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    • Contact an attorney

      What’s the best way to contact an attorney for possible legal representation? Some approaches can cause problems or scare off the lawyer whose services you seek. Thus, a few suggestions: […]

    • Lawyer salary

      Lawyers earned a median salary of $118,160 in 2016, according to the BLS. The best-paid lawyers earned $208,000 or more a year, while the lowest-paid made $56,910. What is the […]

    • Law firm search

      ZSA Legal Recruitment is Canada’s largest national legal recruitment firm specializing in the recruitment and placement of lawyers, legal support staff and law firm management. ZSA partners with Canadian and […]

    • Lawsuit

      Despite virtually unlimited resources, Team Cosby has been losing the PR war. They’re frustrated and disillusioned, although munificently paid. The media playing field is hardly level, the zeitgeist is unfavorable, […]

    • Sports law

      When you think of a “sports lawyer,” do you envision a lawyer who represents only a narrow pool of high-profile clients, such as professional athletes, sports leagues, or sports clubs? […]

    • Legal firm

      Despite the challenging economic environment in Russia, the M&A market, though still volatile, seems to be heading for recovery. According to Thomson Reuters, Russian acquisitions by overseas buyers have hit […]

    • Canada attorney

      Our fundamental goal is to help our clients successfully accomplish their immigration-related objectives. We succeed in a competitive environment and challenge other law firms through dynamic solutions to complex Canadian […]

    • English lawyer

      In several languages, the words meaning “lawyer” are similar: in French «avocat/e», in Portuguese “advogado», in Dutch “advocaat“, in Italian «avvocato»“, in Spanish “abogado/a», in Russian “/ ”. In France […]

    • Ask an attorney

      Lawyers will often provide a free or very low-cost consultation to discuss the details of your situation and give you an opportunity to ask some basic questions about the attorney. […]

    • Attorney at law firm

      I’ve been working on a website for a law firm and have discovered some ambiguities associated My assumption about the semantic meaning of this type, is that it refers to […]