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Poor quality work, worse customer service
Recommended by Geico, so I went with them. Big mistake. They ordered second hand parts, didn't match the paint, and the clear coat they applied to the hood had the worst orange peel I've ever seen. Even Rachael, the rep from David Maus, said it looked bad and that sometimes thats what you get when you deal with a production shop. I went over all the flaws with her and took pictures. 3 weeks later, they've overrun they insurance from the at fault party and want my insurance to pay.... also Geico. Once they work it out, I go to pick it up, and while it has fresh parts, they neglected to sand the mold lines off prior to paint. Paint still doesn't match. And there are still several issues with fitment and repairs. Today, I dealt with Robert, the repair Supervisor or manager for David Maus, and he was a rude asshole to put it mildly. He made everything out to be Geico's fault. Said you can't match paint on plastic to metal parts, yet the parts they painted match, but they can't seem to match the rest of the car. Instead of owning their crap work, he decided it was my fault and started blaming me. In his opinion, I should expect to be able to see where the repairs were done. To boot, they picked up a huge bolt in the rt rear tire in the lot when bringing it around to me.
I am rating them a 1 due to lack of comminication and progress. The quality of workmanship is good. My vehicle was towed to David Maus Collision on Oct11 by Oct25 the final estimate was complete, Nov10 picked up vehicle with flaws, Dec29 FINALLY complete!
Here is the breakdown....
My vehicle was towed there in Oct11, the insurance adjuster showed up Oct14, on Oct19 I found out there was miscommunication due to a lost email, Oct25 the final estimate was finally completed and submitted to insurance company,

Getting my estimate done was a real pain. There was very little communication coming from their end. Once I found out there was a issue of an email getting lost (this wasted 2 days) between my insurance company and David Maus Collision I decided to call and/or text my rep everyday. Most of the time I had no response until I verbalized my opinion of their communication.

Nov10 my vehicle was ready with flaws. Was advised they'd contact me once they spoke with insurance company. Appt Nov29 had to reschedule to Dec04 took my vehicle to correct the flaws i was provided a rental this time. Picked my car up Dec05 and one of the items was missed. I was told parts needed to ve ordered, Dec13 i get a text saying they were ordered and I'd be notified once they arrived.
Calls returned
I had my car fixed at this location and had to take the car back as the paint was obviously not right after I took it the first time. Now just a couple of months later My Lights are loose and falling off. I looked inside at the floods on my car and they did not put all the bolts back on. the one they did put on is so loose that the lamp has fallen back. This is a closed off area in my front end so no worries about it falling out. I tried to call them and left a message with a Michelle and no response. Beware if you take your car here make sure all bolts are tight. I am very disappointed and most likely will not go back. I would like for them to contact me and fix my problem but I doubt they will