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On a previous blog post, we’ve covered the basics of Visa Cancellations and Refusals – what to do, who to contact and some of the reasons visas are cancelled or refused. Today our immigration lawyer in Sydney is going to expound on one of the conditions for cancellation: Cancellation under Section 109 or cancellation due to incorrect information or false documents.
Whether or not you intentionally provided incorrect information or false documents in your visa application, the Minister of Immigration may cancel your visa. This happens when the Department of Immigration and Border Patrol believes that you:
did not answer or provided an incorrect answer on your visa application form or passenger card
did not notify the DIBP that due to a change in circumstances, previously provided answers or information are no longer correct or were incorrect at the time they were provided
intentionally provided false or bogus documentation to the Department of Immigration and Border Patrol
The above reasons are why enlisting the services of an immigration lawyer in Sydney in fulfilling and completing your visa application is strongly recommended. An immigration lawyer in Sydney is the equivalent of a fine-toothed comb as they are uniquely qualified to assess, scrutinized and ensure that a visa application form is correctly completed. This is especially useful to know because the cancellation of your visa will not be overturned regardless if it was proven that you indeed did not know that you have provided incorrect information or bogus documentation. However, it will be a relevant consideration that will be taken into account by the DIBP in deciding whether or not to cancel your visa. Additionally according to an immigration lawyer in Sydney, the DIBP states that when an individual visa is cancelled under section 109, any and all visas held by members of said individual’s family unit will also be cancelled.
As it is often said, prevention is always better than the cure. To ensure that your visas and that of your family members do not get cancelled under section 109, enlist the help of an immigration lawyer in Sydney. Should you already receive a notification of a visa cancellation, immediately contact an immigration lawyer in Sydney so that any and all actions moving forward are up to the standards of the Department of Immigration and Border Patrol.