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    Company lawyer

    The Company Lawyer has been designed to keep readers up to date and fully aware of the implications of the constant changes and reforms in company law. The journal can be relied upon for critical discussion and analysis of key issues in company law.
    The editorial column is an independent voice on major issues facing companies, their in-house legal advisers and lawyers in private practice
    Penetrating articles examine in detail areas of company law and securities regulation
    All the essential items of news from, for example, the Treasury, the SIB, the Takeover Panel, the Stock Exchange, DTI, the accountancy bodies, The Law Society and the EU are reported in the
    News Digest pages
    Company Lawyer Briefing provides the most convenient way of finding out what changes have been introduced in company law and securities regulation, and what effect they will have
    Contributors located in over 30 world business and investment centres report on significant developments in international company law.
    ompany and Corporate Law Services provided by Dukesons Business Law include:
    Company Law advice.
    Company Restructuring.
    Corporate Insolvency:
    advising and assisting liquidators;
    advising and assisting receivers;
    negotiation and preparation of compromises and schemes of arrangement;
    PPSA issues.
    Directors’ duties and obligations.
    Shareholders Agreements.
    Shareholder Disputes.
    Shareholders’ Rights.
    Share issues.