreneur.
In short, lawyers are useful tools. They are expensive, and thus you have to be either rich or angry to tell someone to call your lawyer, but it certainly happens just like in the movies, but more often it’s just you calling and the threats are made in letters and email rather than phones calls.