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    Lawyer meaning

    get a lawyer
    If you are charged with breaking the law, you will need to get a lawyer.
    hire/engage a lawyer
    He’s rich enough to hire a good lawyer.
    see/consult a lawyer (=talk to a lawyer for advice)
    She has consulted a lawyer and is considering whether to sue Bailey.
    talk to/speak to a lawyer (=for advice)
    Have you spoken to a lawyer?
    a lawyer acts for/defends/represents somebody
    a group of lawyers who represent the airline
    a lawyer argues something
    His lawyers argued that the charges against him were baseless.
    a lawyer advises something
    His lawyers advised him not to comment.
    a defence lawyer (=a lawyer who tries to prove in court that someone is not guilty)
    This evidence was given to the defence lawyer.
    a prosecution lawyer (=a lawyer who tries to prove in court that someone is guilty)
    The prosecution lawyer asked his witness a question.
    a civil rights lawyer
    He has worked as a civil rights lawyer for over twenty years.
    a criminal lawyer
    She is one of the country’s leading criminal lawyers.
    a libel lawyer
    The actress is unhappy about the magazine article and has consulted a libel lawyer.
    a clever lawyer
    A clever lawyer may get a case against his client dropped because of a technicality.
    a hotshot lawyer (=a successful and confident lawyer)
    He’s a hotshot lawyer with a growing reputation.