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    How to find a lawyer

    As the regulator of lawyers, the Law Society cannot provide referrals. We can, however, direct you to other resources that will help you find the lawyer that is right for you. The following information offers suggestions on how to find the lawyer who is right for you.
    The BC Branch of the Canadian Bar Association offers a Lawyer Referral Service, which will provide a referral to a local lawyer willing to take on new matters in a specific area of law. A initial half-hour consultation costs $25 plus tax. The Lawyer Referral Service can also help you find the name of a BC lawyer with expertise in foreign law.
    For a list of foreign lawyers who have permission to practise in BC, contact Credentials and Member Services at the Law Society.
    Personal recommendations
    Ask friends, relatives, co-workers, doctors, dentists or accountants for a referral.
    Clubs and social service agencies
    If you are a member of a club, society or other organization, there may be a lawyer who regularly assists the members of your organization. Social service agencies, counselling services or advocacy organizations may also be able to recommend a lawyer.
    In BC, the legal aid program is run by the Legal Services Society, an independent, non-profit organization that provides legal help for people in BC. If you have a legal problem but can’t afford a lawyer, you may qualify for legal aid.
    Legal Aid Ontario: Legal Aid www.legalaid.on.ca has a staff which helps those with low incomes appearing in court without a lawyer in a criminal or family matter. You qualify based on income. For example, if you are single and earn under about $10,800 a year before taxes or married with two children with a family income under $18, 685, you may qualify for a legal aid certificate. The agency also provides duty counsel in some courts and operates community and specialty clinics.
    Student Legal Clinics: There are a number of free legal clinics operated by law students, under the supervision of professors. They have slightly different eligibility requirements.